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DECEMBER 31, 2009 5:52PM

15 Things To Do Alone On New Year's Eve, Nudity Optional

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"Ring out the old, ring in the new. The year is going, let him go; Ring out the false, ring in the true." Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Alone on New Year's Eve? Okay, not the best situation, but really, not the worst either. Plenty of people are more alone in a relationship or a crowd than you are, simply solo. Which is much sadder for them than for you.

Don't be sad, embrace the idea of a night all to yourself to do whatever you want. Then figure out what that is and do it.

My husband and I used to party every year but it gets old fast. Or maybe we have? Lately we've taken to staying home with a good movie after a good meal we've cooked together. Some years we have dinner with friends, then home.

That's the plan this year. Down the street for dinner. Home early. He works hard, it's just another night at the end of a long work day. So he'll be asleep somewhere between 10 and 11pm.

That leaves me with lots of time to do my own thing. Sometimes I wake him at midnight for a New Year's kiss. Sometimes he stays awake to, well, start the year with a bang. (Jeez, did I just say that??)

Other times he goes back to sleep, and I curl up next to him with a book til I'm sleepy too. Or, if I'm still in vampire mode, I go back to whatever I was doing.

Here they are, 15 Ways to Enjoy a Solo New Year's Eve, even if you're not alone.

1. Remind yourself it's one night a year people feel compelled to get drunk and act stupid. If they do, they are. You are not. (Or, if you get drunk by yourself, no one will know if you act stupid).


2. If you like to cook, make yourself a great meal. Bake something decadent too, just for you.


3. Play your favorite music LOUD and dance. (Do NOT play sappy sad songs that encourage you to cry).


4. Google everyone you know.

5. Update all your social networking profiles and sites with outrageous new descriptions.What? I'm not gonna tell you what to say!


6. Catch up on all those blog posts you've been meaning to read! Or, WAIT! Set up a party on your blog! C'mon, who's gonna do that this year? I'll be there as soon as hubby's asleep. We can all tell each other what we're not wearing...

blog party

7. Write your first post for the new year. Tell a great story about your life, especially if it happened in the beginning of a new year and changed you.*


8. Look through old photo albums and pull out pictures that could help you remember and tell that story. Or just let the memories flow.


9. Call your parents, grandparents, family or any friends you know might be alone and in need of some love. Say thank you, or just listen.


10. If you have a talent or gift, use it. Paint, sculpt, throw a pot, write, take photos ... knock yourself out with something spectacular. (This could also include a vibrator... just sayin'). Or not.


11. Start reading --or writing-- that book.


12. Pamper yourself. Take a hot bath with bubbles and candles and music. Tweeze, pluck, masque, exfoliate, moisturize, cream, mani, pedi, the works. Guys, you too. Don't forget the nose and ear hair, please.


13. Two words (or is it one word?): YouTube.


14. Gather, rent or find On Demand your all-time favorite movies, settle in with treats galore and revel in their wondrously familiar worlds.


15. Remind yourself that no matter what, expectations for New Year's Eve are always, always overblown and always, always under-realized. It's the new year that counts, not the countdown to it. What can you do, how can you contribute, where are you needed most by your family, friends, school, neighborhood, place of worship, community, government, planet?





namaste  peace



*Re # 7, the true story of my Near Death Experience:  New Years Eve, 1973, The First Night of the Rest of My Life  


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Can you dig it? You know that you can. HNY to all.
Oh, thank you .... made me smile just thinking of all the moments I can enjoy so easily. Happy New Year!
Amanda, see, that's just what I'm talkin about. Yea you!
Happy New Year to you too and this is a very cool list!!
You ROCK Sally! This is great!

Thank for this! I'll be spending my New Year alone and this is great. Here's to a wonderful 2010.
Owl, Roger, Lady, Poet, thanks for checking in and of course HNY to you all. If anybody has special things they do alone (well, wait, that didn't come out right... oops, am shutting up now), please share your ideas!
Awesome list, Sally!
I especially liked the photos you chose to go with them!

Happy New Year!
{opens new tab in browser to Google "everyone I know"}
thank you
that's all
thank you
Given that my new year's plans just fell through, this couldn't have been posted at a better time! Happy New year!

Oh, if no one's around to hear it, do I hafta play "Auld lang syne"?
Between parties. Of my own creation. I like #4 . And #12. And, well, #13. Great list, Sally. Off to the movies, then home to couch picnic and champagne.
spotted, how'd you guess I had the most fun picking the photos?

Brian, you're welcome. Come to the party later.

peppermint, you do NOT have to play it or sing it!

DVerb, who's got you back, baby? Where is the party later? Oh, I wish I'd set up a major conference call! HNY, sweets, we gonna meet in '10, right?
Kathy! Stop sneaking up on me! Come back soon. Am *I* gonna have to host the party?
Great ideas, especially if the dancing is combined with the youtube. . . .
"My husband and I used to party every year but it gets old fast. Or maybe we have"

Hell, I haven't seen midnight in more years than I can remember :-)
The pictures were unbelievable in this one! WOW cool post. I am eating a big old steelhead fillet, I caught it by the way, which is about as gourmet as you can get. A party is going on at my blog this very second. Verbal is passed out in the corner. I had to leave as there was talk of whipped cream and Spotted is dancing wearing only two beer labels, imports I think. This was a great post.
Uhhhhh, Sally? Is that you in that YouTube video? If so, what's the URL?

Great list though.
I've considered what tonight it. Many businesses close for the first so people got paid today so the company could close out it's year end books, it's not just any full moon but a Blue Moon, and it's New Year's Eve celebrating the official end of the worst decade in generations. Add a breeze and all the nut jobs will be coming out of the woodwork, trust me on the windy night thing.

All things considered I am staying home tonight, and locking the doors.
Pilgrim, I had a feeling somebody would notice that soon, though I deliberately kept it blurry...

B Bob, at my parents' ages (86 and 93) and in FL they call 10pm Boca Midnight. Please tell me we're not there yet!

Spud, sounds delicious. I did have fun with the pics (post would've been up 2 hours sooner ;)... Verb's out already? Wow, I'll be right over with some, um, medicinal herb to revive her.

mypsyche, right back atcha.

B1, a lady never reveals the URL of her ass...

ocular, you got that right. Hubby's already asleep on the couch, I put some chicken in the oven and we're in for the night. Will see our friends over the weekend instead. HNY and HND too!
HNY to you Sally.
Great list here. I am glad to read this one.
Happy New Year and thanks for the reminder to be happy whether alone or in a crowd.
Could you expand the youtube image? I can't make out the address.
Sally, I loved this to much I shared it with all my Facebook friends. Happy New Year.
Mission, Joan, that's what I'm talkin about! HNY and enjoy. Spud's having a party now, btw, and Verbal's acting crazy. ;)

Steve, as I *just* explained to B1, I lady Never reveals the URL to her ass.... so keep squinting, sucker! heh
Sally, it's a toss-up. I love your ideas and have several on the agenda because I've stayed home for years. Don't trust the partiers on the road.

But that party over at Spudman's is getting wild and crazeeee....;)

Happy New Year, Sally!
Great suggestions! I have a houseful of guests and I snuck away to read this post--I agree, new year's eve is overrated! HNY Sally!

yes yes yes!!! now for that googling ...
I'm drinking moderately (not stupidly) and having a party on my blog. Party on...
Woohoo! Partay! HPN! xox
Does giving valium to the dogs and making beef stew count? Happy, happy New Year Sally. See ya next year!
Happy New Year Sally! This rocked - totally!
Have fun, however ya do it; and be careful driving. It's amateur night. See you next year.
I just got home. Well, for the second time (after work I just barely had time to dump my stuff in the house and had to turn around with the wife and daughter for a night of shopping). It is about 29 degrees out and snowing steadily. Hopefully that will discourage the idiots from taking to the streets in their death machines.

The plan is to kick back now, pop that bottle of bubbly that's chilling at about eleven fifty-five, and toast the new year when it arrives. Then, daughter will be dutifully sent to bed, and the wife and I will probably follow suit not long thereafter.

BTW, just an FYI for you Sally, my dear - I am NOT wearing something frilly.

Just sayin'. :-D

Happy New Year to you and yours. Keeping the good thoughts and prayers coming your way for everyone.
Good suggestions all, but rather a tall order at the end!
. . .sneak sneak sneak. . . *tap tap* Hi, Sally! Back from stupid Clooney movie, not the best choice on a New Years Eve, now doing couch picnic and watching Anderson and Kathy in Times Square. Cheers!
so good, sally. damn that "#1 winner ad thing is flashing in my eyes." it says "THIS IS NOT A JOKE." yeah, right.

anyhoo, i like the ideas and the pics. just got home from an early party at friends' house (who are old like us so early makes sense). i'm a nightowl so will go make some new playlists and then ... i dunna yet.

HNY, funny girl. see you next year. [::shnort::]
Red, thank you, why didn't I think of Facebook.

jane, thank you, it's an old avatar, spent happy years in it here, dusted it off for New Years. Thanks for the good thoughts and right back atcha! You deserve all good things.

Blue Roses, a blog party was # 6 on my list. Spud picked up the gauntlet, have at it everyone!

Karin, glad you snuck away, hope you stopped in at Spud's party. And HNY to you and yours too!

1_Mom/Annie, it's a tall order but we need just that.

Eva, I just got back from sending hubby off to dreamland, will try to stop by your party too.

Robin, you party animal, you!

Deborah, taking valium and giving beef stew to the dogs even counts. Happy New Year to you too.

Sparking, glad I could contribute a positive --and rockin-- note.

Roger, really, you're right. But anybody who's here I'm guessing isn't driving. HNY!

Bill, I waited all year to see you in a tutu! Wishing the very best to you and yours too.

Karin, thank you, I wish the very same things back to you and your family.

emma, if it's worh wishing for, it's worth trying for. HNY!

Kathy, I wouldn't mind a little Clooney for NYE, but that movie, not so much.

femme, new playlists! Why didn't I think of that?! Have fun and HNY to you too.

Hey, all our Left Coasters aren't even there yet! Have a good one, guys!
Holy cow! a 2009 post? How timely for this week : )
Great ideas all, we will likely be involved with something like any of the above...although we always stay up until midnight.
One more suggestion? We put on music and dance...which often leads to starting out the New Year with a bang...geez, did I just keep that one going?
Happy New Year's to you and yours, Sally!
Damn, 2009 already??? :D

"(Or, if you get drunk by yourself, no one will know if you act stupid)"

That's my motto!! :D

RATED!! (I missed it the first time around!! WOOO!! :D)
How do I love Sally Swift? Let me count the ways... ~r
(unless I already rated it in 2009.)
Great ideas, Sally! Thanks! I might have a virtual party in the works for New Year's Eve....
I liked your mention of beginning the new year with a bang. My wife and I pretty much made a habit (not a bad habit!) of doing that. One of the myriad thing I miss since her death.
Hm. That bang part? You only really said it if you meant to use it as a verb.

Just sayin'.
Glad I read this early in the day, as I intend to put several of your suggestions to good use. Happy New Year indeed!
HNY back at ya and you've inspired me - I'm heading to the tub. Bubbles all around.
Thanks! I need to read this today!
I already baked chocolate chip cookies, drank a beer, posted, and updated my FB profile. I'm nearly there and there's still several hours before midnight. This may be my most productive New Years ever. Happy New Years!
Thank you, Sally. Funny thing. I was invited to three events and I didn't attend any of them. I made tortillas, wrote, talked with family, and had a beer or two with my partner and listened to the fireworks in the dark. It was grand.
I clipped my toenails this morning. Got rid of some of those 2011 ends to make room for the new. I'm now sorry I wrote that. Best to you, Sally, too. - me and the Chicken
I don't understand how this got to be "Most Viewed." Was it on the cover when I wasn't looking? Still, I had fun writing it in 2009 and I stand behind all the ideas. Hope everybody had a safe, fun, relaxing, blow-off-some-steam or let-go-of-some-stress New Years Eve. Here's to sanity and prosperity restored, and overdue legitimate hopes and dreams realized in 2012!
I'll just take a rest this new year's eve haha.
HNY to you Sally and everyone else here. See? I did one of the things you suggested, came to read blogs and wish people. :)
this showed up in search! Was surprised to see Emma Peel, so went to check the date and that's when I discovered it was posted in 2009
Loved this! I'll be spending it with children and dogs but maybe I can work in some of the less ambitious suggestions and save the rest for later; after all every day is some kind of new beginning, right?
How did you do this? Get a cover on a 2009 post?

Not that I'd ever read it.

1. Oh, like Purim if you're Orthodox.

3. So I'm blasting a Bach fugue from a solo violin partita and trying to figure out how the Hell to move to it. I think it involves each limb doing something utterly independent. Maybe I need to be drunker.

15 is great. Also true.

Happy New Year.