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"All change has to start with someone, somewhere, doing something differently and others observing the results and choosing to follow suit. What influence anything may ultimately have, is not predictable, but what is predictable, is that acting on the intention to do so, will always be a cause which initiates every change that will ever occur, no matter how large and immutable the existing paradigm and the attitudes which support it may appear to be. Everything is a choice."


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DECEMBER 31, 2011 4:21PM

The Choice A New Year Brings

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Enlighten your dreams, enliven your day
This world which is yours has but one thing to say
Either get with the program, admit the real truths
About who you are,and what you fear to lose
Or losing will live on, while you slowly die
It’s only you who can reach for your piece of the pie

If people discovered the fears and the pain
That you carry with you, along with the blame
What would they reject, what would they embrace?
When you look in the mirror, do you see your own face?
Or some glued on mask that you struggle to keep
The face in the mirror, while the real you still sleeps

Take it down to the sea at full moon’s high tide
Lay it out on the sand and bare what’s inside
Never has hiding in the prison within
Made anyone greater or helped anyone win
Kill the self made delusion, the plastic facade
That keeps you from living, this sad ego-made god

Now the years dwindle down and the past can’t be changed
But you have the power to free the life which remains
To empower the passions which yearn to be freed
To share your life blissfully while you spread your heart’s seed
Envision wonders created once your passion’s released
And the bounty of love shared when you find freedom’s peace

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LOVE THIS! Happy New Year to you!!
Thank you, Michelle. May the New Year be one rich in bounties for you.
The same to you, Torrito and thanks for the kind assessment.
I liked your last one much better!
Thanks Sky, fortunately it's there to be re-read at will! ;). You might also like to check out your other comment regarding the debt calculation and the "new math". Happy New Year!