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Sarah Cavanaugh

Sarah Cavanaugh
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
August 01
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APRIL 24, 2012 1:02PM

Simple Pleasures - Spring

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    When I think of the season of spring my mind travels back  a couple of generations to my grandmother and her sister. Come spring you might find Grandma on her hands and knees in the back yard. She is digging up dandelion greens which she will wash thoroughly before serving them as a salad with hot bacon dressing.

    Her sister, Aunt Nanny, loves spring onions. They always had a bit too much bite for my taste, but Aunt Nanny holds them by the green stems and eats the white bulbs plain and with apparent relish.

    My favorite spring food is rhubarb pie. I love the way the first taste you experience is sourness, but then the sour flavor blends with a sweet aftertaste. Some people like it with vanilla ice cream, but I prefer it plain. Rhubarb pie can stand on its own two feet.


      There is so much variety to the sensory experiences of spring. When I ride on the bike path the din of the spring peepers is deafening. I can finally open the windows that have been hermetically sealed throughout the winter and enjoy the symphony of birdsong. I might be lulled to sleep by the patter of soft spring rainfall on the roof and against the window panes. The winds of spring sigh through the budding tree branches.

    The smells I associate mostly with spring are those of blossoms. There is the heady fragrance of lilacs right outside my door and the sweet seductive scent of apple blossoms promising a bountiful harvest to come. My favorite is the scent of viburnum blossoms. If I wore a fragrance, I would want it to smell like viburnum. In the season of spring there is the first experience of the scent of freshly mown grass after the long winter.

    The variety of pink and white blossoms in spring takes one's breath away. I like when a gust of wind shakes loose a shower of pink blossoms. It seems as though the earth itself is sighing with the abundance of beauty. I will enjoy this spring while I can. It was a long time coming and will soon deepen into summer. 


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Dislike for rhubarb pie is the ultimate deal breaker. I knew I liked you. ;)
Spring is so reliable in its ways despite whatever the weather throws at it. A lovely time for all our senses.

I have a Viburnum in my garden and love the scent. Highly underrated. The rhubarb pie looks delicious. A nice dollop of cream would go so well with it...

Diet starts next week!
it is Spring which sets the year to come out before us- the Romans started their year in Spring and so do I
V, I think I like the complexity of the flavors in rhubarb pie.
Linda, Spring is a good time to start a diet. Good luck with it.
kenneth, The Romans knew what they were doing.
Wow... rhubarb pie! I remember picking and cleaning rhubarb with my Grandma on Pop's farm in Indiana.
jmac, Rhubarb pie may just be the very best thing about spring.
This was a lovely trip through the senses. I've never eaten rhubarb that I know of, and I don't know what viburnum smells like, but this post made me realize how universal our love of spring can be. The return to life of nature and to a certain extent our sensory selves, is such a powerful thing. I'm glad you're enjoying the season.
You had me at rhubarb pie. My mom made it from rhubarb she grew in her garden. I agree with you, Sarah, rhubarb pie doesn't need any a la mode, altho sometimes a scoop of vanilla ice cream is hard to resist. The pie is best hot from the oven.
I love the smells too; however, being the ultimate city slicker, I have no idea what I am smelling.