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Saturn Smith
MARCH 8, 2012 3:40PM

Speaking of Hillary Clinton, how about this new TV show?

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Hillary Bill Chelsea Clinton Al GoreThis sounds like a show I'll definitely put in the queue next fall (via Alyssa Rosenberg):
I’ve been saying repeatedly how excited I am for Political Animals, the USA Network’s six-hour show this summer about a First Lady turned divorced Secretary of State, and the trend of women politicians on screen in general. And now, we’ve learned that Sigourney Weaver is going to be playing the main character in that show, who is clearly based on Hillary Clinton. Given that she’s one of the most commanding women on any screen, large or small, I think Weaver will play the hell out of this part—she can credibly, and interestingly, give hell to just about anyone, be they head of a paramilitary strip-mining operation, insect-like alien, or recalcitrant foreign leader.

The most interesting parts of Game Change for me were the parts that echoed Primary Colors, discussing the tensions and devotions of the Clinton marriage and family. The Clintons are an American family that we would have had to make up if they didn't really exist, and it turns out, we'll keep making them up even though they do.

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Hopefully Hillary will follow her fictional character's lead and divorce the womanizing bastard.
Great to see you back here Saturn. Game change sounds terrific. i don't get HBO but I'm sure to pick it up before long. Primary Colors is my favorite political film, at least for USA-based ones.

The Brits have some excellent ones. Did you ever see the House of Cards miniseries? Or The Deal, the the predecessor to The Queen where Michael Sheen first plays Tony Blair. It's about Blair's start with Labour with the title referring to the suspected deal that he made with Gordon Brown so that Brown wouldn't run against him. Same director and screenwriter as The Queen. There's also a third in the series - The Special Relationship which focuses on Clinton and Blair.
Good one here...
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I continue to maintain Hilary would have made a great Supreme Court justice -- somebody with the balls to face down Antonin and the boys that can't think straight. In the long run, she would have been far more useful there where the Billbaggage would not have been so continuously fodder for rtwingnuts.
Ooh, Abrawang, I'm dying to see House of Cards. It's been on my (long and often neglected) to-watch list for a while. I'm very intrigued about the David Fincher American remake scheduled for Netflix's first TV series foray.
thanks for the heads-up - to you *and* to abra in the comment. now i have more than one tv thing to look forward to, and on subjects that fascinate.
Saturn, please see the Brit HoC version first. The first series is House of cards, the second if To Play the King and the conclusion is The Final Cut. femme - the same goes for you.

Another very highly recommended mini-series is State of Play. There's a pretty good movie of it starring Russell Crowe but the Brit mini-series is much more satisfying. better character development and the pacing allows for the plot twists to come off less arbitrarily. And of course there's the usual excellent acting and script.
And I'm still hoping that one day, she'll be the first female president.
I agree with Abrawang on both HoC and State of Play being absolutely excellent (though I never got around to the Russell Crowe version of the latter). HoC made such an impression in our house that "It's Francis" greets any appearance of the late and much-missed Ian Richardson in anything else. One of his great TV performances was as multiple characters in the BBC drama "Private Schultz", a very dark comedy roughly based on the Nazis plan to disrupt the British economy by flooding the country with forged currency.
I have my fingers crossed for the US version of HoC. The fact Kevin Spacey is involved gives me hope it will be worthwhile.
Also forgot to mention another British production very worth seeing, the Red Riding trilogy.
It's about Blair's start with Labour with the title referring to the suspected deal that he made with Gordon Brown so that Brown wouldn't run against him.Replica Handbags And Shoes