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JULY 14, 2010 7:55AM

Breastfeeding an 8 Year Old?

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 I haven't pissed anyone off in a few days, so I must be getting soft in my old age.  The following video may or may not change that. If you think an eight year old kid should still be sucking their mother's breast, then we are going to have to disagree. If you think this is wrong and a kid in the third grade should have quit suckling years ago, well welcome to the real world, or my world anyway!

In what world is it alright for an eight-year old year girl to be breast fed. If I was at the mall and looked over and saw a child that big being breast feed, I would call a cop. Use any excuse you want to, and I'm sure I'll hear them all, but letting this child continue to do this is wrong. These kids will probably be in therapy all their life because their mother, yes, their mother, could not let it go. 

 This video really got me to thinking. I think it is time for people to start standing up to all the people who want to stop our boys from being boys and our girls from being girls. People, no matter what you've heard, there is a difference. I know in today's world of everyone being equal this gets lost sometimes, but it's still true,  I hope.

I recently read an article about some kids in a soccer league. I have nothing against soccer, it's great exercise and probably a great sport, if I took the time to study it. I won't, but that a story for another day.  What got me upset, and the reason I'm writing this are the rules these kids had to follow to be "allowed' to play. I've never heard anything so silly and stupid in my life.

In this article, which I have linked at the bottom, it says that "any team that wins a game by more than five points will lose by default." Yes, this is a direct quote from the from the rule book of the Gloucester Soccer League rules. If you beat another team by five or more points, you lose? Will someone please explain to me how that promotes good sportsmanship, which I presume is what they are trying to do?

 Bruce Compton, one of the father's of a kid playing said this "I can't find anywhere in the world, even in communist countries, where they enforce this type of rule". What kind of  bullshit are we teaching our kids. How to lose gracefully? How to quit when you get down by a few points? How to   quit after the other team has a lead over them in a game, any game? 

I played every sport I could as a kid. I was a good baseball player, an average football player and I sucked at basketball. I have been on good teams and sorry teams. Championship teams and teams that suck. I was an All-Star catcher in little league. Should I have told the coaches who voted me into the biggest game of my life, that, "no, let one of those kids that can't hit or catch take my place". This is not how sports works or how life works.

Kids should be taught at an early age that life is not a bowl of cherries. Children should be built up on what they do well, not praised because they "can't" throw a ball. We are now in the age of the nerd, and all us dumb-ass jocks are working shit jobs while the nerds are getting rich. I don't see any classrooms where if a child makes an A, he has to round out his average to a C and give it to a dumber kid. That's not how the real world works and people should quit lying to children and telling them that it is.

If you let a child breast feed until they are in high school, or make them play games like soccer or baseball while letting the them win even when they lose, you are doing that child a disservice. Most children are not stupid.  They know what they are good at and what they're bad at and do not need the rules changed to favor them. Life, fortunately, doesn't work that way.






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...everybody wins a trophy. When life doesn't let you win one you are thinking life owes you something. The breastfeeding is weird.
Sicko. I'm speechless. And feel the need to wash or something and all I did was watch. I'll come back to read your post, this video creeped me out. Can we go back to fighting about guns in church?
Going out on a limb here... I never understood women who get addicted to breast feeding until I had a lover who could have an orgasm from just having her nipple sucked. "There's a hardwire connection between my nipples and my clit, what can I say?"
David, I never knew women got addicted to breastfeeding. I knew I would learn something new today. I know every man or woman loves breasts, but I think you're going overboard with a kids life by breast feeding them at that age. I could be wrong, maybe everyone is doing this now, what do I know. Thanks for commenting!
I feel like Graham. It makes me feel yukky. It says that some scientists believe it produces a higher IQ. I always wondered how those MENSA people did it. Creepy to me. R
I'm probably the ultimate in live and let live, so this is their problem, but it does seem a little odd.

I heard in the video a man's voice say something about increasing a child's IQ through breast feeding. Whaaaa?? I know there's been a long-standing debate about the nature-nurture thing as it relates to IQ, but if that's so, after as many breasts as I've had in my mouth, why am I not a genius :-)
My daughter showed me this video a while back. It reminded me of my breast feeding years and I did a post. Then deleted it from here feeling a little shy about it...but I revised it and brought it back today after seeing yours. What can I say? I'm more bold now.
Mime, I just read yours. You did the right thing, I think. When a kid can chew and swallow, why should a mother still be weaning them. Your instructor said to never stop them from weaning until "they" want to stop. She's nuts. If people took her advice, the school lunch room would be like an R-rated movie. hah!
Like Boomer Bob, I too am a big "live and let live" kind of person. This is ludicrous. I think we need one of the doctors on the site to weigh in. Steve? Linda? _r
I breastfed the three that I gave birth to but there isn't a hope in HELL that I would breastfeed a child beyond "toddler". Sorry but when preschool hits you're coming off the udder... unless ya plan on drinking it straight from the cow or the goat!

My kids played Rugby and Lacrosse and baseball and football... Didn't have any soccer players but that seems a wholly idiotic rule to have.
Amen. In my world if a child is old enough to ask for it the time has passed. Breastfeeding is great for the bonding/antibodies stuff the first months, but this is beyond the pale. (Watery milky allusion) - Yep, weird stuff here. And as for the "everyone's a winner" crap, Harrison Bergeron is still a wonderful cautionary unfortunately turned true in many cases. Right on the money! Wonderful piece! Thanks!
Sorry but I can't watch the video, too weird. I'm pro winning and losing and against being nasty about it either way. If you can't say "good game" to the winning or losing team, at least say "thanks for playing." You're right, we shouldn't try to make children or adults be what they aren't. I think we should appreciate what we are.

As far as the nerds, they're as poor as everyone else. If you had to be smart we wouldn't have a gusher in the ocean and banks propped up by nerds and carpenters.

Trust me, that poor child is going to get beat up in school more than all the nerds in her county. Every bit of her IQ might be a total waste, what if she would have been the one to cure cancer.
That was ridiculous....and I'm a supporter of breastfeeding. I can see up to about a year or so....maybe 18 months, but past that, the Mom isn't doing her kid a service. That 8 year old would be just as happy with being held or hugged. She doesn't need any milk from her Mom. I don't know if it will hurt the child in the long run, but I can't help but wonder about the mind of the Mother!
Glad the first video didn't work for me. I did listen to the second one though ... ; -0

check the comment I left for you on mime's
OK HERE'S THE FACT--I WAS sitting in my middle school head office i was then a middle school head at a pre-k--12 private school and a tall women a a severe pulled back hairdo sweeps in to my office and says in a loud voice" I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW I BREAST FED WILLIAM UNTIL HE WAS 9. And she left. Like that.
It explained some things.
Oh dear. There are so many ways to be nuts, aren't there? The mom breastfeeding the 8 year-old leaves me speechless.

Oustanding post.
Hey Scanner,
The World Health Org recommends breast feeding until five--which makes perfect sense in a world with limited food, few immunizations, and bad water.
The self-esteem projects in schools--and I have seen then!--produce the ME generation and folks who believe in themselves when they shouldn't, when they should study or practice or just pick another thing to do.
Great, as always, Scanner.
As a former Division I college pitcher with a teenage son you'll probably see in the Majors someday, you may be surprised to hear that I support equal playing time for all players, regardless of their abilities. BECAUSE IT'S A "TOWNSHIP" LEAGUE, not an allstar team, not high school, not college.

Those adults who don't like that their precious superstar Johnny or Janey can't bulldoze over less-athletically-gifted players can go find an AAU or independent team to showcase their talents.

The "mission statement" of virtually all (reputable) township leagues state that every child should be given a equal chance to play, regardless of their skill level.

That (supposedly) idiotic rule was probably put in place to stop the stupid adult coaches who want to show-off their coaching acumen by crushing weaker teams/players or by living vicariously through their more talented kids.

The breast-feeding gig is totally way-out, I agree.

I breastfed my four for the first year.

Nipple stimulation should not be coming from an 8-yo child.

This woman is freaky.
I was actually scared to read this post, and I was right to be. Where are the weird police when you need them? Rated.
I think David's referring to the hormone Oxytocin [sp?] that's released when aroused during climax.
That may be a bit extreme and I have no clue what the connection is between the two things but it's a sportsmanship thing - "fine, you beat them, no need to rub their noses in it." When women's hockey first went national, I knew a D1 coach whose team could easily cream many of their competitors who wouldn't allow her team to win by more than 10 points.

Think of it from the standpoint not of the lesser team but of the team that can roll over others. It's not a bad thing to teach kids they don't need to humiliate others to prove themselves.

As for all the ribbons - I understand the objections but rewards for participation didn't keep my son playing football and didn't deter his sister from excelling in swimming. I think the kids see them for what they are. They don't value the prizes you get for showing up.
p.s. when the kid had teeth and clamped down to try to keep nursing while looking around the room - weaning happened fast. 6 months.
Mercy rule for blowout games is fine; but 5 isn't enough... you can come back from 5-down. Make it 10, but the winning team should still WIN, losing the match for doing very well is just stupid on every count. I bet the person who signed off on that rule didn't even read it. It makes no sense at all.

Also... that breastfeeding woman is pretty much a pervert. At 8, kids know about sex. So inappropriate. I could see if you were dirt poor, stranded on a desert island, or other extreme circumstances (Wasn't there a bit about that in Grapes of Wrath?) that lead you to 'survival mode,' but... she's just... ugh. Anything to get on TV, I suppose.
The second video was much easier to watch, I had to stop the first one after a short time. It seems to me that the mother is getting more than the child, an icky kind of something.
Good one Scanner. I'm not even going to get going on the 8 year old nursing other than to say that it's kind of sick on the mother's part and mentally unhealthy on the kid's part.
As for sports rules--that's a dumb rule but not as dumb as not keeping "score" and giving every kid in the league a championship trophy. For years as a volunteer youth coach, I had ways of easing up when we were obviously kicking the crap out of another team in soccer, softball, baseball or basketball. Sometimes I wish other teams would have done the same for my kids when the situation was reversed. But, getting the crap kicked out of you is part of life and you have to learn how to move on and get back out there the next time full of piss and vinegar.
From a historical and physiological standpoint, babies wean between ages 2-4. Once pups can chew and swallow, I think its time to move forward. Having said that, I don't think this is 'harmful' but I could definitely see some boundary issues later in life with this child.


@David: Some women have more sensitive breasts than others :) Nipple stimulation at the right time can lead to orgasm: and its freaking AWESOME. Although I will say that there is a huge difference between the intimacy and bond of nursing a child and that of a sexual partner. Two very different elements here.
Forgive me for even thinking this, but I'm afraid that at his age in a similar situation I'da had an erection.
Somebody is a little too attached...
Because it is not anywhere in our modern cultural norm, she is harming her child. I also think she is harming herself by letting her older child have ownership of the breasts. In societies where starvation is common, breastfeeding of older children is common and expected. My four year old girl still uses my breasts as pillows and talks about breast-feeding, but only because she remembers breastfeeding at three years of age.
(even as a fellow brother umpire) You're wrong.

You are only thinking about the kids who can appreciate getting their butts kicked as a life lesson for "next time".

How 'bout those kids for which there won't be a next time? Like children that are trying a sport out for the first time? Like kids who might be uncoordinated (typically, children who grow up to be physical monsters) at one stage while playing TOWNSHIP ball and give up the sport because of a whoop-ass killing in a game. How 'bout kids without a stable home life where daddy doesn't play with them everyday to improve their skills -- that daddy is typically the coach who wants to live-through/showcase their child.

Where's a place to play for those kids? It's TOWNSHIP ball (soccer, baseball, etc.) and mercy rules and rule constraints are necessary for asshole parent/coaches.

If a child is gifted and wants to play COMPETITIVE ball, let them go somewhere else (AAU, daddy's traveling team, etc.).

It's almost as crazy as TEXAS having COMPETITIVE, traveling-team T-ball (4- and 5- year olds) in baseball. Idgits.
I would also like to echo LadyMiko: breastfeeding your child can be a wonderful experience, but it is not sexual in any way. They are two completely different things.
wrong wtrong wrong and rated with a shake of the head
Craze, how about the kids who don't want to be out there, but their over-bearing parents make them do it. Believe me, I've seen it, kids who would rather be home reading or just running around, but have to be on a field with their parents yelling at them to do better. Everyone is not cut out to be athletic, period. As far as the 5 point rule, any coach with any moral fiber would call the game off after watching their own team get beat up by 5 or 50 points. You don't need a rule for throwing in the towel. Kids have enough on their minds just being kids without having their parents live their lives vicariously through them.
...and here I'm caught up on the soccer 'rules'.....what!?
When our sons tried basketball at the Y in GA, their rule was if one team was too ahead of the other, the winning team couldn't shoot at the basket without passing 5 times for each shot! We found another league....
(supposed) Adults in OS can't be counted on to behave properly. Unfortunately, that is also the case with many youth sport coaches who must be controlled.

Thanks. Your youth sports scenario demonstrates perfectly what can and should happen.

An "inclusive" league trying to cast a wide net for kids of all talent levels wasn't competitive enough for your gifted child and you choose to place him/her in another league that met your family's objectives.

You're happy and the original league (with the excellent 5-pass-before-shooting-rule) is happy.

Whose site am I on?

Hopefully I am 'Just Thinking...'....and not about me...

I disagree with the other comment that took my original thought and ran with it----- having the rules goes too far, I didn't have a gifted kid, I had a regular kid, just like everyone kid was on the losing side, I thought the rules were ridiculous and that's why we left.

The point of the comment was to agree with Scanner's post that we go too far making nice nice for our kids...breastfeeding too long, rearranging sporting rules so no one gets their feelings hurt...they don't even have The Pledge of Allegiance in classes anymore in a lot of areas of our country so someone's feelings aren't hurt!
Mark, I missed the movie but I just watched the trailer. 48 months, hah! But, it made me want to be 4 years old again!
Brits? As eccentric as ever.
I found the video mildly creepy when the mother accepted it as normal behavior and laughed at the Father when he looking when she was breast feeding two, "saying where's mine?" If the father has to wait in line to get his share, then yank kid off! ROTFL!
Uh, I am speechless.

Could not bring myself to play the thing. Also, sound is malfunctioning in the PC I have for my use til Monday (at Mr. H.'s place as we speak).

All I can say is, if that kid isn't sick inside already from the abusive situation (s)he's in, then sickness will surely follow.
wow. hadn't heard about this. disturbing on so many levels. kids do need to learn how to lose and deal with adversity. we're raising a bunch of co-dependent, emotionally-stunted neurotics. yeah to the future.
just ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Oh ICK! But...thank you for The Who. Roger Daltrey took my mind off the creeps I got from the other one. As I recall from my days as a rock crit, he was very "appreciative" of breasts. And that song wasn't one of his, but he always sang it with gusto...
Some really weird stuff out there. Watched the video and kind of freaked out. R
Both points well taken.
Ew, ew, ew. (the 8yo that's still on the tit)
Dumb, dumb, dumb. (the "get 5 points ahead and you lose" rule)

You end up punishing the kids that are doing well. They're not doing it to make the other team feel bad, they're on a roll and they're feeling good about it! Yeah, in the leagues that are "play for fun" I can buy the minimum playing times and the ten-run mercy rules. I paid a chunk of money to have my kid play on that team and dammit he better get his four downs per half, I don't care how bad he sucks. LOL But I couldn't get behind a '5-passes before you can shoot' rule or a rule that takes a legitimate win away from the better team. Yes, we don't want the good teams running roughshod over the hopes and dreams of the other teams... but Dream Teams in little kids' sports are rare and that's what mercy rules are for.

The talented, and the not-so-talented, will get redistributed the next year and it'll be a whole different league. As I'm fond of yelling at all my kids' sports, "Ah, let 'em play!!!! LET 'EM PLAY!"
Scanner. I hope I do not ruin your reputation by posting this, but that was a bullseye. I agree.
I didn't watch either video.

Insofar as sports and athletics go, game on! Let kids learn the rules. It doesn't matter who wins or loses. Competition builds character. I tell my kids to kick ass. Bowling, swimming, field and track, basketball, football, cycling,'s all good. Win some/lose some.
Anything taken to such extreme is a bad thing.. gets creepy then. I breastfed boys till 9 mo. for some that is a bit long but they had zero childhood illness.
When my daughter was born in 1982 my wife and I took these birthing classes. During the first class, at the woman's house, her six year old kid runs in from playing outside, goes to his mom, lifts up her blouse, unhooks the trap door thing on the nursing bra, and has a snack. I was a little startled to say the least but it got worse when she recommended eating the placenta.
Roger, for once, I am speechless!
hmm...this is interesting.

I figure she's keeping them full for the whole family. that last bit with the husband, "hey where's mine?" says a lot.

I don't think she's causing the kids harm but I don't think it's good either. what's particularly bad, imo, is she says the kids don't like her wearing bras, as if her breasts were their breasts. that bothered me quite a lot, particularly because she NEEDS to wear a bra if she's going to tote around a half gallon of milk per breast. those babies need support.

as for sports, that whole "let em win if they lose" crap is absolutely the pits. you play to win. what the hell is the point otherwise?