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Rutherford Lawson
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June 15
Rutherford Lawson is a political and social commentary blogger based in IL. He also hosts a radio show on BlogTalkRadio.


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AUGUST 14, 2012 11:52PM

America is Not a Corporation

New York Stock Exchange

This morning on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”, the panelists scratched their heads about why Mitt Romney never seems prepared to answer questions. The case in point was an appearance in Florida yesterday when during an impromptu press conference Romney was ask… Read full post »

AUGUST 13, 2012 6:01PM

Two Myths about Paul Ryan

Only forty-eight hours into his anointment as Mitt Romney’s running mate, Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan is enjoying the riches of the legend making machine known as the politically skewed media. I think that Ryan Lizza’s profile of Paul Ryan in the New Yorker earlier this mont… Read full post »

AUGUST 11, 2012 12:14AM

And The VP is …

As I write this Friday night MSNBC reports three reliable sources saying Paul Ryan is the VP pick for Romney. CNN is being more cautious in their reporting. Fox is hedging its bets also.

I’ll update this post tomorrow morning after Romney announces his running mate at 8:45 am EDT.

Read full post »

All it took was Mitt Romney’s Chevy Chase inspired European vacation to knock the Aurora massacre out of the headlines. Even I could not have predicted just how quickly we would all “move on”. A week or so ago, my friend and political polar opposite Blackiswhite Imperial Cons… Read full post »

JULY 24, 2012 1:45PM

Some Measure of Justice

When we awoke last Friday morning to the news of the senseless massacre in Aurora, Colorado, we could be forgiven for at least temporarily losing hope of a just world. Where is the fairness in a six-year-old girl going to see a movie and losing her life? What kind of metaphysical… Read full post »

JULY 19, 2012 6:12PM

When a Flip-Flop is Simply a Lie

Mitt Romney, assumed presidential candidate of the Republican party, is well-known for his flip-flops. In the past two decades or so Mitt has been on both sides of issues ranging from a woman’s reproductive rights to his support of Ronald Reagan to global warming. If we are in a charitab… Read full post »

Just a short post today regarding Mitt Romney’s money sitting in Bermuda, Switzerland and the Cayman Islands. So what? I watched an interesting debate over the weekend on MSNBC’s “Up with Chris Hayes” where the question was posed, “is it immoral for Romney to tax… Read full post »

JUNE 29, 2012 6:28PM

The Dysfunctional Democratic Party

There are times when the Democrats truly live up to the image of their mascot, the ass. Such was the case on Thursday, June 28, a day that should have been a day of celebration for Democrats everywhere as the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act. But the other major… Read full post »

As I see some of my favorite bloggers piping in on the breaking news, I figured I better get my thoughts down for the record. I base the following on the reporting I’ve seen so far.

First, Republicans should take solace in the fact that Chief Justice John Roberts basically said… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
JUNE 24, 2012 6:53PM

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Nixon

To paraphrase the old Christmas chestnut, it’s beginning to look a lot like Nixon, at least if you watch Fox News, read the conservative press or pay attention to Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

The furor is over Barack Obama’s deci… Read full post »

JUNE 14, 2012 12:44PM

The Hypocrisy of Disney

Recently the kids entertainment behemoth Disney announced that effective 2015 they will no longer allow advertisements for junk food on their television and radio networks. At first blush this may seem laudable. Impressionable youngsters see the ads and beg their parents for Count Chocula cere… Read full post »

JUNE 5, 2012 5:30PM

Is Stupid Stuff Deadline Driven?

I am not a professional blogger. I don’t get paid for my work. Yet I do have a self-imposed pressure to publish. There are weeks when, quite frankly, nothing really interests me and I wonder “what do I write about today?” So I was very amused to find a video byRead full post »

JUNE 1, 2012 5:41PM

Why Do Liberals Censor?

As I go through the Spring cleaning process of removing cobwebs from my mind I find from time to time the need to question my own tribe, the political liberal. One phenomenon I have noticed is the liberal’s need to censor speech he finds offensive. I got a dose of this… Read full post »

MAY 29, 2012 6:10PM

A GOP Delusion: The Radical Obama

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve argued with some wingnut about how radical President Barack Obama is (or in reality isn’t), I’d be a very rich man. It’s cool to find someone who can summarize the points neatly with a bit of snarky humor thrown in for good… Read full post »

We as Americans seem to have a hard time knowing when the mission is truly accomplished.  Whether it’s George Bush’s premature “joculation” on the aircraft carrier or Obama’s failure to see we’ve done all we can do in Afghanistan, we just don’t seem t… Read full post »

The verdict is not in. We do not know what transpired between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin in the Sanford, Florida shooting that captured national attention. We may never know. But I will tell you this much. I am sick and tired of defending ignorant people.

When the Martin shooting firs… Read full post »

I sat back on Sunday afternoon and watched my TiVo’d recording of NBC’s “Meet the Press”. When it came time for the panel discussion, one of the panelists, Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker said he found the diversionary campaign tactics of both parties “nausea… Read full post »

It’s hard to get to the bottom of a problem when ideology and greed get in the way. Nick Hanauer gave a short presentation at TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design), a forum known for presenting speakers interested in examining and solving problems. Unfortunately, TED’s curator de… Read full post »

Narcissus from

Today I was going to write a piece on a couple of bumps on the campaign trail that Obama is encountering or will encounter down the line. But then one of my readers alerted me to an article that was just too good to ignore.… Read full post »

On Wednesday, the White House gave ABC’s Robin Roberts an interview she will probably never forget. After many statements from Barack Obama since 2007 on the subject of gay marriage, varying from religious based opposition to an “evolving” view of it, Obama finally told Robin… Read full post »

Today the citizens of North Carolina are voting on an amendment to the state constitution that would not only reenforce the current law against same sex marriage but would go a step further in making civil unions illegal also.

Homophobes across the country, mostly conservatives, have claimed t… Read full post »

MAY 2, 2012 2:18PM

It Takes a Comedian

It is a sad observation that sometimes it takes a comedian to open our eyes to the truth. Last night, Comedy Central’s two resident political comedians, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart weighed in on the latest GOP temper tantrum over Barack Obama rightfully celebrating the anniversary of Osama… Read full post »

APRIL 26, 2012 4:27PM

Romney’s Latino Problem

The liberal press is making much hay over Mitt Romney’s inevitable loss in November if he does not secure the Latino vote. The meme goes that Mitt is alienating Latinos based on his stance on immigration.

Wrong. Romney is alienating Latinos based on his stance on illegal immigration. The… Read full post »

APRIL 20, 2012 3:27PM

Enough PC Talk About Working Women

With “Rosengate” virtually gone from public discourse, as I knew it would be, there remains one related item that still gnaws at me. On HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher”, Maher, a blunt, rude, confrontational SOB if there ever was one, made the following comment:… Read full post »

APRIL 16, 2012 12:10PM

The N.R.A. Poster You Will Never See

The National Rifle Association (NRA) guards our 2nd Amendment rights with great virtue and patriotism. Yet somehow, I doubt the photo above would ever be used on one of their posters. The person pictured is Guardian and The Nation contributor Gary Younge who covered the recent NRA convention/… Read full post »