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Mary Wagner
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February 13
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JUNE 7, 2012 9:44PM

Summertime Blues...

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 I've been captivated by the "blues" in my garden lately.  I must admit that several of the plants are new (the pincushions, for example), while others (the delphiniums) just keep coming back more lush and gorgeous than the year before.  And my absolute favorites are the handful of deep blue pansies that I bought and put in pots to celebrate spring, long before it was "safe" to dig anything into the ground. I stare at those little blue "faces," and feel like I'm entering a realm of mysterious blue velvet. Enjoy! 

 Delphinium solo

Blue pansies  

Blue flax 

Delphinium spike 


Delphiniums 2 

Pincushion flowers 

Delphiniums 5 

Big Pincushion 

Sheeps Bit 



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What gorgeous blooms. I am jealous. The pine trees which add about 12-18 inches of new growth have turned my garden into a shady grove.
I miss the delphiniums but adore the pansies.
Thanks! Before I met my pipe-smoking, Harley-riding, serious-gardening muse, my expectations for planting were that if I put something in the ground, it would die soon. Now, life includes many hours of watering flower gardens, and guarding against gophers, bunnies, and deer. I should get a holster for my spray bottle of deer repellant!