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SEPTEMBER 11, 2011 4:16PM

September 11th and the Politics of Greed

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What do the sinking of the Titanic and the collapse of the World Trade Center have in common? At first glance, not much. The Titanic’s sinking was due to a force of nature, whereas the World Trade Center collapsed due to the intentional actions of a group of evil men. The Titanic’s sinking didn’t do much in terms of international politics, military affairs or legal policy. The collapse of the World Trade Center and attack on the Pentagon had a much broader impact. And yet, in many ways, their stories are very similar.

In the aftermath of the Titanic major issues came to the forefront in newspapers throughout the world. Chief among these issues concerned negligence and arrogance: could the disaster have been prevented? Was sufficient regard given to the danger posed by icebergs and did White Star Line shipping company ignore this threat? Were proper procedures followed on the day of the incident, so as to have minimized unnecessary deaths? How did class impact the politics and economics of the disaster, as well as the aftermath? In this sense, aside from the terrorism factor, it seems, there are major similarities between the two disasters.

September 11th, 2001 was a day that will live in infamy. I was in New York City that day when the planes struck the towers, and I felt the same emotions of pain, shock, anger and horror that many of my fellow Americans experienced. While I understand the broad geopolitical and religious background within which such attacks took place, such academic understandings do not blind me to the sharply immediate, viscerally profound and most basic truths that came to the forefront of our consciousness that day: thousands of innocent Americans died and the hatred and conflict that has so often spread its tentacles around the globe had finally struck America. We were no longer alone. Our innocence and naivety were forever destroyed and we will never forget the consequences that such an awakening brought forth into the world, whether in terms of the War on Terror, increased Homeland Security Laws, increased interactions with the Islamic World, for good or for ill, and a greater and more urgent national discussion on the true nature and meaning of civil rights and civil liberties in a time of “national emergency.”

When all is said and done, however, my mind invariably comes to an issue that we often forget and try hard not to remember-the issue of legal compensation. This may sound harsh, cold, impersonal and inappropriate to many who are marking the day with solemn reminders of sacrifice and suffering. But I think we cannot do justice to the memories of all of those who perished unless we are honest---totally honest—with ourselves regarding this issue and what it says about ourselves as a nation: whether we can truly come together as a nation in the face of catastrophe—as our politicians keep saying—or whether we continue to be plagued by the ancient divisions of class not only during, but perhaps even more so, during times of crisis and despair.

The September 11th Victim Compensation Fund, 49 US 40101 (2001), was created by an Act of Congress shortly after the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001. It was pushed to the forefront of the legislative agenda by key lobbyists within the insurance, underwriting and aircraft/airline industry who feared massive civil litigation in the wake of the attacks as a result of an unprecedented onslaught of lawsuits against airline companies, airports and their governing/managing authorities, for their failure to adequately prevent terrorists from gaining entry to the doomed airline flights, and, once onboard, from gaining access to the cockpits within said airplanes. This, even though there was sufficient credible and reasonable warning by the government, that had been issued for a number of years, regarding the threats of Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, the threat of airline hijacking, which had existed as a credible and realistic threat since the 1970s, and the credible and realistic threat of suicide bombing, which had been used repeatedly by Al Qaeda, and of using airplanes as guided missiles—a tactic that was perfected by the Japanese in the 1940s and re-introduced as a tool of terrorism and guerilla warfare by the Sri Lanken Tamil Tigers during the latter half of the 20th century.

Even if such lawsuits had failed on some counts, they would have inevitably prevailed on other counts. Various other countries throughout the world, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland and Israel had instituted serious, modern anti-terrorism and anti-hijacking measures into their planes and airports decades earlier. The United States, plagued by bureaucratic ossification and conservative refusal to believe that “it could happen here,” not to mention ever-present corporate greed that manifested itself in a constant refusal to spend the minor funds that would be needed for the necessary security upgrades, failed to act. As such, an easily preventable terrorist attack was committed by a tiny group of men armed with nothing more than box-cutters, resulting in the largest single violent loss of civilian life in US history. 

A class-action suit on the behalf of victims’ families, once brought, was thus guaranteed to prevail. This much was certain. And Congress acted with lightening speed to protect one of the most heavily subsidized and favored businesses in the country: the commercial airline industry.

The 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund was given $7 billion to distribute to victims and their families, but only if they promised to sign a waiver, promising to never sue the airline industry or any airline companies and/or airports for their lack of adequate security or proper safety measures.

In exchange for this promise, the Commission would distribute money to the victims’ families based on a calculation of their projected future earnings. If the victims’ families disputed the reward, they were denied the right to appeal the commission’s decision in Court. Instead, they would go through various rounds of arbitration with a special established commission, headed by Washington D.C. superlawyer, Kenneth Feinberg, who headed the fund (and who would also, subsequently, be appointed by British Petroleum to head-up the BP victims’ compensation fund, after the recent Gulf Coast oil spill; however, his service in this role has been controversial and has been questioned by a Federal Judge due to a lack of transparency and potential conflict of interest issues).

To date, the 9-11 Victim Compensation Fund stands as one of the biggest waivers of litigant rights in all of US legal history. Yet this side of the story is the one that often goes unreported. This is nothing new in law. For the past few decades, large US corporations have been preventing civil Plaintiffs from seeking access to the courts, by way of mandatory arbitration clauses which require them to forego a trial, in exchange for binding, confidential arbitration. Corporations argue that such arbitration is cheaper, but this really only tends to be the case from their own perspective. From the perspective of Plaintiffs, Arbitration often tends to be much more expensive, when you factor in their low incomes and inability to pay the mandatory up-front costs required for the proceedings. Contingency fees are usually disallowed in arbitration, although there are exceptions.

I have had many issues with the Victim Compensation Fund. For starters, I am amazed that US tax dollars have been used to give the families of incredibly wealthy financiers, stock brokers and investors multi-million dollar settlements. This is not meant to sound mean-spirited. I understand that many families, rich and poor alike, suffered in the aftermath of 9-11. That said, I would have preferred if the government had established a payout ceiling, above which such compensation payouts did not surpass. Many of these wealthy financial-sector victims of 9-11 had immense savings and fortunes prior to their deaths. Their families would have been well provided for, regardless of whether the government compensated them. The US government, it seems, by way of a tax code and legal system that favors the rich, looked after these people’s interests a great deal prior to 9-11. And after 9-11, it quickly came to their rescue and looked after their interests some more.

The Commission was so interested in looking out for the financial and personal interests of well-healed financiers, that there were many stories, many of them confirmed by Mr. Feinberg himself, that the US government actually had to compensate mistresses and illegitimate “love children” of philandering stock brokers, giving them hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions of dollars, due to the fact that said financiers were secretly supporting their mistresses and “love children” on the side. Mr. Feinberg discussed this fact during a speech at my law school. He also informed us that he was obligated, due to the rules laid down by Congress, to never disclose this woman’s name, the name of the person she was cheating with, especially to the man’s legal wife and children. I don’t know about you, but I have a major problem with US tax dollars being used to subsidize the mistresses and illegitimate love children of millionaires…

On the other hand, there were countless low-wage, non-union, recent immigrant and service sector victims of 9-11 who were frequently victimized by the system and by their employers prior to that horrible day of infamy. Janitors, food-workers, low-wage contract workers, per diem workers, data entry folks, secretaries. Folks who worked for next to nothing and had no benefits, no job security and may have worked two or three jobs, without vacation, just to provide for themselves and their families. The US government never looked out for their interests and frequently turned a blind eye when their employers exploited and abused them, just so that they could make a quick profit. Many of these people’s families are currently hurting a great deal as a result of the current recession. A recession caused, I remind you, by stockbrokers, financial advisors, speculators and financiers. 

We never hear about the poor folks, though. These forgotten and nameless people who mopped the floors, cleaned the toilets, typed the letters and dealt with the giant egos and padded wallets of the Masters of the Universe who acted like Gods on Earth in Lower Manhattan. They died, too. They were victims, too. Nobody talks about them. We only talk about, we only commemorate the wealthy and the famous, or those who belonged to well-funded and politically powerful first-responder unions, like the Firefighters or the Police Department. These guys are great. I respect the cops and the firefighters a great deal and think that their professions are a hundred times more honorable than stockbrokers and financiers. I cried when I watched the police and fire department funerals on television, when I realized how many of them died running up the stairs trying to save other people’s lives. How different their life-ethic was from those financiers and stockbrokers, who made their living fleecing and robbing from others? The one profession is dedicated to giving, while the other is committed to taking.

All I want to say is that we should do more to commemorate those poor folks who didn’t have a union, who didn’t have a pension, who didn’t have insurance, and whose families are suffering horribly, because of the loss of their principal wage earner. The loss of a stockbroker dad who was worth $5 million may not force a family into homelessness. But the loss of a father or mother who made $24,000 and supported a family of 4, that could mean the difference between solvency and homelessness.

Ergo, I think it was totally wrong to compensate folks based on a projection of their total projected future earnings. I think they should have looked at “need” as well. And if the people didn’t “need” any more money, the government should have been less forthcoming with the payout. On the other hand, if the people were dirtpoor and needed the money a great deal, they shouldn’t have penalized the family for being poor. They needed that compensation a lot more.

A final issue I have with the Victims Fund is the fact that it has repeatedly made it very difficult for First Responders and Cleanup Workers to collect proper compensation for the various health related problems that they acquired on the day of infamy. Although the Victims Fund was closed some time ago, it was recently re-opened, due to the fact that countless first responders have continued to report serious pulmonary disorders, skin rashes, eye problems and the like, due to contamination with particulate matter, dust and hazardous chemical debris at Ground Zero during the actual collapse of the towers, and in the aftermath, during the cleanup.

When she was a Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton tried and failed to address this issue back in 2006. In January of 2011 the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act was passed. It is named after a 34 year old NYPD officer and 9-11 first responder who died of a mysterious pulmonary disease in 2006, despite his never having been a smoker and having had a lifetime of perfect pulmonary health. Although he was able to collect from the commission, it was a tough battle. The State of NY enacted legislation, named after him, making it easier for First Responders suffering from serious pulmonary disorders to collect money for their affliction, and the Federal Government followed suit.

That said, the government only provides compensation for any illness short of cancer. Similar to Insurance Defense Attorneys and countless asbestos manufacturers throughout the nation, the Victims Commission is refusing to acknowledge a link between the particulate matter present at Ground Zero and ANY form of cancer that a First Responder or Cleanup Worker may be suffering from. It would be one thing if the Commission would require these workers to prove the element of causation, on a case-by-case basis. That is logical and reasonable. Clearly, not all cancers are caused by exposure to the particulate matter present at Ground Zero. In my opinion, it seems improper, and a slap in the face to the working man, for the government to categorically deny ANY COMPENSATION for ANY CANCER RELATED ILLNESS. What are they going to do? Compensate you while you have severe bronchitis and newfound asthmatic symptoms, but preclude compensation once the symptoms become pulmonarily oncological in nature?

Once again, the Federal Government shows us that the Elite and Authorities in general tend to bend over backwards to help the wealthy and the well-healed, but they tend to try their hardest to ignore and hold back the pleas of the poor and the downtrodden. This is even more so during a time of crisis.

I can’t help but be reminded of those final scenes in James Cameron’s film, “Titanic.” When the ship was sinking, the officers and crew did their utmost to ensure that the wealthiest passengers had lifeboats and received everything that they needed. In the lawsuit that followed, their interests were the ones that were looked after.

But what about the poor on the Titanic? They were locked in steerage. The vast majority went down with the ship. And just like the impoverished and working class victims on the Titanic, so it is with the working class and impoverished victims of 9-11. They saw little justice before the day of infamy, and little justice after. The only justice our world provides, it seems, is for the rich and the well to do.

And if you don't believe me about the power of banks, the rich and brokerage firms and the priority they get in the government's concerns, then look no further than southern Manhattan, the site of Ground Zero itself. Its been ten years since the events of 9-11 and despite the agonizing pleas of the grieving families, wealthy and poor alike, that the City and State of New York, as well as the Federal Government, do something substantive in terms of a memorial and National Park at Ground Zero, nothing genuinely positive has come about as a result. The interests of the financial industry and real estate speculators have won-out and triumphed in the end. They will develop this area and with each new plan, the size of the proposed memorial and commemoration park gets smaller and smaller, with each passing year. 

We're told that if we say this about 9-11, the Fund and the Memorial that we're unpatriotic. Well, too bad. Justice is Justice. And there's nothing more Patriotic than thumbing your nose to the unjust.



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Among the many "truther" blogs written today, you raise a very interesting and real issue. What is the "value" of a human life as opposed to it's "worth" (priceless= worthless?) I am working on thoughts about the problems inherent in "Godless Capitalism", and one of the main things that needs to be addressed is the balancing of the "cost" of "wealth" and who bears it. T-partier that I am, I have no love for our modern crony capitalism that masquerades as "Free market" . Thank you for an excellent post.
Really interesting points. I think it's a very strong piece tho I think would be stronger absent the warnings to the reader abt how controversial these thts may seem.. I'm not sure it strengthens your arguments, either, to ahare that others have been harshly critical of you when you have said these ideas in other contexts bc it makes you sound defensive (when you've no need to be) and bc it also, ironically, reads as if it's a plea for readers not to be overly harsh here---or it sounds, alternately, unnecessaryly defiant in tone. I don't see what either reaction gets you.

Nonetheless, this is a very strong argument and rated.
I have no argument with any of this. It's the wealthy interests hiding behide "patriotism" like they hide behind everything else. If you say stuff like this, you're usually accused of (gasp!) Class Warfare. However, it's my observation that nearly 100% of class warfare is waged downward, not upward, with wealthy interests picking middle class and poor pockets. My answer to those who would accuse us of bringing up Class Warfare is this:

If you want to stop hearing about Class Warfare, stop waging it.
Kosh is of course right. The term is nearly exclusively used by interests concerned to keep the working classes and the non-working poor just as they are.
I can see the point about future earnings not being enough of the measure, because it was an act of state in some sense as to ultimate causality; that doesn't justify it, but it was an attack on American foreign policy at some level, which makes it a public matter too.
Token--I'm no "truther," but I do think that the legal ramifications and technicalities of the Victims Compensation Fund is enough to make moderates of all stripes angry. Plus, the political nonsense regarding the memorial and park planned for Ground Zero in Manhattan. If the businesses and Real Estate folks get their way, the site will be as small as possible.
JW: points well taken. Thanks for the feedback.
Kosh: you're absolutely right. They don't want us to make these arguments and will cry "class warfare" if we do. Perhaps they will accuse us of being unpatriotic. I like your phrase. If they don't like class warfare, they should stop waging it---INDEED!
Interestingly, victim compensation proportional to the victim’s wealth, but AFAIK an offender’s penalty is never set this way in the U.S. I’m thinking about Finnish traffic fines that are based on the offender’s income. Is it possible in this country? Or should rich be compensated more and punished less than poor? I believe there are fundamental differences in fairness perception, and a nation’s laws reflect them.
Don Rich: Future Earnings may have been legit, but they also needed to have taken need into account. I like what Kate O'Hehir says about coupling Insurance Payments and Gvt Compensation.

Kate: I agree entirely. Its true, in America, even national disasters have the fingerprint of Aristocratic Class Warfare against the common man, smeared all over it.
KLMN: That's a fascinating concept that I have never considered before. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Do the Finnish actually do this? Penalize offenders based on income and capacity to pay? That is very, very interesting...
See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traffic_ticket

So far so good, until you wrote: "We never hear about the poor folks, though. These forgotten and nameless people who mopped the floors, cleaned the toilets, typed the letters and dealt with the giant egos and padded wallets of the Masters of the Universe who acted like Gods on Earth in Lower Manhattan. They died, too. They were victims, too. Nobody talks about them. We only talk about, we only commemorate the wealthy and the famous, or those who belonged to well-funded and politically powerful first-responder unions, like the Firefighters or the Police Department."

Nonsense. All day today we talked about them all, many interviews with the little people, who are of course not 'little', secretaries, fire wardens, clerks. But your biggest error is to ignore the multi-billion dollar Federal fund which paid ALL the families, "big or small", regardless of race, income, creed, or job status. That's a major ommission on your part, major. EVERY family has been compensated, millions per family. Greed is the ONE thing absent from this whole, terrible, story. You got it bass-ackwards this time.
Bad Scott: You're absolutely incorrect. The payouts per family were wholly based on projected future earnings. The payouts given to the families of young, low income employees, and/or very old, high income employees, has been, on average $200,000.

Here is a good article about how many 9/11 families rejected the Commission's Money and why:


I absolutely did not mean to imply that I considered this a "Truther" blog- I was just commenting that it was good to find a blog that addressed something I hadn't considered. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
Seems to me the key words are, as you wrote: "The payouts per family. . ." average $200,000. So, do you believe the cleaning ladies merit more, on average? Why? All insurance companies compute accordingly. If you run a banker with three kids over in your BMW, his/her family will win a far larger settlement than if you run my lobby-swabbing grandmother over in your Dodge van. That's the way it is, not based on 'Greed', but on actuarial tables. Impersonal, yes, but not based on any concept of 'worth' or Greed. Sorry, rw, your mojo just ain't workin' on this one.
The Players

In 1993 like some biblical emissary from hell Marvin Pierce Bush son of George H.W. Bush and Barbara Pierce and brother of George W, Jeb, Neil and Dorothy arrived in the land of the Pharos, Kuwait to be more specific. The Kuwaiti Royal family the al-Sabahs had made a deal with the devil to save their oil from Saddam Hussein and now the devil was there to collect. Marvin and brother Neil immediately began striking sweetheart deals with the Kuwaiti government, headed by the nation’s royal family. Marvin worked with a DC-based defense firm selling electronic fences to the Kuwaiti Defense Ministry. He parlayed his position as a fence salesman to become a director of Stratesec, a security company controlled by Kuwaiti-owned KuwAm. Marvin’s cousin Wirt D. Walker III, was Stratesec’s CEO and a KuwAm director. The son of the former Emir of Kuwait, Mishal Yousef Saud Al-Sabah, was KuwAm’s chairman. Stratesec was the security company at the World Trade Center from immediately after the first attack in 1993, right up to the day the planes hit. The company maintained electronic security systems at Dulles International Airport where American Airlines Flight 77, “which crashed into the Pentagon”, originated. KuwAm sold airplanes to the National Civil Aviation Training Organization (NCATO) “the first civilian pilot training organization in the Middle East.” located in Giza, Egypt the hometown of Mohammed Atta. The NCATO had a partnership with Florida flight school Embry-Riddle, from which one of the 9/11 hijackers graduated. In 1996, while on Stratesec’s board, Marvin Bush acquired 53,000 shares of stock in the company at 52 cents a share. One year later, at IPO, the stock was valued at $8.50. In 2002, Stratesec was bankrupt, the stock worthless. Although SEC filings cease to show Marvin Bush as a shareholder after 2000, there are no filings indicating when his stock was sold. Marvin Bush also sat on the board of HCC Insurance, a multi-billion-dollar insurance holding company and one of the insurers for the WTC. Bush’s first year (1999) on the board at HCC coincided with his last year on the board at Stratesec. He departed on November 22, 2002, the same day as the passage of the 9/11 insurance bailout legislation passed by Congress at the instigation of the White House.

I can even give you 2 good suspects as to the actual perpetrators of 9/11. Surprise they both led the NIST investigation. The fact is that a reactant with the exact finger print of termite was found on the site. Dr Stephen Jones findings are documented in the peer reviewed journal; Open Civil Engineering Journal volume 2, 14 points of Agreement With Official Government Reports on the World Trade Center Destruction . Some of the partially ignited chips actually had iron- aluminum rich spherules imbedded in them. The only argument the debunkers (and they are invariably card carrying government spooks like Dave Thompson and Zdenek P. Bazant) have is that the ignition point is lower than thermite although this is true the argument really does not hold water, in fact it provides the best clue as to who the actual perpetrators were, especially in light of the fact that at least 2 of the NIST “investigators” were doing cutting edge experiments on the ignition of nano thermite. Coincidence 1 &2: Forman Williams was the lead engineer on NIST’s advisory committee and the most prominent engineering expert for Popular Mechanics. Forman is also a peer recognized expert on the ignition of porous energetic material or nano thermites. Others like the inimical and insidious globalist Hratch Semerjian were doing research on nano-particles made of silica, ceramics and refractory particles, or more specifically nano thermite which is an extremely fine mixing of ultra fine aluminum and iron oxide enhancing its explosive ability as well as its efficiency as a cutting agent. Coincidence 3: Science Applications International (SAIC) is the DOD and Homeland Security contractor that supplied the largest contingent of civilian investigators to the NIST 9/11 investigation.Winston Partners is heavily invested in the AMSEC Corp., 55 percent of which is owned by SAIC. Winston Partners was cofounded by Marvin Bush. The SAIC has extensive links to nano thermites, developing and appraising nano thermite research proposals for the military and military contractors, and developing nano-thermites directly. The SAIC’s subsidiary Applied Ordnance Technology has done research on the ignition of nano thermites with lasers and in yet another wild coincidence the SAIC was the firm that investigated the 1993 WTC bombing and by its own admission (“After the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, our blast analyses produced tangible results that helped identify those responsible”) produced the evidence that pined it on Ramzi Yousef and his merry band of half witted Mossad irritants. Further coincidences are the SAIC was responsible for evaluating the WTC for terrorism risks in 1986. The SAIC is also linked to the late 1990s security upgrades at the WTC, the “heroic” Rudy Giuliani administration and of all things the anthrax incidents after 9/11, Jerome Hauer and Steven Hatfill were former employees of the SAIC, I guess its just synchronicity.
The overwhelming evidence

Dr Steven Jones performed chemical analysis on the previously molten metal. Thermite produces a characteristic burn pattern, a white ash , intensely hot liquid yellow metal, and an intense white reaction zone. Thermite also leaves behind chemical evidence, common elements such as aluminum, copper ,silicon, calcium, and unusual elements such as Fluorine and manganese. Dr Jones analyzed a sample from a 40 pound “meteorite” and found it was predominantly Iron with small amounts of aluminum, sulfur and potassium and Fluorine and manganese in abundance. Dr Jones analyzed a different piece of slag from the site and found the same ingredients. Sol Gel or super thermite can be used as shaped charges or as a viscous paint. It would leave behind a unique signature; 1,3 Diphenlypropane (1,3 DPP) the EPA analysis found 1 molecule present at levels in the dust that dwarfed the levels of all others; 1,3 Diphenlypropane. Eric Swartz of the EPA said they have never found it in any other sample that they have ever tested from other fires. Dr Jones tested 4 samples of the dust some from an apartment across the street others from as far away as the Brooklyn Bridge when he held a magnet close to them it picked up small angular particles and spheres. He calculated that 10 tons of this material was probably present in the total amount of dust from 9/11. The RJ Lee environmental firm was independently retained on behalf of Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas to investigate environmental contaminants in this company’s building at 130 Liberty Street, New York. RJ Lee found it inexplicable and “unique” that up to 6% of the weight of the dust samples collected was molten iron spheres. liquid metal dispersed into the air with force would according to the law of physics form just such spheres just like water being sprayed from a mister forms tiny spheres of water. The iron spheres found by Dr Jones exactly matched those produced in a thermite ignition experiment by John Parulis of Nevada. The signature graphs for both experiments match perfectly. Manganese was also found by the lower Manhattan Development Corp. and the NYC Chief medical Examiner, Manganese is extremely toxic and its presence would account for all the illness among the clean up crews. Dr Jones concludes that “given the mix of trace metals present in the anomalously high concentrations in the WTC dust such as zinc, copper and Manganese and the formation of iron- aluminum rich spherules it is clear that aluminothermic reactions occurred with the likely ingredients to include powders of aluminum, iron oxide copper oxide, zinc, nitrate and potassium permanganate”.

This from their own Wikipedia:”The NIST did not test for explosive compound residue in steel samples” Instead they had known organized crime syndicates ship every available piece of evidence that could be found among the melted steel shipped on a slow boat to china. All this occurred over the strenuous objections of The Editor in Chief of Fire Engineering Magazine, and most credentialed arson investigator in the United States: Bill Manning, cast repeated dire warnings of malpractice and conflicts of interest in the official WTC investigations with the immediate destruction of evidence in the aftermath of the Twin Tower's collapse. The fact that almost to a man that NIST investigation was led by men who were the absolute cutting edge on the use of Nano Thermites and their military application , it strains credulity of anyone who has an IQ above room temperature that Nano Thermites were not the complete focus of their investigation. Let alone ignored by NFPA 921: Guide for Fire and Explosions whish is the standard tool for arson investigations. Section 12-4: states “Unusual residues… could arise from Thermite, Magnesium or pyrotechnic materials”. The NIST acknowledges that they did not follow the authorized guide for the only fire scraper (building 7), out of hundreds of far worse fire scampers world wide, none of which ever came near collapsing, this admission alone invalidates their entire “investigation”.
The last fire in the smoldering ruins of the World Trade Center were not extinguished till 3 months later, as over a hundred fire fighters testified water had no effect on the fire.Thermite Fe2O3+2AI is an incendiary used by the military in controlled demolition it burns underwater and liquefies steel. In 2 seconds it can reach temperatures over 4000 degrees and when mixed with sulfur which lowers the melting point of the steel it is even more effective. Appendix C of the FEMA report describes sulfur residue on the steel. The NY Times called this “the deepest mystery” of them all. Sulfur used with Thermite is called Thermate Fe2O3+2AI + sulfur. NFPA 921: Guide for Fire and Explosions is the standard tool for arson investigations section 12-4: states “Unusual residues… could arise from Thermite, Magnesium or pyrotechnic materials”. The NIST acknowledges that they did not follow the guide this admission alone invalidates their entire “investigation”. Would any of you seventh grade girls care to have a go at the evidence I presented above accrued by some of the best architects, scientists, and engineers in the world.

Your fatal assumption is that the Bush’s are stupid nothing could be further from the truth. They are educated beyond your wildest dreams. Dubya scored 95’s on his SAT and his Air force admission tests They take their cues from history and great literature. The irony of the Greek playwrights is put to use in their original coup that occurred when John Hinckley junior gunned down the sitting president Ronald Reagan less than 2 months into his presidency. Perhaps their distain for you is justified since most of you did not even notice that John Hinckley junior was the son of John Hinckley Sr: the neighbor, close friend, business partner, and largest campaign contributor in his primary run against Reagan of GHW Bush the man who stood to take control if Reagan died. No doubt Scott Hinckley and Neil Bush were spiting their wine up on each other laughing at the stupidity of the American people when they dined together in Denver on the same night as the assassination attempt. The irony was blaming the whole thing on a crush for a Hollywood actress that was GHW’s way of expressing his contempt and disgust for the American people who chose a doddering Hollywood imbecilic over him a decorated war hero to run the country. John Hinckley junior never served a day in prison for it but was rather sequestered in an up scale institution doing God only knows what till this very day. Everything proceeded from there: the phony war on Drugs and the trickle down economics which have destroyed this country.
First of all particularly OS Hyenas like Jonathan Wolfman and “Bad Scott” I would like to accuse you of being first and foremost cowards, but no maybe not even cowards but paid disinformation operatives. A child can see that you use the government approved method of discrediting an opponent by casting disparagement that is not even worthy of a seventh grade girl in a popularity contest, which leads me to the next obvious conclusion you are stupid. Would any of you care to debate the facts but its so much easier to pick on well meaning patriots like vz
The government has used 9/11 as a pretext for invading 2 countries, killing over a million people, and taking away Americans rights with the Patriot act, the Military Commissions act, and the pending Senate Bill H R 1955; The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorist Act. In a 2006 poll by the NY Times and CBS revealed 28 % of Americans believed the Bush administration was lying about Iraq and 9/11, A Time magazine poll showed that 36% of Americans believe that government officials either allowed the attack to be carried out or carried them out themselves. A Zogby poll from 2007 showed 51% of Americans want a probe by congress of Dubya and Dick Cheney about 9/11. Scripps Howard at Ohio University in the same year took a poll whose results show 16% of Americans believe the world trade center was brought down by explosives. 40% of the people in this country do not even know there was a building 7 let alone that it also inexplicably collapsed into its own footprint.
Justice is jaded. Even if you're an intelligent but impoverished person, you'll not enjoy the same benefits others have who can hire top guns to represent them in civil or criminal claims arising as a result of liability or negligence.

I speak from personal experience.
First of all there is a minor correction on technical grounds only.

“Kenneth Feinberg, who headed the fund (and who would also, subsequently, be appointed by British Petroleum to head-up the BP victims’ compensation fund”

Feinberg was allegedly appointed by Obama if I remember correctly; however as I said that was only a technical correction. There is no doubt that he represents the campaign contributors including BP and his job is to convince the public that there is justice being done at a minimum cost to bribe r I mean contributors like BP.

Second of all how much compensation are they considering for the “collateral damage” that was done to thousands of innocent people all over the world? Are the well-connected, including stockbrokers that run the system that oppresses people in poor countries, the only ones that deserve compensation?
Belinda: its sad, but to get true efficacy from many of the branches of our gvt, one needs deep pockets. For the poor, or those of limited means, true justice is often denied. The Courts require expensive attorneys. The legislature is dominated by politicians who require expensive corporate and lobbyist contributions, and the same goes for the executive branch.

Organized Labor is the only tool for the common man. But what can a common person do if they aren't in a union? Not much, for now, it seems.....Organization is the only key. ORGANIZE, ORGANIZE, ORGANIZE.
Zach: I read that Obama appointed Feinberg upon the suggestion of BP. Obama is such a "non-partisan" kind of guy, that he asked them who they would like to run the commission and Feinberg was at the top of the list. Obama, being the conscientious fellow who prostrates himself before the alter of unholy Capital, had no problem with this suggestion.

You can't serve God and Mammon both, it seems.
More about the link between working at Ground Zero and developing cancer, a new study:

I recall when I lived in Orlando, Sun Bank wanted to expand and all that stood in the way was a lovely little downtown park. The bank promised to replace it with an even better park, and instead thru some sod on a patch of dirt. I fear it shall be ever thus.

Meanwhile, the city fathers spent $500,000 on an atrocious piece of "art" planted in front of City Hall. With a nod to Bush the Elder's "thousand points of light", it was called the Tower of Light. But the good citizens of Orlando knew better; they labeled the monstrosity the Tower of Asparagus.
"Dissent is patriotic" How many times did I see this on posters during the so called Health Care Reform Debate? Nothing unpatriotic about this post at all. I always think of the Singing New York Police Officer who released a CD of Patriotic Songs post 9-11 and sold many a disc during that holiday season of 2001. That is what I call unpatriotic.
The 9/11 compensation fund sounds about as wonderful as the whole concept of 9/11. And in case you missed it, I compare 9/11 ceremonies to memorial days remembering my hemorrhoid operation. It was very painful. It was operated on by quacks. And the results are still visible a thousand ways.
nice post, fyi I included it in an open salon essay collection/compilation and my own 911 analysis commentary here
Jack Heart,
"95’s on his SAT and his Air force admission tests"? You can't make this stuff up. Really, it's immoral to make this stuff up, so stop it.

You might want to find out how SAT scores are expressed, were they required of legacy students at Yale back then and what the heck is an "Air Force admission test" anyway. Besides, President Bush was in the Air National Guard.
the 9/11 casualties should be treated as war casualties, which is what they are.
I am sickened by the horrid nature of bottom feeders using September 11 as a platform for greed.

Thankyou, well written