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Safe_Bet's Amy
In my own little hell, Alaska,
June 06
Missing her while trying to be as good a mom as she was.

JUNE 17, 2010 9:03PM

The Safe_Bet Project - Update II

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Suzy 2 


In honor of my late wife Suzy / Safe_Bet, I’ve begun collecting posts in support of LGBTQI equality.   We in the community have a huge number of very talented heterosexual Allies (the A in LGBTQIA).  Here are their stories, posts and opinions.

 If you are a member of the LGBTQIA community I hope you will find these posts supportive, reassuring and motivational. 

NOTE TO THE QUEERS ( We love you str8 folks, but this is secret queer business, sorry):

If you have not done so already, after you have read, rated and commented on ALL of these fabulous posts, take thee asses directly over to Owl_Says_Who's post and let our Allies know just how wonderful it feels to have their support and how much you appreciate it.  Remember these are the people that help get us our rights - we can't do it alone and we OWE them a huge debt of gratitude.  NOW MOVE IT...  Geez...  Okay here's the LINK TO SISTER  OWL'S POST. 

If you are a member of the heterosexual community, and are not yet an Ally, I hope these post give you pause and help you decide to support our cause. 

Once a month or so, I get to select a post to be republished at Our Big Gayborhood, full of talented, thoughtful, and creative writers who speak about LGBTQIA life.  Do you want to be the ones who gets heard?  (Sure you do!).  If so, you can find the writing guideline here .  



The Safe_Bet Project is endorsed by

"Our Big Gayborhood ~  Where The Queers Write ~ provides a fresh slice of LGBTQIA life in the Internet-wilderness by bringing you a diverse powerhouse of smart & sassy queer and ally writers who each share their own particular experiences with an audience as varied as the writing team itself.  It’s not a political site, though we talk about politics.  It’s not an entertainment news site, though we interview some of the top names in queer culture.  It’s not a personal blog, though each writer spins their own personal web of words on issues and events from coming out to relationships to our history to equality and justice.  Our Big Gayborhood presents a dynamic, poignant and snarky outlook on queer life you won't find anywhere else.  The site is co-edited by Lori Hahn and Margo Moon."


Our Newest Contributors:




Caroline Hagood - Some Funny Things About Female Friendship



Dave Rickett - He Was A Colored Boy



marytkelly - A Gay Man Straightens Me Out







Scarlett Sumac - Why I Love Joan Jett



Sally Swift - Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Come Out On AOL *WW VIDEOS!



Ashley F. Miller - Prop 8 Closing Arguments

and McDonald’s Likes the Gays in France, hates them in the US



femme forte - One Dead Gay Guy



Donna Carbone - Gay Adoption-Martin Gill: Let Them Call Me Dad  



Sparking - My Gay Playdate

and What I Really Want to Say about Homosexuality



Thank each and every one of you. 

We respect and care about you too!


Now go and read the rest


of these great posts HERE!

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Amy, this post (I don't know how to link it properly) ...

...came flooding back into my mind today. I would urge anyone to read it. It is written by a talented blogger named pontifica. I haven't read any thing from her in along while. I wonder where she is? Truly, it is a must-read.
To a wonderful and great memory, Amy. I think you are doing commendable work for such a just and civilized cause and I join you thanking all those who participate. You have all my love and respect. R
I would like to do a post in support of this project. I think it is about time.

Having been a supporter of gay rights and the cross dressing community for over 15 years, I think it is about time to start blogging about it.

When I do, I'm going to try this link thingy, but I'm a tech luddite when it comes to this thing so I might need some help. Keep an eye out for my PM.
What a terrific idea.
I'm proud to be included.

Count me in as a supporter. Although I didn't know Suzy or you until a few short weeks ago, as a newly married gay woman, I feel special to have found out about her and you at this juncture in my life. In the last week, many tears have drifted down my cheeks in thoughts of your courage and her joy. You set an example for a young lesbian like me. I smile; I cry--sometimes within seconds of each other. This tapestry of emotion will make me a better person. I realize how fortunate I am to have my girl with me every day.

When I look at you, I can make no excuses not to try and set an example for the way a young lesbian woman should lead.

Oh gawd, your beautiful girls. How fortunate to be raised sans the usual parental bigotry that so many of us dealt with as children. How fortunate that they have you. May you be blessed in this visit to the planet. May you be loved and touched by the voices of millions shouting out in the glory of existence. I shower a million roses to her memory and to the difficult milieu of your life. You make me want to be a better person. Damn, I'm crying again.

The two of you move me.

Thank you again and again for this project. I'm proud to be a part of it.
@ Scarlett: What a great post. Thank you for remembering and sharing it!
i love seeing all these great additions and supporters. thank you all who contribute and thank you amy for this project.
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