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February 12
Writer, professor (did his Phd work in political science and holds another graduate degree in communication), former computer game designer, previously a counterintelligence agent, and currently an all around strange person. Author of 13 novels of all different types. Lives a life that is sadly in the shadow of a room full of stuffed animals who have a lot more Facebook friends than he does. Writes a lot of humor, even if his mommy is the only one who says he's funny. Also the creator of the comic strip, The Adventures of Stickman and the Unemployed Legospaceman. *********************************** My first book, Innocent Until Proven Guilty, is now on Amazon in the Kindle store. See the link as part of my links below. *********************************** If you're interested in my science fiction novel, Thompson's Bounty, the link for it is at the bottom of my profile, under Professional Writing. The link is for the Kindle version, but the paperback version is also available on Amazon. ************************************ My blog can now be subscribed to on Amazon. See my links below. ************************************ If you want to friend me on facebook, feel free to send me an invite to www.facebook.com/duane.gundrum ********************************* For twitter, follow me at DuaneGundrum.

FEBRUARY 23, 2012 2:34PM

The Ameriad moves to the Second Round of Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award for 2012

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I submitted my humorous novel, The Ameriad, to Amazon’s breakthrough novel award contest a few months ago. I was overjoyed today to discover that it made the cut into the second round. Granted, it made the cut with 1000 other authors, but that’s narrowed down from a much LARGER number. Last year I entered and didn’t make the cut.

So, the ride begins….

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