NOVEMBER 7, 2008 11:38AM

End the Mormon Church's Tax-exempt Status Now!

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by Sandy Sand

A Call to Arms Against the Mormon Church. End Its Tax-exempt Status Now!

I have nothing against the Mormon church or its devotees, EXCEPT for their sponsorship of and dedication to California’s Prop 8., a state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, and preaching it from the pulpit. They no longer have the right to IRS tax-exempt status and have grossly violated the dictates of separation of church and state.

The Mormon church has a lot of goddamn nerve. Gay marriage isn’t a matter of moral or traditional values.

It’s a matter of equal rights and equal protection under the law!

It’s discrimination of the worst kind against one small segment of the citizenry.

What’s with them? Is it some kind of weird payback for banning polygamy, which many Mormons in this country still practice illegally?

Preaching from the pulpit against gay marriage and reading a letter to their congregations to donate to their “yes” on Prop. 8 campaign funds, violates all standards of separation of church and state.

A Mormon woman who voted ’yes’ on the ballot measure called in to McIntyre in the Morning on KABC radio in Los Angeles, and said that is exactly what they did.

The Mormon church’s tax exempt status should be removed retroactively and immediately!

I don’t know exactly how to do it, but I’m sure there are many of you in's family of writers and legal experts who do know.

Your input will be greatly appreciated.

Mixing church and state must end and an example made of the Mormon church.


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My call for ending the tax-exempt status of any church or religious organization is not exclusive to the Mormon church, it applies to any and all churches that mixed politics with religion during the 2008 campaigns.
I JUST got these links in the email (Sandy you might copy them as actual links into your post - I'll post the text that came with:

If you are a resident of California, please sign the petition to the Governor:

Lets release the Mormon church of their tax exempt status for mixing church and state by sending millions to the Yes on 8 political campaign. As a religious organization, one would think that they'd be using that money for charitable contributions (hunger, education, making the world a little better) not stripping gay people of their rights.

Directly violates laws regarding political contributions. We must stop this and set a precedent!
Oops - the last link isn't visable.

Directly violates laws regarding political contributions. We must stop this and set a precedent!
For the record, I have no objections to Mormons or anyone practicing polygamy or any other -gamy as long as it doesn't involve cruelty to humans or animals.

The polygamists marriages does not affect me in any way any more than a gay's marriage affects me or them.
I think it is more, much more a matter of biology. Time for churches to begin condemning the worst evil on the planet, the "root of all evil" greed, as I have been preaching for decades. Gekko's "Greed is Good" Proclamation with no response from churches proclaimed the truth about Organized Religions. There are some sick people here at work. They don't dare condemn greed because is there are no more greedy rich people, there are no more rich donors.

It is time the churches and the law, stop lying to their congregations and themselves. Sexual practices between consenting adults is none of their business. Avarice is their business and it should be the government's as well. Eliminate the CEO's salaries of 550-1100 times the salaries of their employees and you eliminate avarice.

I say make avarice/greed what they should be, the most heinous crimes on the face of the earth because they spawn all the rest of life's evils. If the wealth those among who are rich create in our businesses went to make certain everyone was employed, this would be a wonderful world and no one would starve or go without medical care. The greedy are going to Hell. Those who engage in God's free physical pleasures are not.

I am an anthropologist and I say, as do most others, Homo-sexuality is a biological matter, not a moral matter. So, is polygamy. Some people have greater libido's. Some people want more children. Some people can afford to be generous and house and take care of many wives. The married prophets were all polygamists.

The bedroom is between man/woman and God alone.