DECEMBER 28, 2011 12:53PM

Photos: Blue Heron Tai Chi Master

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My hope for 2012 ....that I will adapt to our world's ever growing sophistication and complexity as well as this Blue Heron.  
Whether it's to lead or follow.... being on the path is most important.  
This bird has been chosen himself to lead...I shall follow.
I recently  took a few moments to photograph my new Tai Chi master
during our group sunset salutation on a local beach.  
Master Ardea Herodias  Tranquilty Poses LLC
Boca Grand Beach, FL. 
* Registration/Donation required at
least 30 minutes before session.  
Pin Fish, Shrimp or  Whiting Accepted...Please no Mullet. *
bb ee
Those wishing for spiritual guidance are encouraged to stay for nighty sunset communion and fellowship. 
(Heron pictures taken approx. 2 minutes apart.
 Sunset taken same spot and same day, it pic was shot about 30 minutes after pictures of heron were snapped. )

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The heron actually held these poses for about 2 minutes each and then switched to another. Why? I don't have a clue. Pictures shot at approx 300 ft with 300 mm nikor lens which wasn't really enough. I center cropped about 40% of the full image. hand held.

The sunset was dropping behind me, and was shot with-in a few minutes the heron. I had to make a few exposure adjustments , but not much else.

Great pictures! Florida does sunsets well.
absolutely gorgeous shots

(sent PM Roy)
absolutely gorgeous shots

(sent PM Roy)
I love these--and the way you have presented them. As a naturalist and artist I have no problem imagining birds doing yoga, meditation, tai chi or whatever ;-)
Magnificent. I adore birds and your photos. If you are not familiar with another wonderful bird photographer-blogger, I'd recommend you visit the blog of Robin Robinson.

Thank you for these gorgeous zen moments.