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"All change has to start with someone, somewhere, doing something differently and others observing the results and choosing to follow suit. What influence anything may ultimately have, is not predictable, but what is predictable, is that acting on the intention to do so, will always be a cause which initiates every change that will ever occur, no matter how large and immutable the existing paradigm and the attitudes which support it may appear to be. Everything is a choice."


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JANUARY 10, 2012 2:02PM


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I became aware of this video through David Brin's blog and felt it is so important, that having shared it through FB and my mailing list, I should just add to the potential for others to see it here:

It isn't temporary, or fleeting, or short (John Williams of the Fed "Unemployment is still shockingly high") This video says some very important things. PLEASE SHARE IT.

"American Exceptionalism" - the idea we are different born from 150 years of a rising standard of living. That ended in the 1970's (Leo Hindrey says 1967) when REAL WAGES STOPPED RISING - but where did the money go, and why and what can be done?

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Pardon my first video embedding effort, but the link should work. When I went to Youtube and searched the title, I was amazed at how few hits this had. It should be (at least on one version or another) MILLIONS! Please Make It So!
I've watched it twice and don't see that it is any more than the usual (well... differently said but the same message) socialist rant about "the workers should manage the businesses" that employ them.

The example he uses of this being done - engineers starting their own company - is not one that most "workers" are in a position to do. Nor have they ever been. Management has distinct functions to serve. Those functions, just like the functions of the workers, require special skill sets. Managers usually don't have the skills to replace the workers and workers don't usually have the skills to replace management.

I've heard it said that Japanese companies have 50% of their board of directors made up of workers. Since workers in most Japanese companies accept company shares as part of their income package, this makes much good sense.

It's time we all realized that labour and management are opposite sides of the SAME COIN!! A less confrontational manner - by both sides - would serve them all well. Where one side of that coin goes, there too goes the other.
While it may be said that those two groups (workers and managers) don't have the same skill sets, it's hardly unreasonable to assume that precludes workers from being able to discern what their interests may be in the decision making process, something which it's been shown can be effective once they gain the experience of living with the outcome. Nucor Steel is one example of a company operated that way (they recycle steel into new products and last time I checked, were doing quite well, both workers, managers and shareholders).

I think the video is worthy for several reasons:
It tells the tale of what's happened (and may be happening, although it's done in 2010) very clearly. Not everyone is as appraiseed of these issues as people who blog on OS and even for those who may be, the condensation of these events into something quite palatable is worthwhile. I know people are overwhelmed by much of what they hear (and are spun by) but these facts must not be lost in the din.

Secondly, in as much as you (and I) would desire to see a new paradigm arise which bypasses this corrupted system, whether or not Prof Wolf's example of Silicon Valley entreprenurs is relevent, doesn't really concern me so much as the impactfulness of understanding that something different, has to be created. Reality will impose it's self on whatever one tries, but given the known evils, it's more important (I think) to inspire people through the understanding of what they have been dealing with, that their choice is the repetition of that, or the risk of something new.

This process of change is not going to happen overnight and it's not going to be embraced large-scale in this country. In order to educate, motivate and support such efforts, I believe one has to do all things possible to make people aware and open to the most difficult of all human transformations: Moving from what you believed lets you survive, no matter how dismal the results often are, to something new, which you can't possibly know will allow you to survive, until you try it.

That's why I think this video is important, as a tool in endeavoring to bridge this paradigm shift. Remember, if the world agreed with our take on it already, this never would have happened. Anything I believe can nudge people into greater awareness seems to make sense, as a shift like that does not come easy.
marx is laughing in his grave. or cringing.
and it took us 40yrs to notice it? hot damn.... humans are stupid....
Lots of good sense in that......
@vzn "hot damn... humans are stupid..." - Most, yes, but even the ones who are otherwise intelligent can be motivated / manipulated by punching the right buttons of survival (although they don't see it that way - they think they're being sooooo damn smart at the time).

Believe me, plenty of people (including yours truly) saw through the specious construction of consumer-driven capitalism and speculating on things which should never have been speculated on (if you could do math and understood a simple thing called exponentials). But the need to believe in Santa drowned people like myself out.

You'd have not believed the hostility one would encounter pointing out the obvious. Then again, you seem pretty sharp, you've probably already encounted that plenty of times. The issue isn't how stupid people are, but is there a modality to modify their lizard brain's response, or raise conciousness to the point where better adaptations are possible?

Thanks for stopping by.
yeah capitalism part II...the empire strikes back.... coming soon to a theatre near you.
Just want to show my gratitude for directing me to this fascinating link. R
Thanks for the "R" and you're most welcome, Thoth.
ps thx for link