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June 15
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APRIL 26, 2012 4:27PM

Romney’s Latino Problem

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The liberal press is making much hay over Mitt Romney’s inevitable loss in November if he does not secure the Latino vote. The meme goes that Mitt is alienating Latinos based on his stance on immigration.

Wrong. Romney is alienating Latinos based on his stance on illegal immigration. The more I think about this, the less sense it makes. Every country has a right, no, an obligation to secure its borders. Every country has a right to set in place procedures that govern who comes and goes in that country. Illegal immigration has been a thorny issue in the United States because we can’t figure out first, how to protect our borders and second, what to do with those folks who have already entered illegally. The problem is how to handle this in a manner that tips the hat to human dignity. The problem is NOT the virtue of the illegal immigrant. The illegal immigrant has committed a crime by entering the country illegally. Dealing with the criminality with some semblance of decency is our challenge but ignoring it is not an option.

Do Latinos want the situation ignored? Does dealing with a Latino who entered our country illegally somehow reflect on law-abiding Latinos? I think not. Law abiding Latinos should support efforts to humanely deal with folks who are here illegally. Some of our attempts to deal with the problem, such as the Arizona law now under review with the Supreme Court, are missteps in my opinion but that doesn’t mean we should do nothing. In fact, I find Mr. Romney’s notion of “self deportation” one of the best ideas going. If we make conditions intolerable for illegal immigrants (i.e. deny employment for starters) then they will want to go home.

The bottom line is Mitt Romney does not have a problem with Latinos. Latinos have a problem with Latinos and with facing up to their responsibility to support an effective immigration policy in the United States.

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