OCTOBER 10, 2011 3:51PM

last call

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He calls me his love.

My love! He says, smiling.  And, more quietly, his eyes on mine: my love.

Some of those people, that eleventh day of the ninth month of the first  year of the new century – some of them died right away, vaporized.  But I always think of the  ones  who called.  How urgent the thought: answer, please answer,  please please answer.  

What would I say to you? Thinking of this, I picked up the phone once, the way a pagan might handle a crucifix.   I imagined you on the other end and what I would say to you in the dust and fire and smoke, and the only thing that came to me was: my love.  My love, my love, my love.


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There you go making me sigh heavily and force my eye to fight back a tear, right in the middle of the office. I have to go shut my door for a moment.
Such a sentiment is timeless, regardless the circumstance, but the date makes it indelible.
Wow Sandra... uh, hi
you're never late to the open call with this sentiment...yes. my love, my love. xo
That is a love story in a nutshell . . . the real thing, not the high-drama . . . perfectly beautiful . . .
That's how the terrorists lose.
Concise and so meaningful.
i know. have done it too, with frozen bones in my hand, and the same words. beautiful piece, sandra.
Better late than never! Nicely done, Sandra! Cheers!
There you go again, with the impossible (but possible) romance of life, through your love. Thanks.
Oh the simplicity here is genius.
It's never too late to remember your loved ones.
All there is, all that matters. Stunning. r.
thanks everyone especially Steven who always says stuff that makes me sound like a much better writer

hey AJ, hi tr ig!

Lea and Cathy so nice to "see" you :-)

xo Barry :-)

(in my best Chris Farley voice) Candace, remember when you said - 'with frozen bones in my hand'? That was awesome!