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JULY 29, 2011 11:35AM

Please Help Save Hitler Kitten

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 No One Will Adopt Hitler Cat

Folks, this just isn't right. People are refusing to adopt this beautiful little kitten from an animal shelter because they say he looks like "Hitler" They went so far as to name him "Kitler". It is not the kittens fault he looks like the the most insane mass murderer in history. Please, someone take little Kitler and give him a good home. I just wouldn't play any German music around him, you never know!


Below is either the greatest animal actor in the world, or a chickenshit dog that likes to start trouble and then passes out until he can run away. You tell me. His name is Tink (what a coincidence) 



Finally, it's nice to see how we can take animals from the wild, and domesticate them. This Lion is doing her best to play with the kid behind the window. Too bad there was a window there, a good time could have been had by all, and the kid would have had an experience he could have talked about forever. Or, maybe not!



 1299871944 kid vs lion at the zoo Missed him by that much




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Okay, the Hitler kitty needs to go home with Tink, not the one in the clip the one from Indiana.
what was in your Wheaties this morning, Scanner *snort*

I have to say I'm a little worried about the dog in the video--seriously. Could be a form of epilepsy; I've seen a dog in my neighborhood do something similar.

On the other hand, it could be part of his routine...who knows?
I'll adopt the kitten. Send Adolph here. r.
The poor kitten is the victim of a neo-con plot to paint and terrorize animal shelters. We need to simply take a different tack. People need to show up with Charlie Chaplin pictures and placards and capture clips of this little Charlie Kitlin doing funny things like kicking bulldogs in the butt and then pretending to be looking the other way.

Maybe mimetalker will take him? It could be the start of a "beautiful relationship."

The young lion is merely practicing pouncing methods. I worked at a zoo for almost 7 years. Almost all large predatory animals see children as natural prey. I suppose they recognize they can't fight back as well and can't run as fast as the bigger versions.

I think that dog has figured out the 'feint' (or is it faint?) method of play.
scanner- Sweet little Friday post. A nice distraction for today. We need one.
I love the last one. Notice the kid didn't realize what the lion was doing until right there at the end. I wonder how long it took him to clean his shorts out after he stopped shaking.
I've been way too serious lately. Have a good and funny (I hope) Friday. Ya'll have a great weekend~TGIF~~
That lion was great. Wow What force. And I think I am like that little dog. Jumping around for attention and then laying on my back expecting someone to do me. HA. So cute.
Aw, that kitten looks sweet. What a dolly.

-R- for paws Hehe
These were hilarious, all three! I've had my girls at one of those "wild" animal places witht he windows and it's pretty funny when you see that scenario live. The fainting dog? Wow, not sure what to say about that!
Naming an adoptable cat Kitler is beyond stupid. I imagine the British shelter is doing this as a publicity ploy.

I have met a lot of strange people ion my cat rescue work, but i have met no one stupid to name a cat like that. I'd call him PM Lloyd George.
In the lion fast food industry, that kid is a happy meal.

Lunch and a toy together!
ah the lion just wants to play, anyoine who knows lions knows this.
(i was raised by them. age 30-33)
As for Kitler, I'd take him, but
my half-German ancestry might
disqualify me. Those forms you gotta fill out to adopt a cat
are very very
inclusive of all person details,

yes send home with tink..
15 m later i finally get to read this and rate..
I'm sure he'll find a good home now that he's receiving all this attention. A blog on the lighter side is always a good break.

Are you going to adopt the lion? without the glass??

Life is truly a bowl of kittens, or dogs, or big kittens - cats. It's really difficult to say which is better.
I’ll adopt him!

He’ll love my other two cats Kussolini and Kstalin.
Poor kitty. He's adorable. I'd adopt him, but I already have 4 of my own.
Here's hoping that Kitler finds a home. As to that last paragraph, I think you were right about the "or maybe not." :)
But even if there was some devious nazi plot to transfer dna to a cat, only the dogs would fear anything, and besides, they already made a movie about that, and the dogs defeated the cat plot to take over the world.
The kid is oblivious. He wouldn't last in the wild.
Looks like Kitler's doing the sieg heil salute. I wouldn't adopt the little Nazi.
These are hilarious! I'd take Kitler if I could, but I'm only allowed one pet. That dog cracked me up and that tiger cub really wanted to "play!"

A good Friday post. I think that dog is hilarious--maybe he is a dog version of fainting goats?
Cat's not saluting. Saluting is right-pawed.
I think Tink would be the perfect brother for this little tyke.
Perhaps it would learn some strange habits,
but that's another story.
rated with love
Well, this did make me snicker a bit. A nice diversion from the debt crisis. Do you think Boehner could play dead?
I shouldn't have laughed at that kid with the lion, but I watched the damn thing 20 times. I loved the kid's "WTF" reaction when he turns around.

We had a cat that had a Hitler mustache, but nothing like Kitler's. That seems so sad.
What a cutie kitty and a great laugh thanks!!!
Get the cat to 'march' over and sort that dawg out.
hi again, scanner-this reminds me of a couple goldfish i had. one also had a hitler mustache so i named them adolph and eva. a week after i got them, they died on the same day. suicide pact?