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MAY 8, 2011 1:37PM

My path to becoming..the mothers I knew--and did not

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My Mother, 1949
Jim aunt E


My Mother's only sister, Eleanor, with Headone of her sons, my cousin Jim. Taken about 2007.

My only living aunt on my father's side..Rita. Married to my Uncle Tom. Picture taken on her 80th  birthday 2006



TomMaryHughes1978 Ella James 1959

My Mother's mother,                   My father's mother and father

 Ella, 1959                                                                           1978


       grtgrandmotherpaternalMy great father's grandmother. I have no idea what year, or even her name.



My great-great-grandparents, paternal side.  I have no information except their name was Docking.

My mother died in 1989. Her sister, Eleanor, is still living, 92 years old, and my only connection to her. I am waiting for a call now. I'd call her, but she's so deaf she doesn't hear the phone. SO my cousin calls me and hands her the phone.  We never talk long any more. It's enough, I guess, that she knows  I still love her. Now I  can only send cards if I want her to know something.

My father's brothers all married women who were amazing and beautiful. All but Rita are gone now. She is still gorgeous, and at almost 85, going strong.

Just a little ride down memory  lane. Happy  memories to all of you.

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Holy Rosalind Russell lookalike..:)
I love looking at other people's pictures.. Why did they always look so darn miserable in the old cabinet photos ?
The bustles?
Great old photos. Now I have to go through mine.
They did look miserable. Maybe at that time they had not invented "cheese". Or they told them not to move a muscle so nothing would blur.
Maybe I will get out the old box of ancient pictures, look at photos of my grandparents and great grand parents celebrating their family life.
This was such a wonderful Mothers Day tribute - and I love the old photos! It's so sweet and kind that you still call your aunt. Happy Mothers Day to all of them!
Good idea OB. I am lucky that one of my older cousins took an interest in the family tree!
My aunt is truly my last link to my mother, Alysa. When she is gone I will feel like an orphan all over again.
I love the old pictures when cameras were new and everyone stood so still, taking off their hats and not smiling. Very cool pictures and trip down your memory lane.
I love the old pictures pictures. You have some good genes!
My genes need patching!!! LOL
Great that you have these memories or knowledge of Moms in the family tree!
Great that you have these memories or knowledge of Moms in the family tree!
How wonderful to see photos of all these women in your life, it's nice you keep in touch with your aunt and cousin.
How lucky you are to have so many pictures of the past. We had a sensitive relative (by marriage) who threw out the few we had.
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