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Mary Wagner
Wisconsin, USA
February 13
Former journalist, now criminal prosecutor, and award winning essayist and photographer, proves its never too late to make mid-course corrections! Vices include Belgian chocolate, Irish castles, great shoes, long clean shorelines, classic cartoons, big skies and Lee Child "Reacher" novels. Multiple degrees earned in the "school of life" include mother of four, former girl scout leader, truckstop waitress, cocktail waitress, office temp, judicial clerk, and radio talk show host. Latest essay collection, "Fabulous in Flats," just went live, preceded by "Running with Stilettos" and "Heck on Heels." Visit my website at


APRIL 16, 2012 7:53PM

"Heck" is on Kindle!

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Just add coffee..and sigh! I'm happy to share that I finally managed to upload a full-color version of my second book, "Heck on Heels," to Amazon's Kindle Store, where I've priced it at $2.99.  The paperback sells for $14.95. Here's the link to check out a free preview, some very nice reviews, and a description:

This is my second essay collection, which originally came out in paperback in 2009. It's the only one of my three books that contain nature photographs, and on the printed page with only black and white to work with, the pictures were good...but relatively small and therefore underwhelming.  Still, the book managed to earn an Indie Excellence Award and make ForeWord Review's list of finalists in the magazine's "Book of the Year Awards."

Now, with advent of color e-readers and folks being able to download e-books to their iPads, the time seemed right to reissue the book, but this time with full-sized photos, and quite a few more of them, and in color to boot. (Of course if you don't have an e-reader that has a color screen, the photos still look pretty darn good in greyscale!) I'm aiming for a "portable serenity zone" here.  In other words, with a good cup of coffee (which for me of course includes chocolate and whipped cream) and these photos and essays, you've got a serene place to escape to...even if you're sitting on a city bus.  

This was an entirely new chapter of my "self-publishing" adventures.  Up until now, I've simply busied myself with writing words, and left the formatting to the folks on the publishing end. This was a VERY different experience, particularly for someone who is a technological idiot. I swear often that I will never make it out of the twentieth century.

But I had lately been thinking a LOT about the question, "if 'Heck on Heels' was going to be the very best book it could be, how could it get better?" And the answer, of course, has always been...WITH BIGGER PHOTOS, AND IN COLOR.  Nothing, however, that I would ever achieve in a paperback edition. Lessons learned:

(1) Make sure you read all the way to the end of the Kindle Direct Publishing instructions before trying to upload your book. 

(2) Who knew there could be such a bedeviling difference between "insert" and "copy and paste" when it came to including photos in a manuscript?

(3) If you have spent three days beating your head against a wall trying to create a "searchable table of contents" and you still can't figure it out... one of your children can do it for you.

Please check it out! Like it on Facebook, Tweet it on Twitter, tell your friends who own Kindles and iPods! And by all means, if you read it, I'd love to hear what you think about it.



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Mary,gongratulations...and wishes for the best with your book..Thank you for sharing the link,the informations and your insight on the work.Best regards and best of sales!!
Thank you! I feel like I've finally gotten some important ducks in a row lately. Just recently I remodeled the interior of my first book, "Running with Stilettos," to make it easier to read in paperback by opening up line space, adjusting margins and things like that. Oh, the things that I learned the hard way when I first self-published a book! There are a million little details that you never think of to start with but you think of later. I really had wanted to do that for a while, to make that first book "the best it could be." Now, with this edition of Heck on Heels featuring the original BW photos in color, I've feel like the book is--in its electronic version--also "the best it could be."

I do believe I'm finally going to get back to work on my novel now!