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JANUARY 18, 2012 2:43PM

Which Pill Will It Be Mr. Anderson? New 'Net Monitoring Bill

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It would be foolish to believe that there’s anything which is accessible which isn’t being monitored and in one form or another, or that it hasn’t been going on for as long as they’ve been able to do it, with brief interruptions, due only to their lagging behind in the technology needed.

For awhile, the internet couldn’t be monitored but re-piping all of it to split off the fiber to the NSA took care of that. If you don’t want them to monitor you, don’t use anything electronic at all, or encrypt, which will immediately bring you to the top of the interest list and whether or not they can’t already break any encryption out there, is a guess.

So which pill will it be, Mr. Anderson?… The “I believe there’s privacy and will act as if I have it” or, the “I know it’s been an illusion for a long, long time and will live free and without fear, knowing fear is what they want to instill in order to inhibit resistance.”?

The choice is yours, Mr. Anderson…

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Privacy has been an illusion for a long time, all in favor of protecting the system. R
In the 70's, during the Vietnam protests, friends who'd obtained security clearances warned me that the surveillance going on gave the government full knowledge of "what I was having for breakfast". Years later, others who obtained top secret clearances said that they were introduced to dossiers of events in their lives. They couldn't fathom the method of collection, but they were there. That was done as a warning - We will know. Deemed useful and
necessary (and obviously not a threat) they received their clearances and worked under them for years.

What isn't generally realized and will never be acknowledged (unless it suits some purpose they perceive of) is how widely sweeping the surveillance has been, increasing with every method of electronic communication, satellite observation and who knows what other means. Some of the methods I've seen are seeming sci-fi, but today, most of us are simply volunteering to provide it. Check out the latest Brookings Institute study: Recording Everything: Digital Storage as an Enabler of Authoritarian Governments
We have a major NSA listening station in New Zealand at Waihope spy base. We read emails and listen to cellphone calls for the entire South Pacific and South East Asia. The New Zealand parliament has never authorized any of this. There's no constitution here. So a lot of this stuff just happens.
Yes, Dr. Bramhill, and I'm sure it's probably one of as many as are needed. With a Black Budget of hundreds of billions of dollars over the years, both the research into methods of achieving this and the ability to fund the devices and facilities to do it, are certainly not hard to imagine achieving.

While most Americans would probably respond that this started under Bush after 9/11, 60 Minutes reported on it and said it had been going on for most of the previous decade under Clinton:

I found rich irony in this story on ABC about the Bush era: as Sen Jay Rockefeller expressed his dismay, calling it "extremely disturbing".

Why do I find it ironic? Because it was reported with good credibility that Gov Nelson Rockefeller, perhaps as a precursor of things to come as he hoped to be elected President, had employed the computer system of the NY State Police (with it's infamous "Red Squad" which employed "Tommy the Traveler" to set fires on State University of NY Campuses so that the police could invade the offices of anti-war organizations with the fire department and seize documents) to compile records on a reported 35 Million people - Twice the population of NY State!.

There was an incident which took place at a private university in NY which had a Rockefeller family affiliation of which I have intimate knowledge. It was a complete set-up which they coordinated, designed to "draw out" anti-war and leftist sympathizers who might be a bit too close to certain elements of the Rockefellers for comfort.

The beat goes on...
Sam, I forgot what year it is, perhaps 1984, they're already listening to us, at least to some degree. the listening stations that Stuart is referring to are presumably part of ECHELON a massive recording system that is supposedly being done mostly by computer, which has been acknowledged by many countries, although the US continues to deny it and the corporate media doesn't report on it very often at all and never in detail.

Fortunately they have a couple problems; one is information overload. They can't keep track of what the collect so unless they're targeting a specific person he goes under the radar. Another is they're only a small fraction of the 1% and if the 99% wakes up they're up a creek.