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June 14
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MARCH 11, 2011 3:13PM

Animal Magic, Mood Elevation

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  cold kitty

It's been a long, hard winter. Many of us under the weather or beset by the weather. Feeling blue. Disappointed. Out of work. Out of sorts. Grumpy. Angry. Alone. We could use a little inspiration. A smile or two. Doggone-it, enough with the cat-fights, we need some comfort!

It's time for the healing powers of animal magnetism. And love.

Our animals love us without reservation. They don't care about our income, job title, politics, religion, relationship status or appearance. And they often have the uncanny ability to mirror exactly how we feel.

So I invited some animal friends for Show and Tell. I bet you can relate. Draw some comfort, a few giggles, a soft awww, a tiny bit of perspective.

And I'd love to know: Which one are you?

Overworked and fed up...

dog laptop


Or facing huge challenges...

  cat and dogs


 Mad as hell and not gonna take it any more...

bad mood


Or just plain exhausted...

tired kitty

 Really could use a hug...

bear hug


Or help from a higher power...

praying pussy


Feeling sad (guilty?)... 

sorry pup


Or in need of guilty pleasures...

puppy porn


Craving some warmth... 

cool bunnie


Or, well, more personal comfort...

pacifier pup


Need private time with that special someone...



Want to hang out with the chicks...



Or, hey, just want to chill...



Though even the coolest do dumb things...

bird smoke

And still laugh all the way to the bank... 

happy cat

  "I've got tiger blood."


Let's remember, the rest of us are all in this together... 

cat pals


Most important, our differences aren't so great...

dog and piggie


And Spring is just around the corner. 

dog, cat, flowers


So let's get back to work!

cat laptop




Unless otherwise indicated, images from,, and my sister Judy


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What a delightful, adorable post, Sally ! They are all so, so sweet, I cannot decide which one I am. I definitely can go for a hang out with the chicks, though.
Oops, I was feeling so mellow after this that I forgot to give it an animal bump. Thanks, Fusun.
awwww, sally. a bunch of cuddly creatures for friday. i like the kitten asleep in the food dish. i've done that. good thing no photographers were around. ;;
Awwww! I think that last cat on the laptop could be my first wife. . . . .
I am far from the coolest but I do the dumbest things.
rated with hugs
I don't want to love these kinds of things...but I do! I admit I'm especially taken with the ticked-off cat; I guess that's how I can retain my "edge" while secretly enjoying these images.
Not caring about income? Our kitties examine the grocery list to make sure the cat food budget isn't being cut.
Candy, I can't imagine you asleep in a food dish, you'd be too busy gardening!

Roger, ouch. And ha!

Linda, there's no way you're dumb like Charlie. If I could have found a sexy cat with attitude, that would be you.

Holly, so glad you enjoyed, hope Keith got a laugh too. Nice to be missed... I've missed you too.

Nikki, not my usual thing, but we all need a little awww occasionally, just for balance. I'm a cat person, but that sad/guilty puppy just melts my heart.
I would rate this ten times if I could. I needed this today! THANKYOU!! I'm either overwhelmed or in need of a higher power at the moment.
I'll hang with Fusun and the other cute n' soft birds...
It's a gloomy day, this was good, thanks Sally.
Sally, this is so great! You have inspired me to respond with a post...! xox
Stim, our cat will only eat one certain brand. Literally. She'd starve if we didn't get it. Of course she's 18 years old and set in her ways.

mginmn, leave it to our animal friends to give us some joy and peace.

l'Heure, I'm the chick with the skinny legs.

Robin, I'm on my way on little cat's feet. heh
One big AWWWWWWW! I love the puppy with the binky. ~r
How cute! I'm definitely the super cool bunny looking for some warmth today. Our early spring has changed its mind!
Just perfect for a Friday to see all these cute and funny shots!
Joan, no surprise, that's my fave too.

Lezlie, I hope you stay a super cool bunny through Easter.

Just Thinking, I hope more folks will derive a little pleasure from this all weekend... who couldn't use an awwww these days?
That first picture at the very top looks to be one of Tink's baby pictures. He sure was a cute little rascal.
Max the 28# Cat is literally bogging down my typing arm, and he gave a sigh on one or two of these. He did dispute ducklings v chicks. He says he knows a chick when he sees one and that's no chicK! Me, I liked 'em all.
I needed some aww time and thankfully there you were!
One winter on another blog site morale was so far down I used several of these to host a "caption this" contest. Got some hilarious responses! Love it.
Aww, cuteness overload! Eeeee! :)

Great job Sally! The author's captions add all the pizzazz to the cute animal shots.
Love the animals, especially in times of trouble. Feel good, Sally.
"Mad as hell" is a great shot, and I want to know where someone found all those German Shepherds for "facing huge challenges"
Epic levels of adorableness, and lots of work on your behalf to achieve such a cheering post.Thanks, Sally.
Matt, you're so right, that's definitely Tink!

Gabby, I mistook ducklings for chicks? Seriously? Please don't tell PETA. It was just an honest mistake.

Lunchlady, always happy to be here.

Satori, please give us your captions. I had some in my head but decided to go the "there, there" route.

Lady, you're right, in the light of day, it's Cute Overshare.

Kellylark, you always make me feel better, even when I'm trying to do the same for others.

Lea, I seriously considered borrowing that perfect shot of Sweetie at the Thanksgiving table.

ksal, from what I can gather, it was literally a serendipitous pic snapped by a local cop... was in a FL newspaper.

fernsy, I needed an epic challenge requiring more right brain than left (or is it the other way around?)
A welcome respite from the onslaught!! rated~
See, this is why I have to visit lol cats & dogs just about every day - where I've seen at least a few of these pictures. (Typing around a bossy little tortie cat standing on my lap again.)
SO cute! Now,why won't any of MY animals pose like that!! :-)
Susie, happy to provide all the respite I can.

nerd cred, none of these came from lolcats because they usually have their own captions, but a lot of duplicates floating around. Our 18 yr old Calico doesn't care much for my computer, is old fashioned enough to prefer lying down on any newspaper my hub's trying to read.

Trilby, our cat prays like the one shown here, usually when I'm cooking. Still, it's a little odd because we Jews pray bent over...

lschmoopie, if I can manage a post as cute as your name, I've got it made. :)