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NOVEMBER 19, 2009 11:16PM

Sexiest Man Living Is the Tastiest Morsel in Ina's Kitchen

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T. R. Pescod, Resident Tasty Morsel

On any given episode of Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa, there's plenty to drool over: delicate salads of mixed greens and fresh tomatoes, chocolate angel food cake baking in the oven, a well-shaken martini with plenty of Vermouth. Everything about the show--from the beautifully crafted tablescapes created by floral stylist Miguel to Ina's personalized sugar cookie "place cards"--says to viewers, "This is the Hamptons. We've got plenty of money and plenty of time, so come on in, have a cocktail and admire this manzanita branch and dried cranberry centerpiece while the spice-rubbed lamb roasts in the oven." To the casual viewer, Ina's house (well-appointed with a restaurant-quality kitchen and acres of yard space) and her lifestyle (nothing to do all day but cook for the passel of friends who will roll on up around six and toast one another with top-quality liquor and rich appetizers) could be off-putting and pretentious. But those of us who watch on a regular basis know better: Ina may be living the high life, but she welcomes every opportunity to share it with others, including the viewers watching, in their sweats, from their tiny rented apartments.

And, indeed, part of what makes this show so much fun to watch is the camera work, which captures every glistening sprinkle of sea salt, every glint of an ice cube, every ribbon of chocolate being swirled into an elegant mousse. You can practically hear the camera people remarking, in awed whispers, "Doesn't that look good?"

If you watch the show regularly, you are accustomed to this kind of footage that many people regard as "food porn." Bacon sizzling, egg whites whipping, cupcakes getting dolloped with glossy whipped cream...every mouth-watering moment is documented with tight close-ups and proper lighting. But in Ina's kitchen, there's more eye candy to be had besides the actual candy (and cookies and olive-oil-laden fettunta), and his name is T. R. Pescod.

Most Barefoot Contessa episodes wouldn't be complete without a visit from at least one of Ina's gay male friends. It might be Miguel the home stylist or Michael the florist--an episode of Contessa often seems like a modern-day, food-focused version of Mr. Roger's--that is, one in which the question asked is, "Who are the gay men in your neighborhood, and what home decorating services can they provide?" And so, because we viewers are used to seeing Ina's friends smoothing out tablecloths or arranging brightly colored tulips in a special bouquet, it was a bit odd to be introduced to  "T.R." who, as an actor by trade, can contribute little by way of labor to whatever party Ina is throwing.

But whatever T.R. fails to contribute by way of napkin-folding and stemware-placing is more than made up for by what he contributes in drool-factor: a chiseled face, hair with just enough silver, and a body that was certainly not formed by a steady diet of Ms. Garten's butter-rich pastries and thick sauces. Indeed, T.R. is tasty enough to upstage even Ina's fabulous cuisine. The shows videographers, trained as they are to give us tantalizing money shots of a gloriously fresh piece of meat, do not miss opportunities when T.R. stops in to say hello: Here's T.R.'s blue eyes, shining with mischief as he takes a sip of his drink; here's T.R.'s toned arms reaching for some roquefort cheese. The close-ups are frequent, and it's all a straight girl can do not to squeal with delight while thinking, "Yes, yes that does look good."

On a recent episode, T.R. was helping Ina by being her official "recipe-tester," a task she noted is normally relegated to her agent. But since it's unlikely that Ina's agent is anywhere near as hot as T.R., why not have him come over instead to test things out? Plus, doing so gives us opportunities to see T.R. out shopping and errand-running and thus to imagine ourselves along for the ride.

Ina clearly enjoys the company of all of her friends, joking and chuckling with them in the final scenes of each show, when the guests have arrived, the alcohol's been poured, and everyone's tucking in for a spectacular feast. But she seems practically giddy when it's T.R. knocking on the door. He may be gay and twenty years her junior, but that's not going to stop Ina from being excited over what Mr. Prescod has to offer. She greets him at the door with a hug and a kiss, calls him "sweetie," and takes every opportunity to pat him on the shoulder. And who could blame her? Certainly not this viewer, and apparently not the camera folks, either. Even I had to blush during the recipe-testing episode when, in a shot that with any other "friend of Ina" would normally involve a quick peck on the cheek goodbye, T.R. instead kissed Ina on the lips (On. The. Lips!). The camera positioned itself behind Ina's head, so that the effect was that of T.R. leaning in to give the viewer a big, moist-lipped smooch. Oh, T.R.! Goodness!

The endless parties, the luscious libations, the stews, roasts, and elegant table settings...I love it all, and I welcome more of it. Keep the fabulous recipes and party ideas coming, Ina. I'll keep watching, and I'll have an extra spring in my step when you serve that roast chicken on a platter of T.R.

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So many of these "sexiest men" are gay. I guess sexy for me includes the idea that they might be available to a woman. I vote for the Take Home Chef. As far as I know, he's straight.
VERY nice writing. I never even watch Ina Garten, but I feel I'm watchig vicariously, through your writing ...

(Oh, is THAT what's known as food porn? OK, I'm there!)
Thanks, ginseng--I appreciate that! Ina is great fun to watch, so tune in sometime!

Emma, I agree that typically, I don't find myself attracted to gay men either, but T.R. is pretty...ambiguous. He does not have the kind of effeminate nature that TV producers usually love to exploit in certain gay men. Therefore, a lot of people think that he's straight, until they find out otherwise. And even though now I know he's gay, I still find him to be very, very attractive. And I like that the show sort of has fun with that--the producers seem very aware of his sex appeal.

As for Curtis Stone (the Take Home Chef), he is indeed easy on the eyes. But sadly, for me at least, he lost all sexy points when he joined the Today show's "man panel," a truly awful and embarrassing segment in which Curtis sits sheepishly next to three other loud, over-talking male "comedians" who answer questions from female viewers who ask things like, "Why don't men ever listen when their woman is talking to them?" Ugh--it pains me just to think about it. To his credit, Stone seems mortified to be a participant in this awful excuse for infotainment, but unfortunately not mortified enough to turn down whatever the Today show is paying him for his participation. Sexiness fail!
This is such fun! I loved it. Ina herself has some sex appeal: my ex-partner was uninterested in Giada (who does some great cooking and came on just before Ina on Saturdays). But when Ina showed up, strolling on the beach, cutting into some luscious cake or whatever, he announced, "I'd eat *her* food." For him,chubby means sensuous, at least on her show. In real life, he was a food Nazi!
There's a Web site for foodies "" which is almost too rich a feast for foodies. Among the zillions of topics discussed there was the question about the three worst TV chefs (with Rachel Ray and Sandra Lee specifically excluded from the competition, as being so awful it was unfair to the other bad cooking show hosts.)

More than one writer mentioned Ina as someone they didn't like. The most common complaint was that she came across as rich and privileged. So she is but she worked hard for that lovely house and garden and her hunky friends and I certainly don't begrudge her success. The recipes she reprises from her Barefoot Contessa and catering days are usually the best.
Oh I agree. I would have never thought of him first though.

I love Ina. She is spectacular in every way. I love her crisp white shirts and her lemon juicer. I love the way she poo-poos some kitchen rules and adheres strictly to others with a flip of her little bob. I really love it when she drives around the Hamptons and goes to the cheese shop and fish market. Ina brings something to her show that none of the others do ... like her priveleged attitude or not, she is completely real. No exageration like Paula Deene and none of the ridiculous phoney vibe from Giada. Ina is comfortable being Ina and could give a hoot if anyone likes it or not. I gotta respect that.
Aw! It makes me so happy to see some Ina love here! I completely agree that one of the most enjoyable things about her is her authenticity--she's happy to be who she is, and is not at all interested in trying to be anything else. And yes--she earned her fortune herself, first writing health policy for the White House in the '70s and then building a successful business. I also agree about the lack of appeal of people like Giada and Paula Deene, who has become an absolute parody of herself in the worst way. I find her embarrassing to watch.

On my primary blog about a year ago I wrote a post about the Food Network's penchant for choosing flash over substance, particularly in terms of its female onscreen "talent":

Thanks for all the fun comments, everyone! They are much appreciated.