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Sonya Braxton and Family VS The State of Georgia (GA DCA)
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MARCH 8, 2011 9:50AM

Indigent paid Appeal fee to save civil rights case

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I had to pay my appeal fee on a very low income to save my civil rights case. I paid it because I will not stop fighting for my and my kids rights. Yes it was very difficult because I am very low income but I had to pay it or let the court throw my civil rights case out for want of prosecution.

 I could have argued with the court that I thought they were wrong in not granting my IFP but that is wasting time and dragging things on, I want this case tried on it merits. 

 I and my family have been going thru pure hell because of the discriminatory acts of Georgia DCA and its employees and I want this case fairly decided and quickly by a jury.

I will now wait for a 3 judge panel to rule on ALL of the issues raised in my appeal brief when they set the time to do so.

My original 31 page complaint has the same issues raised that are in my appeal brief including GA DCA employees discriminating based on my disabilities and there actions causing the aggravation of my medical conditions.

The only issues that are new in the brief and are on record in the District court is the last retaliation done by a GA DCA employee not allowing me a reasonable accomodation in August 2010 to move on my voucher, and a letter I received after I took myself off section 8 which I found harrassing in Sept 2010. Also the fact that because of how these employees un-equally treated me and my family I exited the section 8 programin August 2010 because I couldn't deal with those employees anymore.

The law states that any issues not raised in your appeal brief is waived, I have not waived any issue.

Georgia DCA has:

Tampered with our  racial data which is illegal

Discriminated against me and my kids based on our race, my disabilities, our color, and our family status and retaliated against me for speaking out about all of this.  Section 504 anti-retaliation act forbids this as well as the fair housing act. Both acts protect my first amendment right to speak about discrimination against me and my family and report it and have it actively investigated.

GA DCA employees had a problem with my family trying to move to predominately white, better area's of West and North Georgia and interfered in our housing choices, and our housing period when we tried to get out of metro Atlanta but we were steered away from the better areas of West and North Georgia.

GA DCA employees also let us live in homes that were not safe.  With the first home I was not given a chance to move quickly and immediately because the home had very serious issues dangerous issues that affected our health. I and my family were forced to remain in that faulty home that was never repaired while we lived there, and this was done out of retaliation of me reporting these DCA employees to HUD. They let us remain in that dangerous home from July 20th 2009 until my voucher was given back in Sept. 2009 we moved in Nov. 2009 because The Regional Director told me I would have to give the landlord 30 days notice in order to move aand use my voucher. In us being forced to remain in that faulty rental we were daily exposed to septic gases, mold spores and possible contaminated drinking water from the failed septic tank in waste run-off. This is a State Created Danger. We were forced to give the landlord notice to move  so I gave him notice I would move in Nov. 2009 because I had to save up money to move at that point. I could have moved quicker in July 2009 because more homes were available but in Sept. 2009... on it was hard locating anywhere to move and we ended up in hotels. We located a rental in late December 2009 right back in the area I originally tried to move my family away from. 

Its a fact due to the unsanitary and dangerous living conditions of that first home I was supposed to get the voucher back immediately. This was done as well as other things against myself and my family.

I requested an resaonable accomodation to move from the second house but that was never given to me. After that I voluntarily exited the section 8 program because I had enough of the GA DCA employees at that point.

I am NOT a lawyer but I do know that my and my children's rights have been violated in horrible ways and I to the best of my ability have outlined those facts in my 89 page brief dated March 15th 2011.

 SEE appeal brief http://sbappealbrief.yolasite.com/

I have to fight for whats right because if I let them get away with it they will keep doing this to other people on section 8. They have a history of discriminating and retalitating.

 See my case and others:

Braxton vs. Georgia Department of Community Affairs, et al

Hunt vs. Georgia Department of Community Affairs


678 F.2d 919 Katherine JEFFRIES, et al., Plaintiffs-Appellees, v.
etc., Defendants-Appellants. No. 81-7389. United States Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit. June 14, 1982.



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