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June 14
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JULY 12, 2010 4:22PM

Mel Gibson, Don't Phone Home

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mel mad

"There is no salvation for those outside the Church.” Mel Gibson, Herald Sun, Australia

"The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world." Mel Gibson, to police during 2006 arrest

"You look like a fucking bitch in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n*gg*rs, it will be your fault," Mel Gibson, allegedly on tape,

Mel Gibson's been caught ranting with expletive-laced, racist, sexist invective at the latest object of his disenchantment. Alert the media. Oh wait, somebody did. Possibly his baby momma, locked in a vicious, possibly dangerous custody battle with the ever devolving Mel.

Now there's another, scarier tape. Is anyone surprised by his latest behavior? If so, you haven't been paying attention.

Let's remember, Mel Gibson was basically raised by wolves. He grew up in an aggressively anti-Semitic household. And, as we now see, one that apparently encouraged broad spectrum bigotry.

Mel's father is a staunch Holocaust denier. Bizarrely so. He dismisses the Holocaust because ...wait for it... the Nazis didn't have enough gas to kill six million Jews. But, you know, if they had, he'd be okay with it.

Dad Gibson also denies that millions of Catholics, Gypsies,  homosexuals, Blacks and the disabled were killed by the Nazis. Not that he'd care, except for the Catholics.

When asked about such blatant idiocy, Gibson said, "My dad taught me my faith, and I believe what he taught me. The man never lied to me in his life."

A 50-something man of the world still trusting his Daddy's views. How sweet. How sick and twisted. The guy's a maggot.

The Passion of the Bigot
Mel's given similar non-denial denials about the many anti-Semitism claims against him over the years. Then he made perhaps the most anti-Semitic movie in history, "The Passion of the Christ."

There was enormous controversy among the International Jewish community over that movie. Did Mel reach out to Jews back then for cross-cultural understanding?

No. He didn't have to, the movie was a blockbuster, even though it busted on Jews. Plus, a lot of Christians were happy. Which in America means big box office.

Drunk and Dumber
Then he showed us the true Inner Mel --a Jew-hater-- with his belligerent anti-Semitic rantings to the cops during his 2006 drunk driving arrest.

And quickly discovered that being vocally anti-Semitic isn't politically correct. At least not in public. Especially if you're in the movie business.

So Mel did the mea culpa shuffle,"I want to apologize specifically to everyone in the Jewish community for the vitriolic and harmful words that I said to a law enforcement officer the night I was arrested."

It's not about your words, Mel, it's about the attitudes behind them. 

Mel said, "I'm not just asking for forgiveness. I would like to take it one step further, and meet with leaders in the Jewish community, with whom I can have a one-on-one discussion to discern the appropriate path for healing."

Healing? Can you say, Nuclear Damage Control? Wow. The only problem with that kind of spin is that it's so obviously Spin.

The only healing Mel Gibson sought in 2006 was for his career, not his conscience. He played the self-blame game like a pro.

And he got away with it. Until now.

Liars and Tits and Bare Legs, Oh My
Now Mel's in real trouble. He doesn't get to cloak his bigotry in the First Amendment. Or call it Art.  Or claim alcohol addiction led to loss of judgement.

This time he tapped into the mother lode of American guilt. Racism.

It spewed out of him like molten lava, in blind rage and on tape. To the mother of his youngest child. Vicious, bigoted, hostile, racist, sexist garbage. Nothing artful about that.

Forget credibility, his career is on the line. Not to mention... can you say lynching? Jesse Jackson's on the case. Ironically, the man who called New York "Hymietown" is finally publicly pissed at Mel.

Except, even Jesse Jackson hedged. He hedged.

"His penchant for anti-Semitic and racist diatribes reveals the actor's fundamental character flaw. He needs help." Rev. Jesse Jackson,

He needs HELP? That's bitter icing on this rancid cake, especially for Jews. Last time Jodie Foster led his moral defense. This time Robert DiNero wants him to 'get through this.' Seriously??

What's wrong with these people? Mel Gibson spewed Jew-hatred, racism, sexism. He demeaned, browbeat and threatened to kill a woman, the mother of his child.

That Word
And --here's where all the media attention comes in-- he used the worst word in the English language. In the worst context. He pushed our personal  buttons by stepping on a national land mine.

There will be more stories. Mel will make more apologies and then he'll enter... well, is there such a thing as Racist Rehab?

Pundits and critics will rant and rave for a while. Mel might have to do some community service. Perhaps attend a feminist meeting. Mentor inner city African American kids.

Please, NO.

Equally Lethal Weapons?
In fact, Gibson did no substantive penance after the 2006 incident. And nobody seemed to care. It bothers me that the commotion is greater this time, with racism added. Because Jew-hating is just as despicable. And equally dangerous.

Yet anti-Semitism is horribly, in some twisted way an acceptable offense among non-Jews. As long as you deny --Mel himself has done it for years-- and apologize.

The response shouldn't be less for anti-Semitism. Or any other form of prejudice. And certainly not for violence against women. But it is. That's just plain WRONG.

These days though, well, anti-Semitism can be cloaked in 'anti-Israel' outrage. You don't have to do any serious research, truly learn about the players in the Middle East. You can justify your anti-Semitism on only the facts you choose to see.

That's the same pick-a-reason-any-reason rationale Mel's father uses to deny the Holocaust.

Bigotry, hatred, sexism and racism are still the slippery slope to discrimination, anarchy, intifadas, wars ... the decay of civilization. Not to mention civilized discourse.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Did you cringe at the N-word in that quote above? I did. I didn't say it, I never think it. I repeated it for the shocking emphasis it warrants. And as a reminder: Mel Gibson said words that too many people think and say every single day.

So now you're maybe a little --or a lot-- mad at me.

Is anybody thinking, "racist Jew bitch"? or just "racist bitch"? That first thought is anti-Semitic, the second is sexist. So why is racism worse?

The argument is, should be, it's ALL WRONG. Unacceptable. And finally, publicly, for Mel Gibson, unforgivable.

After 2006, Mel did some interviews talking about the "terrible incident" his "former" alcoholism and how he'd become a changed man.

Don't believe it.

Anti-Semitism and racism don't disappear  with anger management or a sobriety medal. Bigotry comes from inside a person, not a bottle.

There's no 'cure' for prejudice. Just retribution.

Mel Gibson has shown the world over and over that he will never change his core bigotry. If there's any justice in his professed hyper-Catholic beliefs, someday he will be made to pay.

All the Terrible Things Mel Gibson Has Said on the Record



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Lower than a maggot. There, I said it.
Well, you took the words right out of my head.
"The argument is, should be, it's ALL WRONG. Unacceptable. And finally, publicly, for Mel Gibson, unforgivable."
Excellent post, Sally._r
I could never forgive him. Thank God I will never be called on to do such a thing.
He is hideous, isn't he. What ugly words.
"My dad taught me my faith, and I believe what he taught me. The man never lied to me in his life."

The sad thing, Sally, is that the statement above could be accurately (in their own minds, at least) repeated by the majority of American, verbatim.

There's no Rehab for Re-tarded. (And I do mean that literally. His views are retarded. Appropriate for a five-year-old who parrots what daddy says and hasn't yet developed any critical thinking skills of his own. Which leads me back to my first observation. Loop. Loop.Loop.)

Scuze me. I have to go upchuck now.
I agree with you, Sally, but being anti-Catholic can be just as wrong if it stirs misunderstanding and hatred within. Any kind of prejudice can lead to hatred and therefore to justification for wrong doing. It doesn't have to be an extreme example like Mel Gibson who obviously is troubled. Most people who hold onto prejudices at all are not troubled, but ignorant.

"Because Jew-hating is just as despicable. And equally dangerous.
Yet anti-Semitism is horribly, in some twisted way an acceptable offense among non-Jews."

Most people don't find anti-Semitism acceptable. How do you feel about those who are anti-Catholic? Here on OS I find it is extremely common and acceptable and I find that offensive. Does that bother you at all....the anti-Catholicism on OpenSalon?

Also, calling someone names like, "The guy's a maggot," is offensive to me. You may not like Mel, and I can understand why, but name calling is wrong because it reduces people to non-humans which can easily lead to prejudice and hatred.

Why not simply look at all human beings as our brothers despite their race, color, religion, gender, and beliefs? There would be less fighting and hatred....that's for sure.
Yes, wrong and completely unacceptable.
By the way, I'm not defending Mel Gibson at all. He's let us all down by his defenseless behavior and words. I am against ALL prejudicy because it all leads to hatred.
His behaviour is nothing short of shameful
Dog Pile On!

And let's not forget that when he refered to there being no salvation outside the Church, he was not referring to the Catholic Church that millions of Americans worship at, but to some whacko splinter church he's heavily supported over the years.

On the other hand, stars have been doing all kinds of scandalous, stupid things in their private lives for years and years and getting away with it, so I can't really predict how this one will play out. Fans are irrational. Who knows?

But he lost me for good on this one.
the gibson father and son team disgust me.
Fully agree with you Sally. I hope his punishment is that no one ever writes about him again and he is whisk away like some old tumbleweed in the wild west.
Joan, Dolly, yeki, I haven't seen any of his movies in years. I wish there were some more forceful way to protest such horrid behavior.

Denise, I agree, that's what makes me so mad. Mel has a public pulpit to spew what too many others think and say every day.

Karin, thank you, seriously. When you like something I've done it means I'm doin it right. And let's all join in a collective YUCK.

patricia, you are clearly a good, decent person. Of course I deplore anti-Catholic sentiments as I do anti-Semitism. I think the Church has badly served itself by defending the bad apples in its midst instead of punishing them, but that doesn't make me anti-Catholic, just anti-pedophile. And yes, anti-Semitism is alive and well, here as anywhere. I'm sorry to have offended you by my name calling, but I restrained myself, frankly. Mel Gibson deserves my contempt, not my forgiveness. I'm not as good a person as you, I guess. (I mean that sincerely, with No sarcasm).

sophieh, mike, unacceptable and shameful. Yes.
There's just no saving this guy from himself, is there. You'd think that one or two drunken racist anti-Semitic rants would teach him to keep his cake hole shut, but NO-OOO.
Whaddya REALLY think, Sally?

The guy has self immolated twice now. Then again, he likely has a strident following for his action films who do not care about all of this stuff. Hard to say if he is dead in the water or not. I never thought he was much of an actor to begin with.

I wonder if he does any water color paintings? :)
David, in one interview when he was married to his first wife, he said he feared for her soul because she was Episcopalian instead of Catholic. That was before he started the Church of Mel. He lost me with the Passion movie.

Chuck, we're a ditto of disgust.

Bea, I hope he fades into obscurity. But he must pay for his crimes, or be prevented from committing any, especially against Oksana.

Bonnie, your focus would naturally be on his hatred of women (and t/g for your passion), but that's apparently somewhat new. He used to be a loving family man, not a batterer. OTOH, he was Always a bigot. None of his attitudes or behaviors are acceptable.

sixty, you're right, he seems bent on self-destruction.

Geoff, you know how shy I am about stating my opinions... I'm sure there are people out there right now saying, You Go, Mel! That's what worries me most.
Gibson is a lunatic!!!
Possibly the agriest person on the planet.
Certainly known by way too many people that were willing to buy tickets to his unbelievably violent movies.
Mel, you just keep on burning out...
as much as i admire Apocalypto the man's bloody nuts and nuts r.
Written with your usual aplomb Sally, well done.

What an asshole he is, he's relentless in his pursuit of assholery. (nice word, huh?)

What an over the top, super rich, bigoted, misogynist, racist, violent, alcoholic asshole.

Hard to believe this is the same man who starred in Tim (his first picture I believe, oh so perfectly handsome he was then).
magnolia, it bothers me that he's a "role model" for too many with similar views.

Jon, I couldn't understand that movie if I wanted to, and I don't. You're right, he's not normal.
Ablonde, we crossed! As much as I like the way asshole sounds, I love Freaky's word more... asshat. He's both and all else you said.
I remain astounded that people are surprised by his bad behavior. It has been well known in the entertainment industry for at least 25 years. I have heard many horror stories, lawsuits avoided with hush money, on and on and on and on. I have witnessed it myself on at least 2 occasions when I worked in the industry. Publicists have told me stuff off the record. And's still news.
Gibson is saddled with two of the worst problems: a lunatic nutso father and an inability to handle liquor without flying off into a rage. Since the two are probably connected, I have doubts about whether he can ever truly get help. Being wealthy and powerful enabled to him to skate free after his anti-Semitic rant. But domestic violence brings him into the ranks of the criminal. I think - and hope - that he has finally immolated his career for good.
Religion always brings out the most despicable flaws in a nasty feral human.

Seems to be a common denominator.. why is religion is always present when massive abuses are committed? They are always the cause of pain never the relieving of it.
Mentally ill, dangerous and not worth watching any of his films. Wife beater, probably he should serve some time. Whose the bitch now? R
He is in my prayers, Sally.

NOT. Even if I did prayer... you wouldn't be in 'em, Gibson!
rat fink, beady-eyed, I used to have a big crush on jerk face.
It is sad how the police are handling the allegations of threats and violence. It would be so different if he was Mel, the guy who hangs out at the local bar, instead of Mel the actor.

Excellent post, Sally...
I hope Patricia doesn't read my comment. I just read hers. *runs away with face in apron.
Emma, any celeb caught using the N-word is news. Remember Michael Richards' (Seinfeld) meltdown in a comedy club? That, plus the juicy profanity and shades of violence are the recipe for BIG NEWS. Yuck.

Cranky, even Mel thinks his career is over (according to his voice on one of the tapes), but he blames Oksana for it! Sick man.

Reallity, I think religion is simply a way to categorize something or someone you fear... and a collective scapegoat for anger and frustration. That's surely the case here.

Sheila, "Whose the bitch now?" I love it!
He's be a member of the Waffen SS if he was born 40 years earlier.
The kerplunk sound coming out of Santa Monica is whatever vestiges of a career Mel Gibson had left bottoming out and splatting all over. He'll probably end up doing a tour with Michael Richards.
The saddest part of that story goes beyond MG. There are many, many people that agree with him and his take on life. That should be scary to us all. R for raunchy
The guy is scary-angry, and what's depressing about it is that he seems to be acting out the secret desires of way too many other scary-angry-but-more-in-control-people-who-aren't-rich-actors.

You are right to nail him to the wall, righteously right. But while it's possible he's sunk himself by going into racist mode, I'm not so sure. People wring their hands more, that's all. And then when the PR miasma blows past, they sidle up and say, "Hey, Mel, you make me another Braveheart, and you can tattoo a swastika on your forehead for all I care." Rated.
You forgot about his anti-homosexual rants. Not saying you did a bad job, this was an EXCELLENTLY written post. I am just sayin...maggot is a little too nice of a word for him. I think we need to create a new, derogatory word for this man, and then have everyone call him that word for all eternity. Maybe then he can feel a fraction of what the Jews, African Americans, and homosexuals he likes to belittle have felt for lifetimes.
I agree. The only good thing about his apparent alcohol abuse is that it lets the REAL Mel out -- the one he can hide (at times) from the public. The public he needs to fund his lifestyle. I hope everyone will turn their backs on him. At his age and with as many opportunties for enlightenment and a change of heart as he has had, he hasn't changed...he's beyond help.
Sadness all around...especially for the people he has hurt. Really sad....
NOT what Caracalla just said. Clever as it may be.

Gibson is a mess. A bigoted, entitled mess.
Early in his career, I enjoyed him, but even before most of this came out, I started to find him rather creepy on a personal level. The fact that his first wife kept churning out kids due to his Catholic beliefs (I think they had 7 together) and she was "down on the ranch" raising them all while he did the movie star thing was part of it. Now that more about who he is has come out, I really wonder how she stayed with him for, what, 25 or 30 years?? Given the accusations of domestic violence with this latest woman, it makes me wonder how he treated his wife.
It's hard not to think that he does need help. But at his age I doubt there's any that would do any good. He's really a disgusting guy.
First, Sally, I agree with you.

But a bigger question, in my mind, is why this is news. Is Gibson a racist jerk? Hell yes. Are there (at least) thousands more out there like him? Bet on it.

In theory media coverage like this should have destroyed his career earlier...if every movie he's made in recent times didn't. But it hasn't. It gives him the chance to weep crocodile tears & for other racist drunks to support him.

I'm thinking we might be better off ignoring him. Maybe his under-developed personality will shrivel up and blow away, like a dead cockroach.
mel is a conspiracy theorist. a chip off the old block. did you ever see his movie "conspiracy theory" with julia roberts? his problem is that he's got the wrong conspiracies. the fake ones. he latched onto the decoys. a shame. he also seems to be "losing it" as he gets older. possibly due to substance abuse. is it unforgivable? nothing is unforgivable if the person reforms. is he unreformable? that is a legitimate question.
I would suggest there are much darker and more diabolical villains in the world than mel gibson, and they are not stupid enough to get caught on tape, in fact they are virtually invisible, and it serves their purpose for the public to get distracted and fixated on mel's much smaller crimes against humanity.
Excellent post. It is so sad that it needs to be said. Can a person be this hateful to so many and also sane? I often wonder if the cheese has slipped off of his cracker, but he has had these ideas a very long time. Disturbing and tragic.
Sally, I just visited and clicked on the audiotape. Honest to god, I have never heard anything like this in my life. I am dumbstruck. This is beyond sexism, racism, and anti-Semitism. This is sociopathic derangement. This is unbridled criminality. This man needs a shot of Haldol and a prison cell. Stunning.
sounds to me like he's on steroids.
And we wonder why young girls are hot for vampires. Dirtbags thrive and make millions and we coddle and protect them. Lancelot got his legs blown off in Iraq and lives under a bridge.

Way to go on the male role models, allowing divorce was the death knell for marriage in the US. Better to sleep hungry under a bridge than under a thumb like that. Better to be dead than a hostage.
I don't know folks. I don't feel any more satisfied condemning Gibson than I do when a person is imprisoned ("punished") for a crime. I'm glad they're off the street and no longer able to hurt anyone, but I'm agnostic about what is actually going on in the heart of any other human being. Mentally ill, emotionally stunted or just a bad seed --or some combination-- how would I know?

This story is only intersting if it offers us some insight into the human condition. And I don't think we know enough.

Yeah, maybe religion caused it. But then we'd have to explain the common thread between Gibson, the Dalai Lama and Simone Weil. And I'm stumped again.
Well-deserved EP, as a Rant dee-luxe.

I confess this: I feel for every full-blown alcoholic. My adopted father drank himself to death; the wishful readiness to forgive is hard-wired in me.

That said, you persuade, and how. If he started tomorrow, he'd have to walk the earth for 10 years to find a clue.

And Sally, your prose simply devours.
Everyone loves to judge,'"shameful"" Maggot" like no one every losses there temper here, everyone's a saint, give me a break . This was no one's business.
Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
Hey, Sally, you forgot to add 'fuckmuppet' to the list of perjoratives worthy of Mel Gibson. What a dipstick!

Mel Gibson, another Christain movie star.
Gibson is human shit.

But are you seriously attacking Rev. Jackson for saying he needs help?


Look he either needs help or a public execution. I'm not going to pick one for you that those are the options here.

Obviously he is not going to change from a racist bigot to great guy, but saying angry conservative losers don't need serious professional help is to rag on someone without any kind of real solution.
I have the same initials and I'm also Catholic (but the cafeteria kind, not the sheep kind) and I hope that's all I have in common with this sleazeball. He's just creepy.
Dog, and his father too.

Walter, they deserve each other.

Dave, all the non-celebs who share his views scare me too.

Martha, he's been dropped by William Morris, though they say it's because he's not a money-maker any more. I think it might be the domestic violence that brings him down.

walkingaway, his most famous anti-gay remarks are in the link at the bottom of the post. It's clear he's not only homophobic but literally phobic somebody might think he's gay. How pathetic.

Bellwhether, we agree, he's beyond changing.

Gary, it is sad. Especially if he's seen as a role model by, not children, adults.

Lea, perfect summation: "A bigoted, entitled mess."

Silkstone, his first wife had to have known his belief systems and his father's, so the whole marriage makes me wonder about her. Especially after he gave a interview saying he feared for her soul because she wasn't Catholic.
It's nice to see a white-hot flaming asshole exposed once and for all as being the hideously-maladjusted creep that he is. I sincerely hope that these revelations tank his career if that hasn't already happened. (I just read on that his talent agency has dropped him).

Having said that, I feel sorry for his ex-partner and his child.

Worst thing is, this is merely one high-profile instance of an all-too common situation for many women, one which still often gets mishandled by authorities.
Abrawang, he's had too many gigantic slices of "help" after past episodes. Clearly he's learned little and doesn't care.

Amanda, you got caught in the cross-posting! I understand patricia's kind heart, in this case I just can't be that forgiving.

irish, I said much of this to Emma, any white celeb caught using the N-word is news. That, plus the juicy profanity and shades of domestic violence in a repeat offender of very bad behavior are the ingredients for BIG NEWS. Tiger had serial sex, the world's news cycles went ballistic. This is much worse.

vzn, you might be right, but this is a real story. Threats, abuse, bigotry by someone with international fame... a major bully pulpit.

Bill, thank you. You and Dr Steve honed in on what might be the real issue... the man has lost his mental compass. For sure he has serious anger issues.

Steve, you do have to wonder when you hear those tapes. I'll quote you, doctor, because to the daughter of a shrink it rings all too true... "This is sociopathic derangement. This is unbridled criminality. This man needs a shot of Haldol and a prison cell. Stunning."

stuart, he might be on something, or Off something.

l'Heure, girls and women always go for the Bad Boys. Mel is far beyond that now.
"Racist Rehab" - You may have given Mel's public relations staff (those that haven't quit) an idea to get Mel off the hook one more time.
I neglected to mention that my comment was based upon a rather frightening conversation he'd had with his ex-wife:
Well-said. I'm glad to see the sane coming out of the woodwork and flushing this turd.
tanya, of course we don't know the whole story but we know enough to find Years of an established public pattern of Mel devolving interesting. I'm not at all agnostic when it comes to public figures breaking moral and legal laws.

Greg, praise from you, the King of Mohonk, is sweet music. And I get the alcoholic issue. But he was apparently sober on these tapes and in many other obscenely bigoted interviews. As I said in my piece, and it bears repeating, "Anti-Semitism and racism don't disappear with anger management or a sobriety medal. Bigotry comes from inside a person, not a bottle."

RON, I find your view simplistic in the extreme. We all have issues and various degrees of "sin." But we're not public figures who demand special treatment, perks, adoration. Those who cash in on celebrity and use it to advance personal ideologies open themselves to public scrutiny.

Lezlie, let's collect pejoratives. I still go with Freaky's ... asshat.

Robert, now there's a real page-turner. Jeez.

Progressive, you don't want to get into it with me on Jesse Jackson. I've known him for years, worked with and for him. My biggest issue with him is not offering the help because he was too busy with LeBron James.

mginmn, I agree with you but could you please buy another vowel. Your name is hard!
the fuddler, I'd be happy if this spotlight on Mel cast harsh light on the epidemic of domestic violence around the world.

Seer, what I just said above. If keeping his horrendous behavior in the news shines brighter light on the plight of the abused, it's worth giving him coverage.

littlewillie, if only there were Racist Rehab that worked.

John L, this girl often comes out of the woodwork to inject some Sane. Glad you approve.
the fuddler, both audio tapes are linked at the top of the piece. Each sick and scary as hell.
I listened to the tape; it was ugly and horrific. Mel is a frothing at the mouth lunatic. He scares the crap out of me.
Catherine! I meant to get back to you on such a solid, valid point. He'd already be in handcuffs if he weren't a celeb. Shameful.

Okay, my own little survey, just curiosity: 51 individual commenters (not counting doubles), 34 ratings. This happens to me a lot. I'd like to think you get to the end and are so amped up you just gotta comment. And then forget to rate. So I'd like to think that. Just sayin...
the worst (really) part of all this is that this asshat has kids who will grow up learning what *their* dad taught them and probably believing he doesn't lie either.

congrats on the EP, sally. good rant and so justified.
In the hatch of my 1986 Saab 900 sits a work of art. It has been there for less than a day. I have yet to decide on the where, what and how of when this art will leave my possesion.
A collectible/vintage shop shuttered its' doors and at 11 pm as I was driving past i noticed some friends loading bookcases and junk from the shop. They flagged me over and told me the owner went out of business and he loaded up all the stuff/art he wanted and that anything left was open to anyone. I filled up a box of cool shit and was ready to leave when I noticed a picture high on ht dusty shelves. It was from the eighties, black and white , air brushed artistry that scremedmof Venice Beach dilletente art. It was Mel, Looking so lethal in all his air-brushed glory, his hair a testament to the era.
Mel Gibson rides with me these days. A four by three foot bobbled headed jesus screaming at all those Jews from the hatch.
I've read enough about Mel Gibson for years to be aware that he is a toxic creep; he is among a few other actors that I would never support with my entertainment dollars.

However, the thing I find the most disturbing about all this is how many people are ready to defend him or decide to look the other way and continue to support his career. That other actors stand up for him is truly shocking and that he still has fans who are willing to overlook his behavior and words is appalling.

The only thing we can do about this monster is to speak out and to bring his career to a halt by starving it.
Mel Gibson:

An American male role model for all eternity.
Very well written, Sally, as always.

Whenever I read of Mel Gibson in the news, I always end up barfing a bit in my mouth. This is no exception. He is a walking pile of excrement secreted from a man built on hate. Why do people keep forgiving him.
I remember there was this beautiful young man who starred in "The Year of Living Dangerously." He seems to be MIA. Sad.
I'm afraid of hijacking your post but this seems like it should be mentioned:

I read off to Strictly Platonic Male Friend Dennis what occurred and played the tape. Dennis's immediate response was that this woman was clearly setting him up.

We've been having an argument about this ever since.

I admit I don't know Oksana's reason for taping Gibson. It could simply be that she felt she needed the world to know what Gibson was doing. It could be that the police gave her a recorder should Gibson call - or maybe she was wanting to blackmail him.

The truth is, I don't care what her reasoning was. I don't see how "You look like a fucking bitch in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n*gg*rs, it will be your fault," could be misinterpreted - especially by someone who has a history of making bigoted remarks.

It hits very close to home that this is how the defense for Gibson is being framed - in my home. I'm sickened by it. I'm also saddened by it.
Good rant, Sally. Every bit of it. I wouldn't change a word. I would add, however, that "The Year of Living Dangerously" has vanished from my list of all-time favorite films.
He really turns my stomach.

Thanks for your excellent post. (Had to put a space between the two sentences - they each create polar-opposite feelings.)
I heard he's using the Flip Wilson defense this time around, "The Devil made me do it!"
He is responsible for his actions, as we all are, despite alcoholism or mental illness or family background. We can and should deal with those issues, but never use them to justify destructive actions.
mel gibson is just an actor. he doesn't make public policy. it'd be nice to see this fire and ire against public policy officials such as local and national policymakers. vote them out of office with the same amount of disgust and anger. maybe then i'd buy the display.
Hey Miss Sally!

I think Mel is just misunderstood. ~~snort~~

Seriously though, my father was like Gibson without the religion, so I know first hand what a father can do to twist your mind. My old man wasn't a bigot though, he hated everyone equally. I also know that you don't have to believe all that crap as an adult. As an adult you are allowed to make up your own mind about such things and for Gibson to throw it off on his old man is just plain bullshizit.

I hope this latest incident will help protect his soon to be ex-wife before we have to sit through another whacked out Hollywood murder trial. I don't think I'm up to that right now with everything else that is going on in the world.
Excuse me. People are not maggots. We are all subject to the vagaries of belief. Just because yours seems more rationale does not at all make it so. Perhaps less shameful and humiliating, but each and every ego must be wrassled to the mat before giving up its ridiculous ghost. Mel is just possessed of a raging ego, which makes him the most unfortunate specimen of a human unbecoming.

Subject, not object folks! Remember how it feels to be treated like a thing, and how does that actually help?

Except to give you the opportunity to relish turning another human being into an object for your perfectly rational scorn. Which is the exact same thing he does, to which you so loudly and crudely object?

wake up! Stop this cycle of VIOLENCE, if you don't like war.
What a rant! He's "unforgivable" and "a maggot" - no "lower than a maggot." And so forth. Anti-semitism is at least as bad as racism (but, it appears, semite kvetching is acceptable where non-semite is not)

So - I read all the way to the end. All the fragments of quotes and rant and yuck. All the raised eyebrow, lowered voice condemnations of ... what? Gibson? Anti-semites? People who just don't care? Two things stuck out - the obvious hoping that people would pile on with attagirls and so forth. And "dog bites man."

The guy is well known as a pig. A non-thinking, rabid pig who thinks he's king and that his shit doesn't stink. Which means this story is akin to yet another story about Britney Spears cutting her hair or Lindsey Lohan going to court. Which means it's not really "dog bites man." It's "dog shits on man's rug for the tenth time in a year and it smells really bad and someone has to clean it up and I hate dogs who do that but then there's no hope of teaching a dog not to do that unless the training starts really young and ...." Who cares? About Gibson, I mean? Or about yet another story about Gibson the loser?
Sal, ALL your posts are wonderful, some more wonderful than others. This one rates an big gold A+! And btw, I figured out what MG's lethal weapon is: his mouth!
Sally, you thrash old Gibson within an inch of his life for his open anti-Semitism, and by all means go for it if this modern version of the "two minute hate" floats your boat, but I hear far worse statements about Islam EVERY DAY from people who wield actual power and influence. ("Islam is a religion of hate" etc. etc., yadda yadda.) Where's the outrage about that? Particularly since we (and not some historic Nazis or present-day caricatures of Palestinians) are actually killing Muslims every day of the week as part of a trumped up "Long War" to control their resources. Sure Gibson is a slug who deserves all the salt you can sprinkle on his back, but he's an irrelevant slug, and I can't help but think your outrage is just a wee bit slanted. In any case, if Mel really does feel this way, don't you refind it refreshing that he actually states his hateful views openly rather than merely play "nice" for the cameras like everyone else?
Mel Gibson's conduct speaks volumes about (among other things) the sincerety, validity and relevance of his religious convictions.
Um...Alan...this post is about Mel Gibson. That's why we're not bitching about other people's bigotry here. It's called "sticking to the subject," and sensible adults don't consider it hypocritical or "slanted." This moment is not the whole of history, and this post is not the whole of its author's thoughts or work.
All I can say is that I wish I could use my strike throughs on the vile words that come out of this man's mouth.
"There is no salvation for those outside the Church.”

If Mel's gonna be there, count me out.
...and Alan, that's called a "non sequiter." It's a basic logical fallacy.
... those who are anti-Catholic? Here on OS I find it is extremely common and acceptable and I find that offensive. Does that bother you at all....the anti-Catholicism on OpenSalon?

I gotta say - you don't choose to be black or Jewish or female or gay. You choose to be catholic. Not the same thing.

As for Gibson - he sounds like my ex-husband and my mother. Except they don't need to be alcohol fueled. I couldn't listen to the whole tape and my stomach is still churning from the part I did hear.

What's lower than a maggot? Snake shit? Slug slime?

Well said, Sally.
Mel Gibson is definitely gross, and if he were a family member or acquaintance he would not be a part of my life. Having said that, he's just an obnoxious, filthy, arrogant old man and like someone else said - his diatribes are pretty irrelevant. I don't think anyone is getting in line behind Mel Gibson to support his views or behavior.

As a previous poster already pointed out, Mel Gibson has long been a member of a private sect that refers to itself as "traditionalist Catholic" but in actually is what the RCC calls, "sedevacantist" (meaning that they do not recognize any legitimate Pope since Pius XII.) Sedavacantists are considered heretics within the RCC. Hutton Gibson, Mel's father, is also a sedavacantist (as well as a nutcase...)

Anyway, all this to say - indeed Mel is almost certainly everything that the original post says he is. Racist, anti-Semitic, misogynist, and generally just a nasty person. He's also a huge hypocrite (sorry, but Catholics - even "traditionalist Catholics" - don't divorce their wives and make babies with new girlfriends and then proceed to behave deplorably toward said baby mamas.) Let's let him and his attitude fade into the sunset! And unless he undergoes a total and true metamorphosis of the heart and mind, good riddance!
Apparently, Gibson would feel right at home living in Coeur d'Alene Idaho sporting a Nazi uniform and a shaved head.

"But Goldberg countered, "I don’t like what he did here but I know Me and I know he’s not a racist" From "The View"

What is it about Hollywood that makes the insiders defend one another and their abhorrent behavior? Mel Gibson, Roman Polanksi.....
Thank you, Sally. I have loathed him forever -- just disliked his whole act. When I found out, many years ago, about his appalling father (I am Catholic, and his bigotry makes me cringe -- our lunatic fringe is like no other in its savagery and idiocy), I thought that someday Mel would have a reckoning with his roots. But it took the destruction of his much-vaunted "good looks" and his alcoholism to reveal the man in all his sickness and cruelty. And on top of everything else, I hate his acting -- what a big slice of ham! Don't believe me? Check out "his" "Hamlet." Everyone in it is just fine, except the Prince of Denmark himself. Goodbye and good riddance -- and good luck to his estranged girlfriend in getting full custody of her daughter.
I went to listen to him first hand and I have to say some of the comments were as misogynistic as his. That said, Ole Mel seems to show the symptoms of mental illness or at least a personality disorder. He shows signs of being a dangerous narcissist. You can get away with that for years if you are getting what you want in life, but when someone says no, no matter how gently or quietly, I comes out full blown rage. He needs medical attention and his women and children need strong protection from him.
Candace, you noted the most important consequence of all, which I'm ashamed to say I failed to mention: the fallout on his kids. How far will the apples fall from the tree?

mr Fawkes, take a picture for us, please!

Suzn, it very much bothers me that actors I thought sane and rational would defend him even now. Does he still have that much power in films? The only reason, unless they agree with his bigotry.

lefty, you're right, in many ways he represents the Majority.

RenLady, I've never liked him. Something always seemed not 'true' even in character. As I understand, Oksana started taping on advice of counsel because of Gibson's previous violence and new threats against her... they are in a custody battle.

Renee, that's where you and I differ. He never fully inhabited his roles, something cocky and sleazy always came through.. at least to me.

ladyslipper, what I just said to Renee. I've never liked Mel Gibson in any role, because I couldn't bring myself to like the person.

Inquisitive, that's at the heart of my thesis here. He's a fully formed adult who's even had the benefit of various rehab programs and supposed sensitivity training... which clearly changed nothing.
Mel, Thank you for adding evidence to my case.

We reward, celebrate, and pay huge money to the wrong people.

This is a bizarro world...
Truth Quest, I have no idea what point you're trying to make but you've certainly made it rudely.

myn, stomach turning fits nicely right here. :)

Graham, does his version of Catholicism believe in the Devil?

Patrick, my point exactly: "...never use them to justify destructive actions"

Tichaona, I strongly decry the actions of those public officials who betray their constituents and the country. The sad reality is that celebrities often carry more weight in the public consciousness than elected leaders. No high horses, please. We're all responsible for our actions.

Michael, I'm sorry about your dad but clearly the apple fell FAR from the tree with a mind of its own. Good on you.

mary nash-pyott, sorry, but too much self-righteousness in blaming us for logical disgust over the repeated horrendous behaviors of Mel Gibson. You say it's "just" his ego, I say it's a small part of a bigger picture not only within him... his celebrity gives him a bully pulpit to say things too many Americans think. It also gives him no cover.

HBC, "Anti-semitism is at least as bad as racism (but, it appears, semite kvetching is acceptable where non-semite is not)" ... you didn't really just say that? Please don't comment here again.

Judy, jackpot! "I figured out what MG's lethal weapon is: his mouth!"
Alan, no, I don't find it "refreshing" that Mel states his views openly, I find it troubling that he said the worst of them in supposed privacy, which is what far too many say --and possibly act on-- every day. motherwell took care of the rest of my reply.

motherwell, thank you. I can't imagine a sincere believer would be comfortable with such hatred in the guise of religion.

O'R, this is the one place I'd *welcome* your strikethroughs with open eyes!

digitalzen, I think you're safe.

nerd cred, I'm sorry for what you endured. That's the worse part, what it does to others.

DiamondsandRust, the problem is that people Are getting in line to support him and say he needs "help." His bigotry, racism, misogyny, violence against women (possibly children) all need to be exposed and characterized as unacceptable, maybe criminal, especially to those who want to emulate him.

Boomer Bob, you say a mouthful here, "What is it about Hollywood that makes the insiders defend one another and their abhorrent behavior? Mel Gibson, Roman Polanksi....." I am clueless, maybe it's about power.

Pandora, I hope Oksana gets custody over Mel but his women worry me too. They knew, probably better than we, the depths of his depraved views and still they chose him. Wow, money and power are incredibly seductive.

demigoddess, I believe it's some form of mental illness too. Trouble is, celebrities can behave in all kinds of ways that appear to be merely 'eccentric' when any minute someone could snap. As Mel did.

Jay, it is a bizarro world when the worst make all the money which gives them power. It worries me that Mel's millions could be going to causes that support more hate.
I'm saying that prejudices don't just arise from nothing. There are levels of truth surrounding them, and when the truths surrounding the prejudices have changed or disappeared...then the prejudice will disappear.

So if someone has a prejudice, that must mean there's some truth to it somewhere? Sorry, skippy, it doesn't work that way. Ever heard of these things called "lies?" Ever heard of "mistaken beliefs?" They're common outside your naive little bubble-verse, and very often lead people to believe things that were NEVER true. You know, things like "The Jews are responsible for most of the world's wars."

(Why is it that people who give themselves names like "Truth Quest" invariably turn out to be closed-minded loonies or morons?)
You had me until you equated anti-Israel sentiment with anti-Jewish sentiment. Then, your argument pretty much went right out the window.

Mel Gibson is a nasty piece of work, but it should not be surprising that many in Hollywood seem to be standing by him. Many in Hollywood have stood by Roman Polanski, despite the fact that he is a child rapist. I don't know how to read this, other than these people seem to stick by their friends, regardless of what their friends do.

Actually, that's a pretty ironic comment, when put in the context of American support for Israel.
People in Hollywood do and say all sorts of strange things. If you removed from Hollywood all of the actors and directors who are alcoholics, druggies, adulterers, religious goofballs, etc., there would be few left. Even people who seem to be intelligent go off the deep end. For example, Woody Allen had an affair with his lover's adopted daughter, a girl 35 years younger than he. As Woody Allen's son noted, when Allen married his son's adopted sister, it made his son both his son and his brother-in-law, a situation that the son described as a "moral transgression" so severe that he refused to see his father after that.

You say Gibson made "perhaps the most anti-Semitic movie in history." I saw the movie, and I thought he had made perhaps the most boring movie in history. The character of Jesus in the movie is so boring that it's difficult to understand why anyone would bother with him. The only interesting people in the movie are the Romans. When you're watching a "Jesus movie," and find yourself rooting for Pontius Pilate, something has gone terribly wrong.

And what happened after "the most anti-Semitic movie in history" was released? Nothing. No synagogues burnt down, no Jews sent to concentration camps. The Christians were predictably edified, the liberals were predictably outraged, and then everybody went to the movies next week and ate popcorn.

You write: "Bigotry, hatred, sexism and racism are still the slippery slope to discrimination, anarchy, intifadas, wars ... the decay of civilization. Not to mention civilized discourse."

The vast majority of people don't care what Gibson says. They do not look to his drunken (or sober) pronouncements for moral guidance. In general, people do not look to Hollywood entertainers for personal or moral guidance. If anything, the opposite is true.

The bottom line for me is that I don't get the point of this post. So Mel Gibson is a terrible person. Now what?
I DID stick to the facts, Truthiness-Boy -- specifically, the observable fact that some prejudices really have no foundation in reality. So no, your original point does not stand, except as an example of your complete inability to understand how real people function.

Oh, and then there's this big brown gem of win:

Because of the Jewish transition of MTV and the culture into rap/baggy pants, hang out on the corner and sell crack and drugs iconic lifestyle they sold...many African American males have been locked up in large quantities and self-perpetuate a lifestyle based on violence, misogyny, drugs, and glamorization of empty frivolous large amounts of money, cars, women, and gold.

Excuse me, dumbass, but black communities were plagued with drugs, lawlessness and chaos LOOONG before eMpTV even existed. Blaming Jews (in or out of eMpTV) for this is all the proof we need that you're nothing but a stupid bigot with zero understanding of the real world.
The bottom line for me, mishima, is that I don't get the point of your response. So you just spent a lot of time telling us that Mel Gibson's insanity isn't worth your time. Now what?
Why reward such a creature with the recognition of a written comment? It only energizes the defenders of bigotry.

The best punishment is to ignore him. Totally ignore him. The lack of any kind of recognition or engagement is the ultimate expression of contempt.

Outrage is dessert for the twisted.

Best move, ignore him without comment.
...but it was the Jews who capitalized on it.

That's not what you originally said. You changed your story because you knew it had been debunked. You're not worth any further comment. Go to bed.
Gibson is beneath contempt, if such a thing is possible. Anyone who would disagree is as bad.

However, opposing the policies of the Israeli government does not make one "anti-Semitic." I oppose the US invasion of Iran and Afghanistan; that doesn't make me anti-American: it just makes me sorry to see my native country not living up to the ideals on which I was taught it was founded. I oppose Canada's present Conservative government & many of its policies--including Afghanistan--but that doesn't make me anti-Canadian: it just makes me regret that my government is not living up to the ideals my country of residence has embodied at its best. The British government did some pretty terrible things to my Irish ancestors; that I think so doesn't make me anti-British--in fact, I enjoyed living there for two years and was sorry to leave. Northern Irish Protestants also did some pretty terrible things to my Irish Catholic ancestors; that I believe so doesn't make me anti-Protestant: in fact, I left the Catholic Church and became an Anglican.
Wow. Late to the post and the comments. I'm determined to focus on the positive people in the world, like the Walmart greeter (see Steve Blevins's "Why I'm Happy"). This man is not worth our energy or attention anymore.
My my isn't Mel a terrible man? Yes, a very troubled and terrible person - BUT isn't it wonderful for us to be able to be exceedingly judgemental and mean. Whoopee! What fun. Judge not that ye be not judged. Love one another! Please keep your bad behavior to your selves.
In addition to the N-word which Mel spouted, African-Americans have been reduced to sub-human dregs for years. Unlike one of your readers, I appreciate maggot for Mel - by word choice alone, he's aptly demonstrated what a despicable person he is.
I tossed this guy after that last incident. When Dot 1 wanted to see his latest tough guy flick I said No, and showed her why.

He's persona non grata for us, has been for awhile. (Hell, I didn't like him way back when, when that brouhaha about PotC broke out.) Maybe that'll happen in Hollywood too. [A girl can dream]
At this point the only thing that interests me about Mel Gibson is why he's so angry. To be filled with so much hate when he has had a life of opportunity and phenomenal success seems odd. Or he's just a flaming asshole.
"If there's any justice in his professed hyper-Catholic beliefs, someday he will be made to pay."

Theoretically,well,yeah. Jesus was not a Catholic. With that in mind, I would have to suppose that Mel is entirely phony as to, "his beliefs".
After his drunk driving incident and apologies, I thought a good sincerity test would have been for someone to ask him, "So, do you really think that Jews are responsible for starting all wars? If that is not your view, then what would you say to people who do have that opinion to try to convince them otherwise?"
How 'bout "pimple on a maggot's ass?"

I can't believe that with all there is to read online, I just HAD to go read every horrible thing Mel Gibson has said.

What does that say about me?

Well, actually, all it says is I'm easily distracted. Came on to see you you were doing, Sal, and the rest is... What EVER.

PS I'd like to show Mel my one-inch Kung Fu punch. Up close, of course.
And just as low is Oliver Stone. His Holocaust-Denying remarks were just nothing to most of the Left. And he was sober!

His saying that HITLER, HITLER was a scapegoat and his giving a pass to the mass murderer, Stalin.

Stone also lower than a maggot.

I sure wish a few more people would get worked up about him, Stone, as well.