Mary Wagner

Mary Wagner
Wisconsin, USA
February 13
Former journalist, now criminal prosecutor, and award winning essayist and photographer, proves its never too late to make mid-course corrections! Vices include Belgian chocolate, Irish castles, great shoes, long clean shorelines, classic cartoons, big skies and Lee Child "Reacher" novels. Multiple degrees earned in the "school of life" include mother of four, former girl scout leader, truckstop waitress, cocktail waitress, office temp, judicial clerk, and radio talk show host. Latest essay collection, "Fabulous in Flats," just went live, preceded by "Running with Stilettos" and "Heck on Heels." Visit my website at


APRIL 3, 2012 8:50AM

Book of the Year finalist!

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Just a short note here this morning to share that my third essay collection, "Fabulous in Flats," made the list of finalists in ForeWord Reviews' annual Book of the Year Awards!  This book is doing pretty well (crossing my fingers here that my luck holds), it was named "Published Book of the Year" a few months ago by the Florida Writers Association, and was a finalist in the Chicago Writers Association's contest too. 

You can check out part of the first chapter and the back-cover comments from some wonderful authors who very kindly "blurbed" the book for me, at the iUniverse page,

I would love to hear about other authors' experiences with self-publishing, which is how I've published all three of my books. I have REALLY enjoyed many facets of the experience, though it's been a journey of learning-by-doing every step of the way.

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Mary, that is wonderful. I have not ventured into book writing. Can't stand the thought of marketing. And I have a short attention span.
Happy for you.
I'm right there with you on the "short attention span." That why journalism and free-lancing was a perfect fit for a long time. Marketing, on the other hand, can be a full time job and a half...and that's where I fall totally flat!