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NOVEMBER 15, 2012 4:52PM

Will the Last One Out Unplug the Coffee Machine?

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Keep the Community, Ditch the Site


Open Salon is a community that uses the OS website to stay in touch with a core group of people who enjoy writing and discussing all kinds of topics. We, the writers, are the community; Open Salon is only a platform. We believe the OS platform has become incapable of supporting the community that has developed here. We want to preserve our community as much as possible. The destination of choice for the greatest number of OS members has become OurSalon, a site that was created as a sort of lifeboat for Open Salon members in the event that Open Salon closed down. We have established memberships over there and many of us habitually double-post.

That has proven effective, but the result is a community split between two locations, complete with duplicate conversations, many between the same people at both locations. Until Open Salon becomes technically viable again, we would rather collect it at a single location, as that would result in less duplication of effort and, more importantly, far less frustration for the members of this community. That frustration has resulted in some community members leaving
us altogether.

Let’s try this again. We will not engage in any activity on Open Salon for a minimum of a month. This will allow us to centralize our community in a location that is fully functioning. After that period, if Open Salon has addressed its problems, those of us who want to will revert to double-posting.

If you are ready to join in this trial move, please post this letter on your blog right away and make sure you open an account on Our Salon. We will plan to begin the trial on Monday morning, November 19, 2012.

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This has to be done. We are a commodity here. I don't being a commodity. I especially don't like being a neglected commodity. Open Salon was a unique place.....but it was the place who made the place. See you around.
Coffee's better at Our Salon.
Doing my part, too. Thanks.
Rated. Come on over. It works and we want you, all of you.
I'm old and set in my ways, but I'm catching on at Our Salon. It's easier than I thought it would be.
The lack of functionality of OS is the reason I have pretty much stopped writing other than the odd nonsense post which I don't care if vanishes into the ether.

Y'all do whatever ya want... Some of you know how to contact me outside of here.. feel free to do so gut don't look for me in either place. Neither Open Salon nor Our Salon does me a blind bit of good... one doesn't function and the other is useless to me because email never arrives to confirm I'm a real person due to the FACT that my email provider REQUIRES me to initiate emails in order for people or companies to send me emails to that address. Now I suppose I could set up a fake email address to use for Our Salon but really that's more trouble than it's worth to me.
Thank you.

You posted this? If you're with us, we invite you to copy and post.

Mrs. Raptor,
You might want to talk to Lorianne. She might have an answer in there somewhere.
The L is pretty awesome and runs a pretty good site. I still like my Open, and I'll post free porn when I can. I'm still a Zoomers likes me so I'm there for my regular posts like TALES FROM THE RETAIL WARS series I just started posting(1st tale got featured at Zoomers.)

Raptor, I'd still say go with an email address like Hotmail or Gmail. I do even though I've had email with my internet provider(it's really nice cause if you change providers, you still have your original email address, none of that OH NOZE! I NEED MY CONTACTS!!! :D)

I do have an Our Salon account, have for a bit, and I like it, posted once, comment quite a few times and have enjoyed the chat function over there many times.

It's about the Community, not the site.

Which it has been about forever!!
No 11 for you in rating.

Your head line reminds me of Joseph Haydn's drum symphony.
Joseph Haydn, Abschieds-Symphonie Nr. 45, 4. Satz "Farewell"
Oh,I better let you know:
"No" is the abbreviation of numero.You usually write"nr".I assume that you have figured this out on your own.
Monday, November 19th... all right you're on. Thirty days with no activity on Open Salon. No posts, no comments, no ratings, no sign-in, nothing, nada, zip, zero... maybe Jacob and his folks will get the message. Please feel free to copy and crosspost, read and rate all posts linked to or bearing this related Headline: Keep the Community, Ditch the Site. Maybe if this is all Jacob can see in the activity feed, he'll get something done over the next month.

See you all over at Our Salon.
See you all at the new house
I do not wish OS ill.
I absolutely hope OS will overcome the technical problems it is having-
but I'm also concerned about the "Great Spam Wars"
I would suggest that in order to keep its membership
and serve the membership that has drawn the "Spammers"
That OS CLOSE the membership for a while.
Thia would discourage the spammers,
and allow a SERIOUS weeding out of those who view OS as a "marketplace" for junk
I understand that OS makes its money by "Selling Eyeballs"
I'm fine with that
But it makes no sense to allow freeloaders to sell in the feed
and dominate others writings and community
with commercial nonsense.

I'll be hanging around, but not posting.
I probably will comment ( if i can do it in under 15 minutes)
OS needs to sort out the community from the scavenger pack
I suggest closing membership while people go "inactive"
and cleansing the roll of itinerant marketeers.