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MAY 22, 2011 7:44PM

La Punta De St. Louis

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Let me begin this by saying I am well aware this note will probably never be read by the person to whom it is meant. This is important to me though. If you do decide to read this, please accept that and take in what is said with an open mind. Also this is not a wellwritten literay. There is swearing and the grammar at times is improper. This is more venting and awareness. 

I just finished watching the George Lopez HBO special of his new comedy show 'George Lopez; Tall, Dark, and Chicano'. The show was extremely entertaning. I was laughing probably ninety-nine percent of the time. There were a couple things said though that I want to put out there and address.

Number one: he made a joke about child predators. I am a child rape victim. Normally I would just shake this kind off thing off and laugh with the rest of them. After all, it isn't meant as a personal attack to those who have been assaulted, and he isn't insinuating people who are raped as kids deserve it. However, it hurt to try and claim something so horrible can be prevented so easily. It is true there are many things parents can do to prevent child harm. I agree with Senor Lopez in the fact that kids aren't brought up tough enough. Did you know that by teaching a child to fight back, by teaching them their appropriate parts, and giving them the confidence to tell an adult no, they are over 75% less likely to be assaulted? True fact. No, the part that hurt was, well, I fought back. I kicked, screamed, cried, begged. The fucker did it anyway. I was three. George Lopez shouldn't have to screen himself, but it'd be pretty cool if someone as influential and observant as himself could recognize a real issue like this and advocate defense for it.

The second thing is pretty simple in itself. His final statement about people being racist assholes and judgemental pricks concerning immigration and racial/ethinic differences is right on. There is one detail. There are quite a few "whiteys" like myself who get a bad rap. Reality is, I had no more chance growing up than any black, green, grey, tan, or whatever color you can think of, kid. My mother emancipated herself at 14. She put herself through highschool, put herself through nursing school.  She became pregnant, raised me alone, put herself through college, and is now putting me through college alone. She has a ton of  school debt and multiple herniated disks in her back to show for it. The one thing that kept repeating itself was everytime we ran into trouble (and there was a LOT of it) we got the same response. "You're white, you'll be fine." And we are fine now, but not because we are white. It is because we pushed ourselves and let others help push and motivate us. I never once knew what racism was until some kid tried to beat me up because I was white child at an inner city black school. And thats it. I still don't understand it.

Last thing; I may be white on the outside. I am German, Hebrew, Russian, Irish, Hispanic, English, Native, and nobody cares what else! All that matters is who I am and what I do. I am a person who works part-time, goes to school full time, in the vain hopes of going to medical school even though my mom and I combined can't afford anything. I want to open a clinic as a general practitioner and have a 30% probono workload, which is HARD. I love music, Indian food, actually any food. I am not skinny but I am not fat either. I am 5'6" 38 26 38 with blonde hair and blue eyes and there is nothing wrong with that.

Now that I'm done ranting, I guess I am asking to please cut people like me some slack. Or at least acknowledge that we are here, and no better as well as no worse than any other person.

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