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December 31
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Originally from Silverton, Oregon. I am a 29 year old American English teacher living in central China for the last 6.4 years. I love my life here in China. The people and places are out of this world.

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MARCH 22, 2012 4:17PM

My Voice... Meanwhile on Facebook.

Meanwhile on Facebook... My Voice.


I had originally shared a picture on Facebook that stated "Stop buying shit you don't need". I then added my own opinion to this statement : 


"I have lived in China for 6.5 years... 6.5 years with out a microwave.... 3 years with outRead full post »

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JANUARY 22, 2010 6:59AM

#4 Chinglish: Translations Gone Wrong (Pics)

Here is the 4th and final installation of "Chinglish: Translations Gone Wrong".  Enjoy!




 one of my faves


  blaa blaa


Fuck fruit

crap eggs




"...Detonated wealth...."



Apennine is a mountain chain in Ita… Read full post »

Continuation of Chinglish photos I have collected while living in China.







 I guess they don't have spellcheck. 



"chincken" hahahahah

  Explodes 8

What is going to explode?? 

  exploding sauce

 "the sauce explod… Read full post »

 Here is a continuation of the "Chinglish" I have found in China.

 I forgot to mention in my last post about the word "Chinglish". I have not heard this term until I came to China, so I want to clarify the meaning "Chinglish" is a combination of Chinese and English.… Read full post »


In China, and I am certain not only China, there are signs translated into English and well, they just don’t get it quite right.


While walking though the shopping malls, supermarkets, offices and streets I have subconsciously trained myself to find and read any English… Read full post »


Again, I shall attempt to tell a story of strange situations, humiliation that I am not ashamed to share, and the remarkable relationships that develop after all the laughs are extinguished. This account will take you through an adventure while traveling by train in The People’s Republic… Read full post »

JANUARY 4, 2010 2:33PM

Squatty Potties 101: The Fall

Me photo: Squatty Potties 




Most people wouldn’t take the time to share this personal moment of shame. However, I have no shame… and only wish to share moments that stand out, and memories that really have made my experience in China unforgettable.


First to inform those… Read full post »

Me photo: Students and I



Yes… A light hearted tale of the bizarre events that fill my life, heart and soul with yet another perspective on culture, societies and the extraordinary people with in them.



I have spent the last four years working in and outside… Read full post »

JANUARY 4, 2010 1:56AM

ME Choices: Leaving America.

It is important to me, that those of you who are reading this (if any), understand my intensions. I do not wish to insult any one in or from China. My only objective is to share MY point of view of MY experiences and MY amusement with the humor of such… Read full post »