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sandra wyllie
Boston, Massachusetts, usa
July 11
I love writing and nature and psychology. Young at heart and love to laugh!


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NOVEMBER 7, 2014 7:42AM

"Night Stalker"

Night comes upon you
Stealthily stalking
Furtive footsteps moving through
Wavering as they're walking
God-fearing the full moon
Pale, wan, ashen chalking
To which you are not immune
Its eyes set on you like a hawk
Petrifies with these hollow eyes
Nightly as it stalks
Do not restle it; be theeRead full post »
NOVEMBER 6, 2014 8:23AM

"Bottled Up"

You look at me kind of strange.
I'm bottled up and I'm chained.

Huge as a mountain range.
My feelings are such; I'm contained.
I swallow my hurt; what a shame.
My gut is enormous in pain.
It's burning below like a flame.
Never to cease or to wane!
I tremble with fear that I'll spill.
The cont… Read full post »
In each and everybodys life
there comes a day

to choose to do things
in a different way.
There comes a day.
Though we made it this far.
Are we really happy
just the way we are?
Can't we do it differently?
Why settle for less?
When you deserve the best.
Don't second guess.
Why settle for less?
I do… Read full post »
NOVEMBER 4, 2014 5:53AM

"No More Going It Alone"

You swore just to get by
that you must rely

solely on yourself,
and nobody else.
You couldn't trust no one
since time begun.
But you're hurting all the time.
Do you want to live your prime
being all alone?
Having no one of your own?
You know I really feel for you.
I'd rather be yo… Read full post »
NOVEMBER 3, 2014 6:27AM

"I'm reaching My End"

You don't know how many times I cry
To see our life just passing us by
Day after day to continually try
You don't know how many times I cry
You don't know how I feel all alone
Living with uncertainty, that which is unknown
And carrying the weight of it all on my own
You don'tRead full post »
NOVEMBER 2, 2014 5:53AM

"You're Superman"

So this independence going it alone
on your own.
So you don't let anyone see the pain,
how vain.
Swallow it down,
every frigging little hurt.
Turn it around,
how quickly you divert.
You're superman.
Why don't they understand?
So you don't take a partner to your bed;
you fuck free.
So who are you? JaRead full post »
NOVEMBER 1, 2014 7:30AM

"A Rose Not Yet Abloom"

Why don't we presume
that our love is just a rose

not yet abloom?
Every flower blossoms
in their own time.
Watching them grow
is so sublime.
Beauty happens carefully;
so patiently we must wait.
If I get a little bent
You'll put me back up straight.
Life seldom forewarns
You could get cuRead full post »

OCTOBER 31, 2014 7:43AM

"Take It While You Can"

I never regret giving my love to anyone.
It's free.
I love laying around in the sun.
It's free.
So this is life; take it while you can.
In time you'll learn, come to understand.
I could run naked without my clothes.
It's free.
I don't need any cover-ups; I suppose.
I'll just be me.
So thiRead full post »
OCTOBER 30, 2014 7:47AM

"She's My Anchor; She's My Sister"

There is strength in another.
Let us have faith in each other.

Together is where we are stronger.
Let us not be alone any longer.
When people stand together
In unity they can weather
The mountain that they are climbing.
Any storm that they are finding.
Oh proudly we all hail!
We are each others mast… Read full post »
OCTOBER 29, 2014 7:33AM

"No More Chewing On the Pain"

Holding tightly to the pain.
Black, a cloak that shall remain.

Building up plaque upon your heart.
When enough of it then grows
You've got a big wide gaping hole.
The abscess won't leave you alone.
It travels fast right to the bone.
As it wildly spreads.
Leaving you wishing yo… Read full post »
OCTOBER 28, 2014 7:28AM

"Sweet Serendipity"

Something happened
Oh sweet serendipity
It caught me by surprise.
Never to realize.
Didn't know this feeling before.
Something new to explore.
Whatever's inside of me
Just won't let me be
Oh sweet serendipity
It's not something to happen
Oh sweet serendipity
Maybe it wRead full post »
OCTOBER 27, 2014 2:55PM

"You Can Call On Me"

When the world comes crashing down
Heavy as a boulder

When you feel like you've been thrown in
Ready to drown
You're gettting that much older
You can call on me
I'll lift the weight
off your shoulders
When you're yearning to break free
Of the binds that ties you
When those long, lonely nights
Won't let yo… Read full post »
OCTOBER 26, 2014 6:16AM


I don't need reminders
Of who you really are
This is our life
The life that we've lived so far
The one
The one that you carve
And I know in the future if I stay
that I'm going to starve!
You only give half
Half of yourself
Doesn't leave much room
For anything else
Half of nothing
LeaveRead full post »
OCTOBER 25, 2014 5:59AM

"The Artificial High"

Trinkets that sparkle
and shine.
Rose' and sparkling
white wine.
On a hard day
some heavy liquor.
Don't drink enough
to get you sicker!
Oh the things that you do 
just to get by.
This is what's called 
the artificial high.
What joy in the moment
they bring
Until you toss them
foRead full post »
OCTOBER 24, 2014 5:14AM

"You'll Never Find Your Way"

Like a horny toad
Looking down an empty road

You'll never find your way
You're no prince in a ballet
Hopping to and fro
Always on the go
You'll never find your way
Like a circus clown
I know you get around
You'll never find your way
All you do is wanna play
Smiling here there
Doling out your chee… Read full post »
OCTOBER 23, 2014 5:23AM

"Thrown Into The Big Wide Open"

I was to him some token.
Not more than something to use.

Thrown into the the big wide open.
I only stand to lose.
For a little girl outspoken
I didn't seem to have a clue.
Thrown into the big wide open.
Don't know just what to do.
I thought that he was just joking
when he turned and walked… Read full post »
OCTOBER 22, 2014 8:03AM

"You've Got Much More To Learn"

If you're spinning webs
you'll only catch flies.
If you make-believe
you're only telling lies.
With your head stuffed
in a cloud
your voice don't come out

If you're turning wheels
don't turn them on ideals.
If your weeds are overgrown
don't sit there and bemoan.
When your mind gets
your mood is

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It's not being a quitter to face an end.
It's taking refuge in it my friend.

It's the letting go that is brave.
It's realizing what you can't save.

Sometimes that wind just has to blow
Sometimes that sky just has to snow
Sometimes in life you come to know.
Sometimes the hardest part is letting go.… Read full post »
OCTOBER 20, 2014 6:30AM

"These Walls"

I thought my home was a courtyard,
surrounded by walls enclosing me in.

Each parent in his own tower, the guard.
Watching over these walls of Berlin.

To many it looked like a Garden of Eden.
But I had not the choice or the freedom.
What's it like on the inside of paradise?
Thes… Read full post »
OCTOBER 19, 2014 6:42AM

"And It Keeps Going On And On"

Sitting in a crowded restaurant
she seems miles away.
You ask her what's wrong.
But she has nothing to say.
You can't see the light in hers gone.
Somebody blew it away.
She's drinking down every wrong.
And it keeps going on and on.

You can sweep it all under the rug.
But the pile's getting biRead full post »
OCTOBER 18, 2014 6:42AM

"Reluctance Has No Substance"

If you don't stoke the fire
the flames won't get much higher.

In fact they'll burn out.
Seeds you planted won't sprout.
I must say that reluctance
really has no subtsance.
You can't go much distance
when you have resistance.
You'll never get very far
staying where you are!
I must say that reluctance… Read full post »
OCTOBER 17, 2014 9:10AM

"The Devil Of Yourself"

You hide behind the mask
that you have made.
What a charade!
I believe I chose to
gallantly expose you.
With clever eyes,
I see through your disguise.
So you fight me to break free
from all there is that I see.
So chagrin.
I know where you have been.
I cut deep into the depths of you.
You're not bleedRead full post »
OCTOBER 17, 2014 6:09AM

"Just An Ordinary Girl"

I offered you my world.
I'm just a very ordinary girl.
I offered you my world.
But you wouldn't take the chance.
You blamed it all on the circumstance.
I'm not as successful as the others were before.
If you measured success in love
I'd give you that much more.
Just a very ordinary girl.
Whose life unfRead full post »
OCTOBER 16, 2014 5:23AM


Lost inside myself
Always wished that I
Was someone else
Now that the walls
Are caving in
I'm imploding
Beneath my skin
I'm dying deep inside
Split in two
I divide
Half of me is
A tortured soul
The other half
hasn't an ounce of control
In separate parts
Can't put back
WhaRead full post »
OCTOBER 15, 2014 6:31AM

"An Image Of Someone Else"

Do you feel so helpless
like a king without his throne?

Are you completely loveless
like a house that's not a home?
Is everything revolving
while you are standing still?
Have you the spirit
but lacking any of the will?
Do you ever feel so lonely
like you're your only friend?
And the time is all but… Read full post »