Editor’s Pick
OCTOBER 12, 2011 2:23PM

My Father's House

Grandma's house

As adults, we often assume that the celebrations with the prettiest décor, the fancier food, the higher priced liquor and the nicer people will be the celebrations that are remembered best, most frequently and most fondly. 

But kids have a calculus all their own, and what seems s

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Editor’s Pick
SEPTEMBER 2, 2011 2:16AM

Going for a ride

swimming poolOne fourth of July we went over to my Aunt Barb’s like we always do, and my dad got drunk, like he always does. I didn’t mind, because when he’s like that he's  a little easier to manage. Not when he’s drunk, but when he was drunk around other… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
SEPTEMBER 1, 2011 1:55AM

quietly, without fanfare

firefliesSomething has been on my mind, something I read somewhere not long ago - I don't remember where, maybe Nova, or one of the airline in-flight magazines.  The article was about the  lightning bugs disappearing.

That's what we called them where I'm from. I like it better than firefly… Read full post »