Indelible Pencil

Time, Chance and the Grace of God

Raymond Roske

Raymond Roske
Denver, Colorado,
April 21
Can pick a good wine, juggle, lay tile, change an engine, fly a small airplane, make a peanut butter sandwich while changing a diaper, grow a garden, raise a chicken, deliver a baby, make the world's best homemade salsa and pierogi's, shift through the gears on a wheelie, turn left to go right, drive a Peterbuilt or CAT 950G, speak Pig Latin, remove a fishing fly from own chin with needle nose pliars, sink the eight-ball on the break, identify a cancerous mole, use hand gestures when public speaking, convert an atheist with the bible, weld with torch, stick or MIG, jump off a ladder with a running chainsaw, pick locks, hot wire a car, doodle, outrun a police officer, write a 1000 word essay, whittle, gut a deer, convince a group of people to jump out of a hot tub to roll in the snow, pull teeth (kids or pets), teach anyone to ride a bike (including african women)