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July 11
I love writing and nature and psychology. Young at heart and love to laugh!


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JANUARY 26, 2013 5:00AM


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This poem is written about a wonderful man Gerry Durrell and his mother who raised him. I highly recommend reading "My Family and Other Animals". They made a movie as well. I read the book and saw the movie. I don't think Gerry could have been so ingenious without his mother's patience and's why he thrived. But you won't appreciate anything I'm saying without reading the book.........It's a good lesson in parenthood, witty and touching.......

My son, leave behind a dusty old trail.
Whatever you desire, whatever it takes!
All creatures, be it spiders and snakes -
Vermin, or even a puny old snail!
Open up a brand new world to explore.
Inquisitive eyes sees all that life creates!
A wonderous journey just outside the door.
Beckoning new discoveries that awaits!!
I shan't stifle the seeker in you in any way.
No matter how much you obsess -
Ludicrous, is what others might say!!
But by no means shall I ever oppress.
What ingenious mind is this, my son!
Yet discovery is so seldom clean.
But I do think the world you shall stun.
Once they've seen just what you glean.

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