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July 11
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FEBRUARY 24, 2012 5:01AM

Little Tongues

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Delight me my baby lamb; giving your love to all I am.

Cooing sweetness little tongue with so many notes yet to be sung.
Such loving babbles that you create in time will grow to words of great!
Lullabies softly caress and gentle words spoken shall bless.
In innocence you feel not shame to words that you alone shall claim.
When you get older others may chide and that is why you often hide.
Other children taunt and tease and are so very hard to please.
Making you feel very weak and that is why it's hard to speak.
But through their hardened exterior inside their only inferior.
I hope to teach you as you grow something you must always know.
Whatever troubles that you find never be afraid to speak your mind.
Never allow others to bring you down; the voice of reason is truly sound.
And those others that carry the fear will find comfort when you are near.



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True words of wisdom, and excellently expressed.
I'm happy . . .

Out on a limb - is awake and wrote ref wisdom -
I woke and thought about birds flitting on limbs.

I am trying to change my habits. I'll walk first,
and wonder if I'm in the loco's mortician cellar.
Minds get sluggish. Hearts need to palpitate too.

Lambs Quarters is a perennial plant that blooms.
I mentally saw flowers and lambs as I read you two.
Morning birds will begin chirping their natural song.
You Wonder Who taught birds to sing so melodious.
Who designs that feather color combination - Wonder.
glossa - that's a wonderful word used in botany flowers.
labium - that's the lip-part of insects, plants, and O dear.
deer tongue - that's a tongue - shaped lettuce we can eat.

Deer Tongue lettuce was Tom Jefferson's backyard lettuce.
Honest . . .
He also liked the perennial Black Hollyhock - Holy Mallow -
I just read 'hock' is [mallow] a holy medicinal - Holy Hocks!
No do the other "hock" if wearing a mink coat in court house.
I recall lit reminds us humans that a Tongue can do Evil ruin.
Tongues need a bridal . . .
If I go bantering on/on . . .
It's just a habit I'll change.
Tongues are fun to look at.