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APRIL 1, 2011 2:56PM

The Logic of People Escapes Me Sometimes

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I just read that in Afghanistan, a bunch of people rioted and attacked the Friday UN because a Florida pastor burned the Koran in a protest last month. Doing so, the rioters killed 12 people. Part of me is left shaking my head in astonished amazement at the outright stupidity of people (both the pastor and the morons who attacked the UN). I mean, honestly, attacking their local UN is like me slapping the girl who works at the Hot Dog on a Stick shop because my girlfriend broke up with me a month ago. In other words, it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. The UN had nothing to do with some moron in Forida who basically thinks he’s superior to the rest of the human race. Yet, for some reason, stupid people felt it was important to back up the stupid actions of a stupid person by doing something massively stupid.

Look, I understand the Koran is a holy book to a lot of people. And I understand that people might be understandably pissed off when someone disrespects it. This isn’t even about religion to me. I totally understand that some people completely believe their physical book is more important than their own well-being. But what I don’t, and won’t, understand is how anything got accomplished by attacking the office of an institution that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the people who committed the offense in the first place. The people injured in the UN office in Afghanistan weren’t even Americans! So, if they wanted to try to make that kind of causality argument, they didn’t even get that right. The people killed were UN workers from completely different countries that have no ties to the US AT ALL. Five of the murdered, and yes, they were murdered, were Nepalese UN guards.

What really bothers me about this is that nothing will be learned, and nothing will really be said. Instead, we’ll go back to putting our heads back in the sand, and somewhere down the lines another ridiculous incident will happen, and no one will bother to hold ANYONE responsible.

What is wrong with this world where people randomly kill other people because they’re upset over an action that happened which had no connection to what they did whatsoever? If we want to make this world a better place, THIS is the kind of crap we need to work on. And as long as it continues happening, we’re never going to have peace, friendship or understanding amongst any people.

Now excuse me while I go beat up a Best Buy employee because Chevron raised the price of gas again.

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I read this earlier and had to just shake my head. Imagine being a girl and having these heathens being your husband or father. I just don't know anymore my friend!
A heart-felt post. This is the kind of thing that makes me despair of the human race.
Sometimes, I'm just at a loss for words. The story is actually starting to get some attention, and the reports aren't making me any better about it.