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June 14
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MARCH 15, 2010 12:34AM

Karen Does Chemo ***UPDATED UPDATE

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***UPDATED UPDATE (see bottom for links to my stories about Karen and our family)

Day 2...
The New Karen, with Straight Hair, Cute as a Button

Hey, I have a passel of married lady relatives in Israel who wear wigs, I'm an expert. I dare you to tell the difference! (From cellphone, she will undoubtedly post better pics.)

k hosp 
Karen in the hospital today after chemo. Yanked out a bunch of her falling hair, slung on a hot pink hat and copped her usual attitude. What's not to love? (Except maybe my lousy, blurry photo and the two really perfect ones I somehow lost...)


k, bread
Karen a year ago, baking healthy bread, the staff of life. Irony, anyone?

It's chemo treatment time again for the incredibly brave Karen, fighting melanoma with all she's got. It's fighting back, trying to win, but we're gonna keep kicking its ass just as hard and as long as we can.

She posted this note to friends and family on her Facebook page Sunday:

"Another chemo tomorrow. Thanks, in advance, for your kind thoughts and prayers. You are the wind beneath my wings."

I am supposed to be the writer in the family, but I couldn't have said it better myself.

k, short
Karen now, losing her thick, gorgeous hair and gaining some extra cheeks.

Still, look at that smile, even as more hair falls daily. Is that the picture of an optomist or what?

I am so tired of this ugly disease. Here are some more pictures of a beautiful family.

Bob and Karen


Amy, Karen, Alex
Judy (Mom), Gary (brother), Karen
k singing
Karen singing with the band, 1993 (an amazing voice you have to hear to believe).

A life so fully lived. Even more now. Wife. Mother. Daughter. Sister. Teacher. Singer. Holistic Healer. Niece. Aunt. Friend. Positive to the max.

All thoughts and prayers welcome.

I'll check in later in the week. Sorry for missing your posts (and for leaving penises in my wake). Still, some irony there too.



f can


PS We have some cool new (more 'family-friendly') t-shirts coming. Maybe you'll buy one to help Karen and all who fight the "Orphan Cancers."


Karen's Cancer Oddessy
(as told by me)

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Oh yeah, I'm pissed. Chemo treatments, cancer floor. Pain. Suffering. Waste. But still fighting. So I'll have my positive attitude in place all day Monday... and beyond.
All good thoughts to Karen! I can tell she has a kick ass spirit from the pictures alone:)
The t-shirt says it all!
Sally, you may not believe this, but it's true.....I include your niece in my prayers every single night. I don't always remember her name, but I refer to her as "Sally's niece."
I can't help but think of her along with a few others I know that are battling cancer.
Karen, you rock. xxxx
Thoughts, prayers, virtual hugs, whatever you need, you've got it. Melanoma is a dirty word in our house. It's been thirty years, but I remember it like yesterday. It's a formidable opponent. May angels keep their arms around all of you.
Know we are all with you Sally.
Love that tshirt. I think of Karen often. Well wishes to her, always. Hope she kicks cancer's ass. (Does she have any audios of her singing online? Would love to hear her...)
Sending fuck cancer energy Karen's way.
Well shoot. I didn't want to read this. She's your niece, by the comments. She has my prayers. Kick cancer ass!
cancer doesn't win this one. i want to hear her sing. xoxo
Remind her it's almost spring now. Renewal, rebirth, a time when life returns to barren fields.

Keep kickin' ass, Karen. Keep cheer-leading, Sally. We're all with you.
Love these pictures of Karen and all of your beautiful family, love the smile, and love the sentiment on the T-shirt.
Sally, cancer sucks, but Karen looks like the kind of strong and optimistic woman who can kick its ass. I don't know if positive energy from faraway virtual friends accomplishes anything or not, but know there is a lot of that coming from this corner of Northern Illinois.
What Procopius said, only from Southwestern Ontario.
What beautiful photos. They really showcase her spirit. Sally...ugh. I'm...wishing you guys didn't have to go through this. Let's just move through this like the breeze.
Good thoughts. Hugs. Wishes. Prayers. Whatever possible.
I am praying that a miracle happens and she goes into permanent remission.
She's got you (and the rest of the family) in her corner, and you've got us backin' you up, so hell yes . . . kick ass!
Love to you and your family, Sally...xox
It's so great you showed those happy, positive pictures. Peace to you all.
Continued best wishes, Sally, for Karen and for all of you.
Awww . . . glad to see it! Won't quit with the prayers and such, though.
My prayers for Karen. And for my friends Sara and Cheryl, we all miss you dearly. Fuck cancer indeed.
You guys are the greatest. And guess what? It worked! Best treatment yet, less pain, more patented positive Karen attitude. Plus, most important, doctors very pleased.

We had a tired day today, but still, all this beautiful energy is doing Karen, and us all, some much needed good.

Bless you, thank you. If you need me to give some back, just holler.
I want to buy a shirt or anything when you get a link. Thanks for sharing her with me. I will carry that smile with me and I will stand a little taller knowing I can do it if she can.
We'll keep it coming. Give Karen a hug for me and tell her the trees here are budding and the sap is running fast now. :-D