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sarah brennan
December 31
Howdy. I'm a runner. A quasi-naturalist-wannabe. Reiki Master. I take a l-o-t of pictures of plants and whatnot. I'm based in Vermont. Caretaker of black cats, protector of red efts. I'm over at


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APRIL 4, 2012 6:03PM

trillium unfolding, blue cohosh (!), willow time lapse, frog eggs

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Last year I didn’t happen across trillium until they were well and away up and running. This year, I’ve found them earlier. Apparently how it works is, all-three-leaves go up together, the flower bud still tucked tightly inside…


…like so. And then the leaves spread out in classic trillium fashion.


See the flower bud waiting in there?

Today’s revelations included blue cohosh, pant pant pant.


Definitely space alien material, n’est-ce pas? Eventually this will all turn green, but early on, blue cohosh earns its name. If you aren’t familiar with this wildflower, have a look at the leaves – those scary alien digits. There is a lot of real estate packed into those folds.

Plus, I found a single trout lily leaf.


Last year I found a lot of these, but only one spit up a flower. I wondered at the time if they have a two year cycle (the way Canada mayflower do – a leaf one year, and a leaf plus flower the next). Note to self: pay attention to the trout lily leaves I find this year.


Oooh, who is this…toothwort, I think.


Hello again, coltsfoot!

Time for a time lapse progression on willow buds. Prepare to have your face melted.



Last but certainly not least: Frog eggs. Or maybe salamander eggs. Stay tuned – I have to do my homework on this.


I think, frog.


Possibly salamander

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The third photo looks like a hand from an outer space creature. Although they all look good, the 11th one and the last one are my favorites! Great job.
Loved this!
I just took a trillium photo while off in the woods last favorite. I'd never seen blue cohosh before! Thanks for your good medicine, plant.
Our Western Coltsfoot flower looks so different than your Coltsfoot, love the yellow : )