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July 11
I love writing and nature and psychology. Young at heart and love to laugh!


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DECEMBER 31, 2011 4:34AM


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I'll never forget that day in April in the year 2005.
It was the day I was struck by lightening clear out of the sky.
It's amazing I've survived to tell all, this extraordinary tale.
For if it didn't happen to me than I shan't think it real!
I'm just an ordinary woman who was living in her ordinary world.
Then one day the extraordinary happened and twas my whole body that was hurled.
It came out of nowhere and right at me in the sharpest view.
My Lord, I was struck, didn't know what to do.
It spun me right off my feet and down to the floor.
I was completely paralyzed and couldn't properly function as before.
My heart was pounding fiercely right out of my breast.
My head was floating off and landed on a celestial, heavenly cloud for a rest.
The blood was pulsing, gushing forth from my brain.
Surely was the beginning of the end, oh my Lord, I've gone insane?
I slipped out of my body as peaceful as it lay.
Never much was a religious woman but something evoked me on that April day.

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I a serious. I'll tell a brief true thunder bolt and fireball Lightening Experience.
I was so busy farming. I'd rented nine acres across the road because of a meadow.
There's a creek.
I irrigated corn.
I was busy beaver.
The owner of the Land with two barns told me about a Lightening Strike many years ago.
A dark storm brewed.
Two farmers were hit.
One man died instantly.
One man lost his shoes.
Shoes blew off his feet.
They ran into the barn.
A Crack was Lightening!
That same week I was on my back porch watching a dark storm brewing. I heard a Crack!
The sky opened-up-wide!
I saw enormous Fireball!
I swear I got Struck too.
I watched fire roll to me.
It was larger than I was.
I was stricken. I lived.
By some Force I Live.
You are fun to read.
Thank You. More?
I keep some secrets.
You sure are Blessed.
It was LOVE that struck me in this poem, yet I'm sure not so much different than lightening.