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sandra wyllie
Boston, Massachusetts, usa
July 11
I love writing and nature and psychology. Young at heart and love to laugh!


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FEBRUARY 11, 2015 7:29AM

"A New Way"

It's not your fault now baby.
You only know what you know.
I can't take that away.
But there comes a time now baby
when all that you've learned
just doesn't make sense today.
You need to find a new way.
A new way.
Yesterdays sorrow baby, left you in pain.
You couldn't feel the sun.
When you're stuck… Read full post »
FEBRUARY 10, 2015 7:32AM

"The Tortious & The Hare"

You're the tortious; I'm the hare.
What an odd kind of pair.

A tortious and a hare!
You're gainly slow; I just want to fly.
You're feet stuck to ground.
My head's up in the sky.
You're thoughts have such precision,
while I do things in haste.
To me it's your indecision,
to you it's only wa… Read full post »
FEBRUARY 9, 2015 11:21AM


I'd rather die in the wrath of love
than be a closed seed bud

in fear that it may bloom
then surely it shall die.
But die it shall die divine!
Petals spead and fragrance fine.
If living tightly closed, obscured
brings to it life, a life secured
what is that life to be?
Not felt, not seen, not free.
A… Read full post »
FEBRUARY 9, 2015 6:48AM

"I Believe In Believing"

I believe in believing,
and trying more and more.

I'll never end up leaving
just because of a closed door.
Closed doors can be deceiving!
That's what knobs are for.
I wonder what's inside?
If it doesn't open easy
the hinges can be pried!
It might make things uneasy.
But what's narrow can b… Read full post »
FEBRUARY 8, 2015 7:22AM

"Turning Inside/Out"

Slow down your mind; it's racing ahead again.
Like a umbrella that stays open and then collapses 

from a torrid gust of wind.
It's shape it can not hold, often turning inside/out.
Acting like a funnel, narrow at the bottom
no longer like a bats forelimbs spreading eagle out.
The ca… Read full post »
FEBRUARY 7, 2015 11:24AM

"At Least I Know I Tried"

You can take away my dignity,
strip me of my pride.
Even though there's no prosperity
at least I know I tried.

When nothing's in my favor,
over and over I've been denied
I have this much to savor
at least I know I tried.

When the odds are stacked against me
I let my conscience be my guide.
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FEBRUARY 7, 2015 6:52AM


Will these arms fall off
with no one to hold them up?

There's no handle on my cup.
I'm going mad.
Will these lips crack, dry and chap
with not a kiss for them?
The tongue stays idle, still. It doesn't lap.
I'm going mad.
Will these eyes be able to see
with the welling of the tear ducts
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FEBRUARY 6, 2015 9:19AM

"I See Only Love"

You two are not the traditional couple.
You are not what people envision
as a married couple.
Yet the two of you are the epitome of love.
There is no right way or wrong way to love.
There is just love.
When I look at both of you I see only that.
I see only love. Read full post »

FEBRUARY 5, 2015 5:26AM

"I'm Not One Of The Regulars"

I'm not one of the regulars.
I don't think the same.
They see the world in colors.
I see the world in black and white.
I'm not one of the regulars.
I don't read the same.
They see words in order.
I'm dyslexia. The words come out
I'm not one of the regulars.
I don't love the same.
They loveRead full post »
FEBRUARY 4, 2015 7:37AM


I don't know how to get you out from under.
You're locked away and thrown away the key.

Sitting in a basement below the stairway,
dusting off the cobwebs of a midnight summer's dream.
It's dark and dank and musty in the cellar.
The little boy is huddled, shaking by the door.
With only his own arms for… Read full post »
FEBRUARY 3, 2015 12:17PM

"The Rainbow Am I"

I think that I'm an optical phenomenon
by my reflections.

I always seem to be changing my own hue.
I can be flaming mad red like a fire breathing dragon
and the next moment sunkissed and happy like
a juicy Florida orange too.
When I'm tired and upset by life
I become quite sallow, jaundice
as… Read full post »
FEBRUARY 3, 2015 5:33AM

"Do No Harm"

When you enter my house
Do No Harm
Don't bring these feelings upon yourself
Do No Harm
When the voices in your head scream and shout
Do No Harm
You have not come here to feed yourself
Do No Harm
You were put here to protect someone else
Do No harm
Lives are at stake
Do No Harm
It's the Hippocratic OathRead full post »
FEBRUARY 2, 2015 12:14PM

"He Loves Me Not"

He loves me not.
He love me.

He loves me not.
I'm picking daisies
but it's not spring.
I'm growing crazy.
To him I'm just a plaything.
He loves me not.
He loves me.
He loves me not.
Pulling on each petal,
soon the flower's bare.
His heart is made of metal.
He plain just does not care!
He loves me not.
He loves me.
H… Read full post »
FEBRUARY 2, 2015 6:25AM

"Not a Thing"

I'm an empty tea cup sitting in a saucer.
A fragile piece of china without a hanlde
on a thing.
I'm quite sure I'd be fragrant as jasmine blossoms
in my tea cup
if someone poured some warm water
in the thing.
Baby drops of golden sunshine honey
could swirl around like clover
blowing in the spring.
But nothinRead full post »
FEBRUARY 1, 2015 11:15AM


She did have a name.
Maybe you knew it.
She did have a voice.
Maybe you didn't hear it.
Was she lost in the sea of papers
on your desk?
Was she lost in the crowd.
Her sins she confessed.
But they fell on deaf ears.
And what of these words
that she solemnly professed?
Are they stuck in space?
She was such… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 1, 2015 6:13AM


The water colored roses melt away
in the next rain.
The crimson red exposes
all the blood and frozen pain.
Close the window to the pelting
of the rain upon the glass.
Even so, it's so insulting
and you think of it quite crass.
Ephemeral in the passing,
fleeting as the night.
Feral and woRead full post »
JANUARY 31, 2015 9:27AM

"Safe & Sound"

Why don't you question anything?
Are you afraid to take a chance?

Afraid of what tomorrow may bring?
Always needing to know in advance.
Instead of sitting it out
Why don't you take a different stance?
All the things you planned ahead
gave you a facde of feeling secure.
Now… Read full post »
JANUARY 30, 2015 4:40PM

"Well Earned, Well Lived"

Father, I see myself reflected in you.
You made me into the man I am.
I have overcome many of the obstacles

in my life because of your faith in me,
and your guidance.
You have shown me the softer side of life.
A life of love and care and kindness.
I could not be who I am today without you.
The… Read full post »
JANUARY 30, 2015 4:39PM

"A Village Inside Myself"

I live in a village that's inside myself.
My arms are the walls.
My mouth is the door.
My eyes are the windows.
My body is the landscape.
My legs are the stairs.
My head is the blueprint.

JANUARY 30, 2015 5:17AM

"How They're Meant To Be"

I look at things and see them as how
they've yet to be.

Why waste my precious time on
what's right now in front of me?
I use imagination to create
another scene.
Some say it's only fantasy.
I say it's what I dare glean!
Everything started out
as just a lowly mans dream.
Because he saw things not as w… Read full post »
JANUARY 29, 2015 5:36AM


I wouldn't have it any other way.
Though it's not the easiest way.

And I know it's not the best way.
Sometimes it feels like the toughest way.
I find myself thinking are we going the wrong way?
Because it often seems like it's only going one way.
It can feel like it's all my way.
Then it can… Read full post »
JANUARY 29, 2015 5:28AM

"The Process To Glory"

What happens when you plant a seed?
You can't see its growth underground.

Until it pushes past the soil,
and a tiny stem pokes its way
will it show and abound.
But there's a process going on beneath
which makes it possible for that seed
to break through.
And what I believe is that you're the seed
and that pro… Read full post »
JANUARY 28, 2015 7:13AM

"We're At Odds"

We're at odds.
Like the black man segregated from the white.
We're at odds.
Like the day coming up against the night.
We're at odds.
Like the heavy versus the light.
Wer're at odds.
I'm the left, you're the right.
We're at odds.
And so we fight.
We're at odds.
Hurting each other with an unintended slight.Read full post »
JANUARY 27, 2015 7:21AM

"Paper Cup"

Remember when we were children
and we use to play?

The world was ours to have
in our own way.
Whatever happened to this world
of pretend?
When did it cease?
How did it end?
I don't think that I want to
grow up,
to drink champagne out of a flute.
I'll have mine in a paper cup!
Allways worrying about mo… Read full post »
JANUARY 26, 2015 6:22AM

"What Can I Be To Thee"

What can I be to thee?
I'd be the pod
if you were a pea.
You'd be enscounced
in my fibrous husk.
A pod protects the pea.
Oh won't you alllow me to wrap up
one rolling, lonely pea?
What can I be to thee?
I'd be the honey
if you were a bee.
You'd get nourished
by my sweet nectar.
Honey feedsRead full post »