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July 19
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DECEMBER 3, 2011 5:54PM

And Then There Were Two...The End of the Cain Train

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With today’s announcement from Herman Cain that he is suspending his presidential campaign, the race for the Republican nomination is almost certainly down to two men: Mitt Romney (aka the man who treats dogs like luggage and corporations like people), and Newt Gingrich (aka the man who made a million dollars from Freddie Mac and wants us to hire him to clean up Freddie Mac’s mess). But before we get to them, may I ask what the f is wrong with us?!!!



Seriously, Herman Cain’s poll numbers in Iowa didn’t start dropping until he was accused of a consensual affair. Allegations of sexual harassment that were credible enough to be settled for a years salary left him still neck-and-neck with the then front runner, Mitt Romney, and stumbling and bumbling his way for five minutes through a simple question about Libya, while never giving an answer, didn’t make voters in Iowa stop considering him for the position of commander in chief of our armed forces…but an affair? A consensual affair that, if it really did last 13 years, was an affair clearly filled with some amount of love…yes, that’s what got the voters in Iowa all riled up. Mr. Cain’s polls there dropped to a paltry 8%, and led to him suspending his campaign today. And most pundits think Cain’s decline and withdrawal will lead, and already has led, to his voters switching allegiances and supporting Newt Gingrich…a serial adulterer who freely admits it, but claims he’s changed.


None of this makes very much sense, but neither really does the whole Republican field. How exactly do you run against a bad economy that your party caused? How do you argue for deficit reduction, with a straight face, while knowing that your party pushed through tax cuts for the wealthy that led to that deficit? How do you run on a platform of more tax cuts for the “job creators” to fix the economy, when tax cuts were part of breaking the economy? I guess I don’t blame the Republican voters for going through front runner after front runner, and casting them all aside…it takes a special sort of gumption to argue against reality; one must be either a well-programmed robot who refuses to do interviews with anyone but his programmer (Fox News), or an egomaniac who believes he defeated communism. And then there were two…


Sarah Warden is the author of Three Fifths of Love available as an ebook for 99 cents at



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It's not amazing to believe -- but they believe... They really believe that trickle down economics work, that the rising tide lifts all boats....they don't see or understand that some people don't have boats and those people drown....We have tried for 30 years to do it this way and the middle class is clearly worse off than they were 30 years ago. I don't understand how they think cutting government jobs will increase employment... I don't get it, but I do know "they" believe it to be true, sincerely...
The Evangelicals may forgive Newt's adulteries because he's found God "again" but can they forgive Callista? She seduced her boss while his wife is in the hospital fighting cancer. In some of the countries she would be visiting as First Lady, she would be untouchable or even stoned! At a minimum she would make the US the laughingstock of the World.