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MAY 22, 2011 7:32PM

Someone Special

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Flashback to 2002. We find ourselves at Collinsville High School (before the add-on of the epic arts building). Imagine a very skinny, pale, underdeveloped blond girl with wide eyes and no self-esteem sitting on the bleachers. Next to her is a thoughtful, irritated girl with curly, dark brown hair and blue/hazel eyes. The blonde is staring at a piece of lined notebook paper. She had just watched the Sandra Bullock movie a few days earlier. She wanted her own poem. The vented one, Kelli, wanted a distraction. The blond just wanted to put words to paper. Tanya began writing her poem. Kelli looked over it. Elements and characteristics as to the poem's reality and possibility were analyzed. Changes were made. The original poem was lost.


Now flash forward to 2010-11. Same blond, only now fully developed. Same wide eyes. Kelli is in LA as an epic film person having good times with her forward boyfriend Zach and her very gifted roommate Gerald. Tanya is in Illinois on a cold, rainy night. She argues loudly and laughs profusely with her roommate Sean and her two friends from work, Drew and Jake. For no apparent reason that day from 2002 pops up. 


She sees the poem. In her head. She remembers reading it aloud to Kelli. Remembers Kelli insisting she couldn't possibly know the color of her true love's eyes at the tender age of fourteen. Kelli insisted  changing them from blue to something else. 


She insisted I include a wide range of types because in life you never know. I think we do. We just need to learn to be quiet enough to listen and let go of pride. So Here is the poem that the little, evil fourteen year old girl inside all women decided to remind me of.


Someday I will find the perfect guy.

Someone made by God just for me.

He has blue eyes that sparkle,

and golden hair that shines.

He has a love for all and for all time.

He is honest, kind, and strange.

And as much as he is strange he is strong.

He will never be mean or boost,

and if we fight he will always say he is wrong.

He will never promise.

He will never leave, 

and we will love each other till the day we die,

until we descend on into heaven forever.


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