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Who Do You Have To Blow (to get an EP 'round here)

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 Sleepy Man

It's starting again. The  3 a.m. wake-up! It doesn't matter how tired I am the night before, at 3 a.m. my eyes pop open and I am wide awake. Usually I'm in pain when I wake up, so the first thing I do is reach for a pain pill and lay back down. After a piss break, I usually fall back to sleep as the pain hides out somewhere in the back recesses of my mind, ready to spring-back as quick as the dope wears off.

It's 3 a.m., and the alarm clock that we all have but never use goes off and I cannot find sleep, again. I lay there trying not to think of the million and three things on my mind but the more I try, millions of more thoughts overrun my mind and I am up. SHIT! The pain stops but the mind is going to do what the mind is going to do. The body has no say so, it's just a junkie following the mind around begging for its own fix, coffee in massive quantities. Then I  get pissed. 
What do you do at 3 a.m.? What else? Turn on the news, fire up the monkey machine and start typing while trying to find the words to be funny or clever or even stupid, if it will get you a few comments. I check my mail but at that un-Godly hour, I have nothing but junk mail that I hate. I check out some stuff on OS, but I haven't been around much this week and I have no idea if it's 80's hair week or Doppelganger Day. Just kidding, I thought they were great ideas. I don't look like anyone famous, of infamous for that matter.

I don't know why this is  happening. I am doing nothing more or nothing less than I do everyday, but here I am at 3 a.m. typing this crap for OS that will be read by my friends (i hope) and maybe some others, but mostly friends I have made over the last three years. People I love and respect. I am having a problem with the powers that be again about what constitutes an Editor's Pick. I don't seem to know the rules or I do not write well enough to get one. The Editor and I talked about it one time. She explained it to me in detail.
She said the Editor's Pick works in mysterious ways. I had a religious experience as I read her message. An EP and God, both working in mysterious ways. I guess you have to have Faith before believing either one exists.  Yep, she told me that I would not understand the inner workings of Open Salon. The 'nut's and bolt's' I guess.  That was over a year ago and the more I see how EP's are picked, the dumber I get. I guess I'll never figure it out. Some people are on the cover so much that I am surprised when I go to the front to check on new posts being written and do "not' see them on it. 
Maybe I'm just grouchy, this no sleep thing has been going on for over a week now and I'm getting by on 3 or 4 hours a night. I hear some people can deal with it, I can't. I need a solid eight hours to live, period. The Editor here has never liked me. She came in at a time of turmoil on OS and I was directly in the middle of it. She wrote me a letter that was total bullshit. But it wasn't her fault. She was inundated with PM's from people who were lying to her and she didn't know who to believe. After the problem was told to leave, I think she still disliked me for some reason. I know not why.
You may ask, what the hell have you wrote that deserves an EP? Well, you may have a point. Nothing really, but I have won small praise on other sites with the same stuff I put on OS, and OS management doesn't seem to think, or know, I exist. Even a blind hog digs up an acorn every now and again, so just by the luck of the draw or the fact that I am at or near the top of the ratings at times, would seem to draw some attention. But I have to admit, I'm not a Mad Man fan or DWTS or an American Idol fan. I do use some profanity, but no where near what I used to. I don't need to use it, but I like to use the word "fuck" every now and again. On the Eastwood post, which did pretty good by the way, I started it off with, "What the Fuck was that?" No good, huh?
But I do have a compadre who gets screwed worse than I do. My buddy Tinkerman69 gets fewer EP's than I do, if that's possible. Look at the Top Rated and my man is there. Look at the Top Rated for the Past Day and my man is usually there. I don't get it. If your stuff brings in readers and people like it enough to stop what they are doing to read it, why is it not worthy of an EP. For the people on the cover, you belong there, I love reading you. But I guess we'll have to go with the Editor's explanation that an OS EP is a lot like God. It works in some very mysterious ways.
It's now 5:17 a.m., please, disregard what I just wrote. I swear, I could care less about an EP. I get enough attention, but when I see  others that deserve one but the same old  buddy system is being used day after day, it gets the hair on the back of my neck up a bit. But, just a bit~~

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I actually wrote this yesterday, but changed it up. I was going to delete it. I hate for people to think I'm begging for an EP, I'm not. My stuff doesn't bring attention to the cover. I cuss to much and write fiction posts. But, I am writing this for others who have no audience and are being ignored by the editors. I read some great stuff, yet I see a lot of the same people on the front, day after day. They are great, and are not the problem. The EP's need to be spread around more, is all I'm saying. No dust-up here, please, Just an opinion~~!:-)
I don't think about it anymore, Scanman. It's not my call and there doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason behind who or what gets picked. It's marketability mainly, I suspect, with a little personal favorites and freshness thrown in for good measure. I doubt if Emily calls all the shots. If "they" like you, you stand a better chance, I imagine, no matter what you write. Otherwise the best way to get an EP, I've found, is to do the open calls they advertise - and even then you're not guaranteed a cover display. Bottom line, I'm like you: I write for my friends and hope what I write is interesting enuf to attract new readers, too. What else really matters, eh?
I understand where you're coming from. So far, I haven't earned an EP under the "new administration." I got a handful before that. I got the impression they were handing them out more freely this time around. Not true necessarily.
CM, this is the first time I've even mentioned it in years. But sometimes the powers that be need to be told they are not giving out enough respect to other writers. There are great writers here who have no readers, so I'm basically doing this for them. I have some great friends and great readers and an EP doesn't mean much to me. But I was once a newbie and couldn't buy a reader. An EP can make a newbie's day. Spread the love, is all I'm saying~
You have a good heart, Scanman, but I think the best way to get readers is the way you taught me: read and comment on other blogs and build up a network of friends. I see new faces on the cover all the time, and when I click them up many have one or two ratings and comments, if that. The cover doesn't have much respect among the oldtimers here, and I don't think OS mgt gives a big cahoot that we don't. I think they're interested only in snagging readers from outside the family. Of course, those readers can't rate or comment without joining, but they do give hits, and that's really all OS cares about.
So glad time has cured me of EP fever. When I got one just this week for the first time in months it didn't give me the rush it once did. This is a good thing because there was a time when I would too often choose my subject matter with that hope in mind. I appreciated the nod, especially since the subject was close to my heart, but I'm glad I've moved passed needing it. Now I'm just happy when I feel like I've managed to express myself the way I intended. Ratings, well that's another thing entirely. I still feel bad when ratings are low.
Scanner, the process is really quite straightforward: many have discovered the ancient monolithic stone located at a formerly secret spot in North America. An offering of a sacrificial lamb or goat usually does the trick, but lately some have had success with Weaver's Chicken Nuggets as their successful offering, too!
Matt, an EP still makes a newbie's week, or month, and keeps them writing, which is the point. But, you may be right, they could care less.
I Love Life, I've read your stuff and believe me, you should have snagged a few EP's, in my opinion.
blue, my point exactly. I have a great readership of friends that took 3 years to build and I've had EP's. Leepin' Larry and I had the exclusive video of the "Voice" the homeless guy that was all over the world. Larry sent it to me, I wrote a few words, posted it and it was ignored. That day, every magazine and TV show in the country was running this, except OS, because of their "mysterious" ways they pick EP's. The next day, two EP's were given out (I think you and L?) that were great, but the editors missed the boat and pissed me off. Larry should have gotten the recognition for finding it, and I told them. They lost out on the video but I got ratings and comments out of the yazoo, hah! Their loss!
Actually I dig it brother. There is no rhyme or reason to it as far as I can see. No offense editors but, some of your picks are crap and if that's a problem well, I don't exclude my own from the mix. Not that some weren't worthy just that some were less than perfect even by my own loose standards. The only editor that ever replied to any inquiries of mine was Joan. She told me that despite the lack of cover space I was on her short list of favorites. That made up for a lot of the stuff that never made the front page. I don't write for those things anymore, and that's a damned good thing too, I write for readers and if I'm not smart enough or trendy enough or skilled enough to suit the staff well to each his/her own.
I figure the editors go for what will draw in new readers, so the sensational and the dramatic (read sex/violence/topical) will usually get the honors. I don't think it's done with any malice. This is a free site and a business, so they have to keep bringing in the warm bodies.

I am very much in agreement with you though, but I also know it has to be very hard to read so many posts and pick out what might be "the best of the day". Or really, "something well written, juicy and will grab some attention but not be completely cheesy".

Poets rarely get noticed as the best of anything, much less an editor's pick. Algis does with some regularity but that's because his images are striking and are such stunning visual poetry, you'd have to be a blind idiot not to stick them on the front page. I think there are a too many excellent writers, poets, artistic OSers who are rarely, if ever honored. It bothers when I think about it, so I don't think about it.

In fact, if I thought about how much attention I get, or don't get, I'd never write. I write my poetry and then I publish it here and then I rewrite it while it's live, which is nuts but that's my idiot process. I simply can't really see it until it's live. Or maybe it's impatience on my part and I post too soon. But I can't even begin to tell you how many poems I've written and rewritten and thought were finished, only to be revised and "updated" live. It's ridiculous. I don't know what I'd do if I published a book.
I don’t know.

Perhaps you have to stay within certain guidelines and abstain from calling the most powerful people in the country a bunch of extortionists holding peoples lives hostage for the sake of health care profits.

Perhaps you have to have better writing skills than I.

Perhaps you have to get the readers first.

I have noticed that a handful of what I consider the best EPs don’t get many ratings or viewers compared to some of the ones that I consider less important, although they may still be good. But maybe that’s just me.
We're loved my friend, by other people who matter more than any old Ed I Tor, that being BigTittiesandBeer and Ima Love You!!!

God I love them women!! ~:D

I'm new to OS but I see what you mean. I actually joined years ago but never posted anything, and then when I finally wrote a post it was an EP (it wasn't even political or depressing -- it was about being a fat runner). So I paid attention, because I got a bunch of ratings and comments and it was a bit of a thrill. Obviously, it made me want to post more. So I did, and after a few posts I got another EP, but that was for a post that was somewhat depressing and had an old picture attached. The editors seem to like that. I don't know -- I've let go of the idea that getting an EP means anything at all, though it would be nice to get another one so I can get more comments. I like hearing what people have to say, and my posts are pretty much ignored since I don't know many people here yet. But I suppose I need to stop being lazy and post more. It does seem that the same four or five people are on the front cover every day. As great as their posts are, I'm sure there are lots of other good posts we're missing.
gave up on them, Scanner i haven't had an ep in well over a yr i'll survive :)
This is so strange as last night and this is a true story I had a dream about Emily and she was looking after a round historical stone house as a curator. She also had a child. NO joke I already told Catherine about it..:)

I think we all just need to write and forget about it as it will drive you nuts.. I am so busy writing for someone else now that I have no time to think. I get to see the hits come in on her Feeeditz system and that is good enough for me; especially when they are from somewhere across the pond :)

I think total satisfaction comes from being read. The fact that someone took time out their day to read what you wrote is great and so wonderful.
As for Tink they should have him for After Dark.

You could get cancer.

You could get raped.

Become politically correct.

Whatever. By the way, the first two will need way more than just awful facts. Vanilla tragedy isn't enough.

Watch the Lifetime network for ideas.

Here is a trending topic --- Tea Party/Republicans who collect significant amounts of government aid.
I agree, Scanner, and don't know the criteria for an EP either. Since others seem to be saying the same thing, we may deduce that there is none or that it changes with the tides. I have had exactly one in the year I have been doing this. Of course, I wandered off for six months and only just got back to doing this again. I wandered off because I did not see where all this writing, posting, commenting, etc. was leading. The answer frankly is nowhere. I came back because I missed the writing and I missed the commenting and I missed others, though they be few in number, enjoying my work. In other words, I do it for me. I know that sounds selfish but if we don't write to please ourselves first, we start down the slippery slope of writing to please others, and I, for one, don't that very well. I sense that you don't either. You are a unique and special voice and if you walk away from the typewriter pleased with what you have done, then fuck the Eps and the horses they rode in on.
I put the f word in because I know you like to hear it once in awhile. Oops, is that writing for others?R
D, I can sacrifice a chicken. I choke it to death, hah!
Bob, we've both been here a long time and seen some strange picks. They may want some new blood. (**runs off crying)
Monkey, there is no bigger fan of Algis than me. He is a genius. But so is Con and and some others I can name. My only point in this senseless little post that I wrote with no sleep, is to throw some crumbs to some other people. You may motivate another Algis and OS can proudly claim, (and you know they will) "they got their start here."
Zack, you've written some of the best posts I've ever read on OS. You don't just write, you research and give expert opinion. No one can tell me you don't deserve more EP's!
TINK~~My brother from another~they're killing us. We need to start a rival OS. Call it Tink's Place~everything you need to know about masturbation, but where afraid to ask. I can be a helper!
Simon Garfunkel looks so innocent and kind. That is the way we were. Now we are the old hands with a following rather than an EP. I love you Scan Man and I am up at 3am often too. I just try to make it back to bed before the sun comes up and then "pretend" to get up correctly. Life is illusion. Be happy.
If there is a ryhme or reason we are are not going to know so it seems futile to even think about it. I just know me and Emily would not be simpatico if we ever, say, were in high school together. She doens't even read my posts. I wish EP's were a result of great quality and I could aspire to them with that in mind. Some are very deserving but it's just not something anyone should put stock in. The fact that you can touch folks and make em laugh or cry or think is something more, Scanner. Or so I tell myself-- to get over the snubbing ;>(
I think you have to find that obelisk from "2001: A Space Odyssey" and worship it like the apes did. I feel your pain. I used to get several EPs, but have gone through a dry spell too. My husband says the best writers are in the "top rated" section anyway. I try not to let it get to me. I write for myself and my friends on OS.
It's that elusive quality that gets to us. And there is nothing more elusive around here than an EP. Given the fact that the covers are often a mish-mash of misspelled words (damn, is that how you spell 'misspelled'??) and misleading excerpts, maybe it's a blessing in disguise to not be on there.
I have heard, however, that facing east while naked and juggling three squirrels when Emily is making her choices for EP can exponentially increase one's chances of recieving one.
Blow me! Blow me now! Put on a blue dress and get a cigar!

(Sorry, Clinton grabbed my keyboard away. Bad Bill!)
Sounds like a good idea!! We could have other things too, like, how to make a cake!! Or steal one from the grocery store. Easier to do that. :D

And damn it, I can juggle three headless squirrels!!!! Does not work for me to get an EP!! Boohoohoo!! ~:D

(My new, more easily obtained goal in life is to never ever get another EP!!! I think I can do that!! ~:D)
You're a decent human, Kenny. I'll not worry about receiving an EP; I honestly don't think anything I've written here warrants a rating. It won't keep me from completing my WIP, though. Some may find my writing boring because it's not inundated with controversy, but I think writing something is better than not writing anything at all.
Scanner, you don't seem to recognize that Open Salon is like a high school popularity contest, like being elected Student Council President. You have to be absolutely appealing to the student body, admired by your own sex and adored by the opposite sex, and with that glow of self-confidence that comes from wealth, the right parents and massive self-delusion.

If you have that, all well and good. If you don't, there's the position of Class Clown, the person who sucks up to the rich by making toothless jokes about them, who shows his self-hatred by allowing himself to be the object of mockery.

Me, I take the path made most famous by Harris and Klebold, the person who hates the hypocrisy of social cliques and organizations, and seeks to see them all die. I can't actually kill them, but I do whatever words can allow me to do.
try one and one-half line spacing

write how it was to be a young college girl who grew up in a strong Christian ethic and learned that sex is important, but make sure you have all the required pedantic elements, in a way that shows that it is remarkably identical to every other piece written about being a young college girl who grew up in a strong Christian ethic and learned that sex is important (remember those pedantic elements, you're young, naive, sexually curious, attracted to older men, more sophisticated than your peers, except for your even "more sophisticated" roommate - you know the crap that you see in every memoir of a young college girl who grew up in a strong Christian ethic and discovered sex was important). Keep it banal and un original, and that should do it
Scanner,we met this morning at Nane' blog,and I was taken by surprise to see how much bad,real bad posts are on OS.There are people who believe they are entitled to leave their dirt at other ppeople's doorsteps.Nane has had two links for more insider information in his post.One of them brought me to blogpost,and I left a comment there.(J_W_i_N).
I have the same sleeping problem that you have.Last night,I woke up around 1:30 a.m. What to do when sleep is desparately needed?
I urned on the PC.Next time I come check on you and see what kind of wisdom we can get out of our tired brains.
EP is a mysterious choice.However,I agree with you,and now look who is coming here to the lunatic!!!
A lot of these very good writers have high standard,and not everybody is ready and able to read philosophy;that's eclectic.
I for my part find it refreshing to have you write on other people's behalf just like Chicken Maaan did yesterday,as he was promoting someone again.
Trendsetters are one-day-flies,and they hit the taste of the crowd,
but good writing will outlast temporary taste.
You are a magnificent writer and can write in more genres than anyone I know. If I were the Editor you would have so many EP's you would have trouble counting them.
I have only received one EP for a poem and it wasn't for the poem but for the photo of sunrise from my window. The little poem down below was just an explanation of where the photo was taken. I also have written the editor and publicly complained about the lack of EP's in general for poetry.
The comments are the most important thing for me and the joy of my experience here. I have, for the most part, stopped thinking about getting an EP.
rated with love
Sometimes you've just got to rail at the world. (I think Crash Davis had a monologue about that in "Bull Durham").
ScanMan, the dynamics of this joint have changed. One of the things that I've noticed (now that I'm back to spending more time here) is that there is less "reading" and less "commenting" than there used to be. (Just scroll through the most recent posts and most popular posts to spot this trend).
Your writing has evolved in the time I've been here--in multiple dimensions from commentary, to fiction to poetry to satire. That is a rare thing indeed my friend. Screw the EPs--although that's easier said than done. Just keep writing. It helps the pain and it clears the head.
Looking back, I liked the Kerry days. He'd give EP's that didn't necessarily fit into his cover scheme, so wouldn't make the cover, but still recognized a good post nonetheless.
Don't ask me, three years and never had one. But you have a huge readership Scanman no doubt about that. It's why i am here too.
I have no idea what goes on in the mind(s) of the OS editor(s). I'm not sure they know either. I once asked myself the following: "Would you rather have an EP with 5 ratings or 45 ratings and no EP?" It was a no-brainer for me. Forty-five ratings are 44 more than the one from the editor. Amen.

toritto's last 2 blogs were superb and neither got an EP. Go figure . . .
Just look at how many comments and ratings you have already. EP? maybe not. But good, thoughtful, compelling, entertaining writing? You bet.
At least on Viewshound you could make money. I like the model of, where you accumulate points for posting and commenting, then can use them at stores, on-line like amazon and physical. To paraphrase the strikers at Harvard back in the 70's, you can't eat prestige, and you can't eat EPs.
I don't think I write often enough to get noticed much. I have had one EP in three years, a few weeks ago. I thought that was nice. You came by and read it. Now there is another one this week with the same topic, Snowy Owls.
That made me laugh. You know how much time I could waste trying to figure out the connection, if there is any significance?
My favorite part is when other writers I respect take notice and have something to say.
I have recieved an EP.... for pictures. Didn't know whether I should howl with laughter or anger. Makes the heart feel a bit better knowing I'm not the only one who just doesn't understand.
Wondering about EPs is like the eternal question, Why do bad things happen to good people? Besides, Kerry's going full-sex articles during the night, so there's something to pass the time.
To get picked, find out whatever THEIR open call is, write passionately (of the few I have garnered, they were written in haste AND spite), and include a photo or two if you can. If you don't like the open call, write about something current in the news that hasn't been hacked to death yet, with a strong pro liberal stance. If you don't want to do that, and you are not a woman, write about your feelings about your dying father, mother, wife, child, grandfather who served in WW1 or 2. With photos, even better. Generally, they don't like profanity (excessive, anyhow), ranting or self pity.
There are people who regularly get picked, posted. It turns out, many of them post elsewhere and their blogs pick up a lot of hits from other sites, which brings them to OS. Fiction and poetry are not generally rewarded, it tends to be news and social, political, education, and "damn the system".
I don't think my best writing gets the rates or comments, either. Those stats are reflected as most interesting to the crowd who has logged in that day. Once someone embeds your link elsewhere, it can get hit. I got a lot of hits on a recent post because it was on the front page of big Salon in the little box for about 4 days, but my rates/comments were average (still higher for me, that was the longevity bit).
You are a good writer, Ken, and so I really hope you don't have to blow anyone to get the attention for the writing you deserve. :)
I've found that my pieces that did get EPs have also been among my highest rated and most commented on. Maybe I'm an anomaly in that respect. Anyway, I have read lots of things that I was quite sure would end up on the cover, but didn't, so I haven't the faintest idea of what it takes.

(And I probably shouldn't comment on the other comments, but that last paragraph in neutron's comment is one of the more offensive things I've ever encountered here on OS. Really poor taste, especially considering the fact that part of this community in the past - I don't know if she still blogs here - has been a woman who is the mother of a Columbine victim.)
Blow or blow up?

I got the fairly common newbie hook-'em cover and I don't recall any others until I had a bunch of pictures (virtually no text) of a non-American Occupy site. Which was nice, but was hardly a personal recognition.

I and others have tried FTTT to do semi-regular posts high-lighting some (usually little-read) posts we thought worthy. I think it would be super-cool if the Editor would give a square of the front page real estate to a simple listing of readers' choices.

Tho of course then we'd all be griping that NOBODY PICKED ME.

BUT, OTOH, it would get Tink on the front page, finally! (And his serious post of a few weeks past shouldda been there.) And Erika I agree re Toritto. Actually, if there are Regulars on the front page, he should be one. Really powerful political pieces. Lovely reminiscence pieces... Nice poem today.
[r] Hah! What luxurious catharsis to piggyback onto your well and wittily expressed indignation. It brings a giggle and an awareness of a more serious degree of frustration I have tried to deny -- have shoved in the back of some high shelf of my ego. I have lots of "authority" issue baggage lugged ever onward from childhood. I am convinced I will never get an EP and I think that is preferable to getting one or two and then going through the drought. Too strident. Too verbose. Too emotional. Too eccentric. Too earnest. Too ...too .... too .... too ... whatever I am. It is a crap shoot to me in a casino that is rigged against me, but look at how I feel about our government in general. Is it really only one judge? Well, that really does reduce the chances and explains a lot. I question that imbalance since there are so many, many, many writers here. And different strokes for diff. folks as they say. Maybe twice in the wee hours of the morning I have discovered I have appeared on the top-rated list for half a sec which breaks my paranoia that there is some technical and nefarious mechanism that won't let me get even there from here. I am grateful that I get as many hits as I do these days. And don't take that for granted, believe me. Hah! It is what it is and sometimes we must do the old serenity prayer on the whole thing (or the short version of said prayer, "f*ck it!"). I also like the expression, "you can't push the river". The "competitive" system repelled me when I first joined os. I mean blogging and seeking out comments or readership already starts out competitive. But the EP and top rated was so much like high school and the divine clique living on Mt. Olympus in social authority and then the rest of us poor slobs allowed to "witness". Make do in your own little orbit seems to be good advice. "So it goes" as Vonnegut used to say. Emily song is such a hoot. And of course, Scanner, you OBVIOUSLY don't have your own authority figure baggage (not) which makes your outrageous rebelliousness so very delicious and again cathartic to so many of us, if I dare presume to speak for others. Calling out life's cuckoo-nestness at times in a McMurphy-like way. Thank you. And compared to getting an EP, the rewards on that one, admit it, are PRICELESS! (Hey, btw, I thought you looked exactly like Jeff Bridges?) (Hah!) best, libby
You are a magnificent writer touching on so many fascinating issues with clarity, depth and humor. My life is enriched by reading your writing, Scanner....R
Dear Scanner, you alluded to a previous time when there was a flame war going on OS. Some of the other writers have done that too. I wasn't reading OS then, but it must have scarred a great many worthy people. For myself, I write something that bubbles up from within me. I am happy when someone else notices and takes time to read and comment. There are writers on OS I now regard as friends and I try to keep up with their posts, because I want to validate the time they took to put their thoughts out here for others to read and comment on. I've had nights when my brain won't shut off and I come out and read OS to comfort myself until I can sleep. I hope you get an EP soon, because it matters so much to you.
Scanner---here's all I know. Because I do NOT know the answer to the question.

1. You actually just made this subject interesting. Now think about that for a second. After all the words written on this subject--all the words read by those of us who have been around for awhile---you made THIS interesting!

2. Take a look at the Favorites icons on people's pages. Like mine for instance. Notice anything? I do. It's YOU!

Keep doing what you are doing. You are part of the heart and soul of this place.
Unlike sites that have a narrow target audience, they have a very broad target. My last job was at a dot com and I wound up marketing jewelry again. We had a broad target with products from Wal Mart to Nordstrom. I had to select what went on our main "landing page" and all the sub category landing pages. We could access reports that showed which pages caused the most people to "leave the site" and which kept them going "deeper." That's what drove my selections for what we called EP's and the smaller images. Those things changed constantly and every week we changed what we EP'd based on the latest reports.

Decades ago in the wholesale fashion industry I learned that there are many types of taste, from the classic to the bizarre. Hell there are people who'd buy a chocolate covered turd on a stick to eat if a Pop Icon was in the ad saying yummy, yummy. It changes from day to day and what we like is on our favorites tab, they have to drive people to the site and then "deeper."

I wouldn't wear 1% of what I put on our main landing page in that job but it was my job to select a good variety and to keep it changing. It was a huge responsibility and I dreaded looking at those reports in case my choices drove customers away. My years there gave me the freedom to write what is good for me here, in the same way I'd only buy the fashion that's right for me. Who knows what the public will want next week, it's fickle and often mindless.

If I was an editor here I'd do the same thing whether we were all friends or not because it would be my job. In other words, it's just business. I'm hoping my next job will be stocking shelves. And I'm glad you're here.
I sympathize with you on all counts. I just don't think about it much anymore. I wrote a couple of things recently that I thought would be good front page stuff, different, timely and personal. The thing is, no one seems to care. I am rest my case and continue to do this for myself and myself alone. Once in a while I let people know I if I think they might want to read something I had done. Other than that, I am not committed.

I still can't figure out all the other places people post besides OS. I sign up and sign in to get alerts than I never get them. I don't know if it is comcast or some filter or what. That really gets me. I am just not technical enough apparently. You are a great writer, and I have said that before, I enjoy your work.
The answer to your question is....everybody. You being a white middle aged heterosexual is definately working against you.
Always love your comments and positive attitude. Keep up the great work !
Please don't delete it. It says so much. I have been very discouraged about the EP's lately. They are not living up to what EP's should be (except mine :)) ... I am a little discouraged too, Scanner. How's the book coming??
With all those readers, what difference does it make? I went for over a year once without one and never received one from the editor who preceeded Emily. Now that I've gotten a few recently I recognize there must be a rivalry since so many of my regular readers have dropped off, yet show up rating and commenting on other posts.

What is clearly more important is maintaining ones integrity as a writer, and creating a site one wants to participate in by nature of the power we do have to rate and encourage good writing without falling victim to our own competitiveness.
You, scanner, are a fine writer and expositer. At least I think so. I don't know what it takes for an EP (and I just got my third one -- I'm still clueless as to what makes them an EP versus others I think more worthy that don't.)

It must be "Mysterious Ways" (C) (R)tm logic that allows it. I mean, there are times when I write something I think should be really well recieved and -- boink! -- nothing but the sounds of silence. Other times, I write as passionately as before, but honestly, none of it is in mind of thinking, "Maybe *this'll* get an EP," and next thing you know, it gets an EP. Go figure.

More importantly, I, like you like to read what others have to say, what others are getting positive results for in terms of comments and ratings (which, at some point, should be indicative of an overall level of EP worthiness to consider by the Eds) and see that a lot of EPs (mine included) get an award like that, yet get relatively low ratings, decent, but not high levels of comments and yet there are other things out there that get super huge comments, long rants and raves, high ratings (my highest rating is 28 for an EP and I have seen non-EP posts garner that in 2 hours -- mine took DAYS and DAYS to get there) and no EP.

Maybe you should grab hold of something that you're really passionate about, don't give a flying fuck what the editors think, write that, check it for spelling, pacing and content fluidity (*which you seem to mostly do anyway) and just fucking put it out there, man.

Sure, great advice, right? Like it's not what you're already doing.

Well, maybe you could write up some sort of satire about Mysterious Ways and allude in some metaphorical manner that no matter what it is that is Mysterious, an OS EP is even more inscrutable? I know I cannot fathom the connective tissue that makes the three EPs I have connote into some sort of formula I could follow.

Each one is a complete surprise to me. Each one is on a completely different subject. And the articles I thought I did that were more deserving of that attention? Nothing.

Take another pain pill, (better yet, roll your own pain remedy or put *that* in your pipe and smoke it) and when the waves of pain recede and the mists of the veil flutter enticingly -- go for it and pound away on that monkey device for Shakespearian greatness at random with the same abandon as any other monkey. Maybe that's all it takes. Random abandon with an eagerness and power sufficient to destroy the device used to create in the first place?

But if it helps, scanner, I think you're a damn fine writer.

Since I've been here, I've gotten 2: one for a piece I'm really proud of and the other for one that was maybe average for me. I have no clue. This place is free so I just think of it as random.
Quick case in point. My latest EP is my highest rated article yet. It currently stands at 28 and was posted Feb 9th. You posted this this morning and including my ratings currently stands at 41 as of just before posting this.

What makes an EP is definitely a Mystery fit for the Oracles at Delphi.
Thanks for this, Scanner. 'Mysterious' is as good a word as any to describe Editor's Picks; I cannot discern the criteria either. If I was Emily (or whomever), I would write a comment whenever I picked a post to say a word or two about why I found it notable or high-quality. That practice would serve us all well: picked author, readers, and the editor herself, since we all know how writing an explanation can help to clarify thoughts.

I like the idea of EPs, so I'd like to keep my blog on Open Salon. I'll give it a few more months and see what happens with the planned changes.
I am no authority on this; just here to show solidarity. Hell, I barely get into double digits in my comments unless I write about hating myself and drinking too much.

Power to the people.
jesus man..look at the love coming at you from the best...

who needs an ep?

Only EP I ever got was way way back in the beginning, describing how my bipolar illness had eventuated by being homeless for 8 weeks. Maybe I will repost it.

Now that I got a home, and a Voice, thanks to people like u, Scan, who always come by no matter how lunatic my shit is, I feel no pressing need to go for the EP. I am as vain as anyone , maybe more , and would love to see my handsome mug on the cover , but it just aint gonna happen…

The OS underground is where the action is. We all know who we are down here. And you have a seat at the Round Table. We subvert. We explode. We are unknown quantities. We prefer our status of stalwart loyal friends to those we know share our sensibility.

You have written magnificently of the military..i recall a post a few months ago where you visited a hospital…excuse my memory lapse..but at the the time I was crowing for you to get the ep.

3 am. I know a lot of people who are suddenly up at that hour. Me, I would be, if I were not so heavily dosed with Tylenol pm.
A patient of mine worries incessantly about recognition, EP's and silly string sex; I tell him EP's are sex without silly string.
Rw005g, I too have noticed that EPs often exhibit some scholarship, but I haven't noticed that brevity is valued. My editor's eye has made me cringe at unnecessary material in many an EP.
I don't really think about them anymore. EP's used to excite me but then I saw a story on the front cover about someone who couldn't stop going to garage sales and I knew this place was crazy. r
Who knows why people get EPs? Does it really matter? I mean, no one is getting paid. The EP I got this last week is the first one I've had in a long time. I didn't blow anyone to get it. It's virtual. Who would I blow?

Obviously, I haven't been here very much either, so I haven't really perused the site to see if everything that has an EP appears to me to be EP worthy. Not that I would do that. But, I think it's not a good idea to insinuate those that do get EPs aren't doing a good job. That seems ... well ... not a nice thing to do.

Writing for enjoyment is good.
Hah. I just thought of that Seinfeld episode where Elaine got obsessed with who and who was not "sponge"-worthy. We gotta leave off from any "EP-worthy" obsessiveness. Just a thought. ;)
Odettteroulette, it's not so much that we (I, at least) are 'insinuating those who get EPs aren't doing a good job." A reasonable case can be made that 95% of the OS writers are doing a good job in one way or another.

I suspect others feel as I do, though, that we would like to see more from the EPs. As readers, we want to be interested and engaged with the highest-quality writing on OS. As writers, we want occasional recognition and feedback. Having more consistent and obvious criteria for EP selections would make reading the front page more rewarding and would help us all with our writing, not just our egos.
odetteroulette, my friend, I read this again, and can find nowhere in it where I say or insinuate that people who don't get EP's cannot write. I think I lean more towards the point there are very good writers that should get EP's. Perhaps this is why it happens. People read something and find things in it that aren't there.
Karen brings up an interesting point. But if OS had a set of criteria for EPs, what would that even look like? Aside from obvious things, like correct spelling, punctuation and grammar, and maybe certain minimum and maximum length restrictions, what would be on that list? I'm of the mind that a list of criteria could turn out to be somewhat restrictive, and would take a lot of the "open" out of Open Salon.

Also, even though I don't read much fiction or poetry here (and I don't write either of those things myself) I do share the frustration that they are ignored here. But I don't see that changing, even though that, in itself, makes Open Salon a little less open.
Christine! Being addicted to garage sales is a serious matter. I am in recovery these days, and try to stay home on weekend mornings, but it's still a *fascinating* topic. To some of us. Who remember cooing into the perfectly formed dead ear of some splendid garage find... (An alligator lamp, in my case...tho I can't quite find its ears...)
I can't answer your question. I'm just trying to build my audience. I know I should come here more often, but I really don't see the value. Rated
Jeanette, you asked whether having a set of criteria for EPs might "turn out to be somewhat restrictive and would take a lot of the 'open' out of Open Salon." I don't see how it could, for three reasons.

First, a lot of us write posts without any thought or intention of having them picked for the front page. For those writers and those posts, the criteria wouldn't come into play. We can all choose to write and comment just as openly as ever.

Second, I would be surprised if the editors do not already maintain the spirit of Captain Barbossa ("The code is more what you'd call guidelines, actually." ) Whatever criteria they are using, I'm sure they choose posts that do not fulfill every criteria, and that they'd continue to do so even after they told us what those criteria are.

Finally and most importantly, unless the EPs are randomly or impulsively chosen (they are not), the editors are now using criteria for their selections, regardless of whether they've articulated those criteria. It would be interesting, informative, and helpful for both readers and writers to know what those criteria are.

than actual rules.

Also, even though I don't read much fiction or poetry here (and I don't write either of those things myself) I do share the frustration that they are ignored here. But I don't see that changing, even though that, in itself, makes Open Salon a little less open.
oops. I copied Jeannette's post into mine as I drafted that response, and didn't delete all of it. Sorry!
I'm curious about the EPs too. . . one thing I don't think they're into is anti-Obama posts. Maybe if more pretty photos were used . . . ? [r]
You are a great writer and a fantastic blogger, Kenny. I said so and that is worth a thousand EPs. But if you want to talk money, you got about 50 ratings in 5 hours. That is the only thing that matters: it means that we love you and we love what you write. Have a drink on me, my friend. R
Finally and most importantly, unless the EPs are randomly or impulsively chosen (they are not), the editors are now using criteria for their selections, regardless of whether they've articulated those criteria. It would be interesting, informative, and helpful for both readers and writers to know what those criteria are.

Aside from pieces that are very topical and current, I actually do think that it is pretty random (but not necessarily impulsive).

But then again, I think profkeck might be on to something. It's probably a lot easier to come up with a list of things that are sure to not result in an EP (an "anti-criteria" list, if you will) than it is to have a list of criteria that will get you one!
Hey, I'm with you. Its hard to get noticed unless you have an EP.
Hard to send your stories to hundreds of "friends"....
Front Page means a lot...although comments are the currency.
I've read how about reading mine...:)
If you want an editor who will actually read what you write, respond to your inquiries, and do the normal things writers might expect of editors, you need to find an who will do those things.

I blog here for the "crowd". I expect less than nothing from the editors and staff, and I can say they meet my expectations! I blog elsewhere to enjoy a relationship with a "real" editor.
Having gotten more than my share of EPs, I can tell you that there is no rhyme or reason for it. I've gotten them for some ridiculous shit - a couple of times, I wished there were a "decline" button - but to this day, I'm still pissed about one piece that didn't get an EP, that I thought was the best thing I ever wrote. I don't get it.

One thing I can tell you is that Emily is very young and many of us are not. I think that gives her a different perspective. We talk about the troubles of aging and she doesn't know what we're talking about.

Your posts always have more passion than most of the stuff on the front page. It comes from the heart and is never watered down for the lowest common denominator. Yet you do get a large readership, larger than most of the front page. Consistent readership is more valuable than any number of EPs.

As for our man Tink, he should sue.
I got three EP's my first three months here. Never again. They knew they had me hooked.
Blow huh?
Listen to the Rolling Stone's track 'can you hear me knocking' used as the intro to the film Blow and consider whilst considering why OS exists.
Its like Matt said, this place isn't anything to do with blogging, it's a means to an end for, namely to help get them a new buyer or sponsor.
I checked on China's version of Ebay and it's there.........

"Press send please FRed(tm)."
" I don't look like anyone famous, of infamous for that matter."

Put on an eye patch and you could pass for Rooster Cogburn's, or sister. Don't think there's all that much difference.

You're obviously looking for re cognition in all the wrong spots. If you're up at 3 a.m., get thee to a biker bar. There's one across the street from the county courthouse in Leesburg, VA, with a sign in the window that reads, "Better here than across the street." And, it's true.

Those girls who rev to a warmed up Fat Boy between their legs will swoon, fir sure.

But be sure to save enough for posting. A lot of us look for your posts. This one was primo.
Talk about your transvestite sister by your other mother from Canada who likes to ski naked in Jamaica?
my god man, i just looked at your "popularity." u rarely have less than 50 ratings, more often in the 80's and thousands upon thousands of readers. no wonder you aren't on the cover, you don't need to be. take some dream juice tonight. yr in the fuckin' inner circle.
sorry but my last comment developed a 'lisp' mid_transit.
as a consolation when I cam back to rate this sucker, it gave you 2, wot wot.
Ben, the inner circle, hah! I wish. I've been on the outside lookin' in my entire life. I wrote this mainly for the people who do not have a lot of readers and could use a pat on the back. I know (believe me, I know) what it's like not to have any readers or ratings. You think people are ignoring you and in reality, until you are seen, no one knows where you are or who you are. Recognition is the name of the game, and an EP can help people get recognized, which will sometimes lead to readers. Not always, I've seen that too, but sometimes. We need the great writers who come, like Karen McKim. I went by her site and she has a great post that no one has seen. It was good enough for an EP, but no one knows her, so no one saw the post. I don't need them, you're right Ben, but I do wish Emily and Co. would get their shit together and pick some other people. Thanks Ben!
The EP appears to be handed out to those who are part of a cliche like high school. Some are most certainly deserved, no doubt, but I read one that was like 3 paragraphs of nothing interesting. One of the comments was better than the actual post. I read another where one of the commentators said they would rate the post even though they didn't think the writer spent any more time on it than they did on the comment. That's when it hit me that the popular kids get rated, the editors play favorites, and none of it means much if you are writing because you want to. I write because I want to, and because I wish "writers" were more open to exploring things outside of what they think they know. I share this on my FB page because I want my friends to start a dialogue, and maybe learn something about each other. I comment here when something interest me and I want to explore it more. I'm happy that I've found some people whose writing really moves me, and that we get the opportunity to communicate with each other. That is the value of this site for me.
Sen is right:You ARE in the innercircle.
Ben is right. I just checked my own "stats". I've been here for nearly three years, and I've only gotten more than 50 ratings on one post. You seem to do it with regularity.

So, if high ratings don't necessarily equal an EP (and vice versa), you've got to be content with one or the other, I guess.
Sorry, Scanner, but I can't take your advice and "disregard what [you] just wrote"--mostly because it's fucking awesome. (The profanity is an homage to you, because I never swear in my stuff--) but in this post I see some real strength, some stronger passion, and a passionate truth.

I love it when the strong voice is helping out the unappreciated little guys.....
Too funny. I had to rate it for the title alone. :)
Hey Scanner! For what it's worth, I enjoy reading you! And like you, if I don't get sleep for a few days, I get mental!!!! EP from ME!
Do alligators even have ears??

~off to Google~
I used to get a lot of EP's. Then I made a mistake and got involved (indirectly) in somebody else's dispute with Salon. Since then I have had none. Oh well, live and learn.
Roger, that just proves it. It ain't what you know, but who you know~~
Your readership should indicate how much you are appreciated and what a good writer you are who is constantly improving, Scanner. I read intelligent and varied writing here, and yours is among them.
Here's your EP -- now, about that blow job, and no offense, but can I choose someone else, say Scarlet Johanson maybe?
I imagine it's a thankless job choosing EPs. I'm sure if I were doing it people would really be yelping. And scanner, if you were picking you could expect plenty of gripes too. I've only had a few EPs in my two years here. A couple took me completely by surprise and I put it down to slow news days. A couple of others that I thought were worthy didn't get picked.

Your concern that newer or little known writers should get more of a break is admirable. A way around that is to PM your friends if you spot a great post flying under the radar. I've received a few from some of the more established bloggers doing exactly that.

Overall though I'd say that the usual quality of the EPs beats that of the average quality of the average OS post. So it's a fair bit better than random or arbitrary.
What Desnee Flakes said.
Forget the fact that the comment that follows this will be the hundredth. You got RATED 62 TIMES!!!

I don't know if I've ever seen a Rated number like that.

And you got this for a rant you nearly deleted.

Yeah. Outsider. Uh huh.
i thought a bit more about this

scanner, my friend, i'm not sure i agree with you that "recognition" is the name of the game. I think the name of the game is "expression" and having an outlet where there is that opportunity, but if recognition is what "it's all about" the danger of becoming a whore is high.

Now listen, I have no moral objections to being a writer/whore and have done it, but only to support my family, and probably would do it again if need be. In other words, for money ($). I'm not playing any "holier than thou" game either.

To prostrate myself for clicks is not a game I'm interested in playing, and I don't, and haven't, and take pride in this work because I can now prove I have some four years worth of entries which I think prove it. I'll take my 25 ratings and more than that be genuinely moved when someone genuinely responds to something I've written.

They haven't managed to scrape me off by ignoring me either.

If this work has value, that is it's value to me, and while I know it is a business to OS it is not a business to me, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let that interfere with what I have to say--and what I think is important to say at the present time.

I think it's important what you wish for, and even more importantly to be clear about WHAT you wish for. My fear is that soon even this small outlet will be closed as the forces of commerce move in. I'm not sure the site is making money and that puts it all in jeopardy. This may very well be the "golden" age of blogging in this way and few recognize it. I live in a world where the good usually die young.

all the best,
Ben, I agree. I worked my ass off making my blog something "I" am proud of. I will put my work and integrity up against anyone's. Go back, look at what I write. Besides the occasion political blog, I write fiction stories and poetry and sometimes just tell about my life. I am proud of my short stories and poetry and have worked hard everyday to improve my writing. I don't want or need EP's. I have good friends who read me and me them. But, when I first came here, I quit 3 times out of frustration. I would work hard on a piece, only to be ignored by the cliques that were rampant here at one time. I have written for OpEdNews and put the same thing here and no one read it. I am now in a happy place here, but I also want people who are new not to be over (or under) whelmed and quit because of no readership. As I put in a comment, go to Karen McKim's blog and read her. She is a great writer who did not have one rating or comment. I told her to hang in there and not get discouraged, I hope she takes my advice. She's very smart. This post was not for me, it was for them Ben. Thanks for your input!
I think the comment I made is supported by your title. I mean, "who do you blow?" Er, Scanner, come on. There's an implicit underlying comment there. I simply said this post bothered me a little because of that. I'm not trying to start trouble, I promise. But, just writing is probably your best bet. Eventually, if you want EPs, I'm sure you'll get them. Why wouldn't you?
There's always one, hah~
Comment, take two:
I'm going to go the other way here and say: I wake up at 3am ALL THE TIME. I hate it. I can be dead tired and go to bead at 10 or 11pm and then at 3am my eyes pop open and I can't slow my mind down long enough to go back to sleep. I toss and turn until the alarm goes off to wake me for work. Maybe I should get out of bed, write a little bit, and then go back to bed. I'll give it a shot! If you come up with a solution for the early waking (or this other EP thing everyone's talking about, haha), let me know! :)

i'm sorry but i don't see this post as about anybody but yourself. i'm really not sure you understand what i'm talking about. your need appears far too great.
Ben, I quit arguing about small stuff. I will agree to disagree. My only needs are to have a good time writing and reading my friends stuff. This isn't that serious a thing Ben. Smile my man, it will work itself out.
if we agree to disagree, I want to make sure you know I don't think you're hearing a word I'm saying. You're post was a cry that I don't think was merited by the facts. I suspect you're hooked and are in denial. Where did all those ratings come from? You ain't gonna find the love you're lookin' for here, and efforts to manipulate it ain't gonna work.
Ummmm ... Hello?

"Scanman" you know (if you can find my posts in your huge pile) I love you. [First time I've dared write those three words after the latest OS brouhaha/travesty?] But, as ah keeps a-sayin' (while my --by now very fes -- olders and betters argue against me doin' so) Ah is OLT. So you know what? Here's an idea for you, maybe? What I am, currently, on OS is more a reader than a writer. Got that? I don't come here for EPs; I'm not trying to use this site to help me get a job. :-( I come here to read what I love to read and I can't always get as many responses off as I might wish. For me, therefore, the EP is a _distraction_.
Oops; hit a wrong key there; sorry :-(. [For me that's kind of like waking up at 3:00 in the morning and I'm FASCINATED to know how many others here have that particular clock-defined problem?!] But now of course I'm confused because I can't see what I was typing a minute ago; so here's my second try:

Like everyone else who's posted here, "Scanman", I read your posts because I love them; because they engage me (a word that got a bit of a workout these Valentines Day postings), because I care about you and admire your writing.


Is that worth ONE "EP"?

[Me, I watch the activity feed to find out where the vitality is here. I about as automatically turn off the home page and its EPs as I automatically leave the "front page" of any online site I click on ... if I want to find who's real, interesting and important. But hey, I agree ... novice writers hoping to advance their payable careers as writers by getting OS EP's, certainly deserve the support and help of all of us. So I'll look up the writers you've mentioned.
podunkmarte, Thanks for stopping by.

Ben, I don't know what you problem is, but go away. You never read me, what's in your crawl. You get a bunch of EP's. Did I step on your toes are something? Are you trying to take up for Emily to get "more" EP's? Are you jealous? How did I piss in your cornflakes? You got the problem Cuz. I'm just having fun, you seem like you take this shit seriously. The only thing I take serious is pain and death, and then only one at a time~
It's not such a mystery.

1) Female authors are selected more often than male authors. As I write this 11 out of 17 cover posts are written by females, or 65 percent.

For example, a little over a year ago there was an open call for posts about a particular police shooting. Eight substantive posts were submitted, 5 by women and 3 by men. All five women's posts ended up on the cover. None of the men's posts did. I wrote one of the posts, and rather than emoting about the incident I discussed the actual facts of the case. That post was judged to be unworthy of the cover.

2) After that, women's issues are often featured, whether written by men or women. So men who write about (write in favor of, to be clear) abortion and birth control can end up on the cover. As I write this, on the cover there is one post in favor of birth control written by a man.

3) The "how I lost my religion" and anti-Catholic posts often end up on the cover. A few weeks ago I read a "how I lost my religion post" written by a woman. I looked at that and thought "this is cover material." Sure enough, next day it was.

4) Sex posts often end up on the cover. If you've ever worked as a stripper, answered a phone sex line, or gotten a sex change operation, you're headed for the cover. And if you write about how your son wears a dress to school, a cover spot is virtually guaranteed.

5) There are specific favorites who repeatedly end up on the cover. I call them "the chosen people." How one ends up being among the chosen people I have no idea.

6) Posts written from a conservative point of view are never selected for the cover. If you ever consider writing such a post, it will be dead on arrival as far as the cover goes.
i've read you and rated you for years. you personalize and thereby make me suspicion. who is this "clique" you so despise? where do all those ratings you get come from? blow jobs indeed.
Dude.. an editor answered you? Just think of this place like wanking with a doughnut pillow--you might actually feel like you're getting close, but nah. It's all in your head. In the morning you just wake up with sore arms and your cat won't look you in the eye.

But still... you got an answer at least. I once sent an email to share cool link news--only to see the link disappear by the next morning--and no answer to my email.

But then, I guess I did get a response, right? I understood well my place here. Crystal.

My new OS bio: Some days... it's just not worth the effort to chew through my restraints.
Ben, you must not know the rules. You've been here long enough, you should. This is my playpen. I get the last word, not someone who comes here to insult my intelligence and insinuate sinister motives on my part. Go away, you made your point, whatever it is, but I wonder why you're the only one. Strange Fruit, huh?
scanner, I have only been here a short time. you have written more than one post that made me feel proud of you for having the guts to write them in the first place, envious of your talent, and flummoxed as to why they did not go straight to the cover. I agree wholeheartedly about tink; I think he deserves a special category of his own on the cover, or should just be moved over as a regular contributor on Salon.
i really have enjoyed your many of your posts, and have said so, but you're tone deaf. no. the rules are what "we" make up as we go. lecture the newcomers. I've been here longer than you. It's the defensiveness that betrays you. at this point, me thinks "scammer" is better than "scanner." please take me off your list as i will take you off mine.

Kenny BenSen ranted similarly at my post yesterday. Don't take it at all personally. Perhaps he's decompensating.
Ben, Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, PllllleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaasssssssssssssNooooooooooooooo Don't leave me, No, Please, Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHaaaaaahhhhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~Please Ben, Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!
Good question, scanner, & interesting thread, much more interesting than we'd find on the average EP. Notable exceptions, of course.
Never had an EP, & not why I'm here.
Here for you guys, new guys, & 'cause I like how it works. Mostly works ;-)
u can give me the blow job, if u need to so bad...and I'll recommend you for an EP. How's that?
but then maybe u know I've had dozens of EP's, poor boy...
Poor Ben. Are you trying to get some sort of recognition from me? You don't get it my man. You are the one of the one's I'm talking about. You ass-kissers who EP Emily with Thank You notes and "tell" on people that you don't like. You are an asshole cus, and that is all you will every be. Ask your wife, and if she is honest, and I mean a really honest person, she will tell you the truth. You are nothing but a grade A #1 Asshole.
Oh, Ben, I almost forgot. I've had 10 EP's since I've been here and I never once kissed anyone's ass to get one. I never changed a word of anything I've ever written to kiss the editor's ass like you and your little cronies. I write fiction and poetry, things that don't get EP's on this site. You write what they tell you too, or what is popular. Something the powers that be will be sure to see and I would almost bet you send then a head's up. Because that is the kind of person you are, a suck-up. We had punk's like you in school, always running to the teacher with a fucking apple~Idiot~
I may not comment; I may not agree; But I ALWAYS enjoy reading the Scanman and rarely miss a post.

PS - Your last comment re: mr, ben is spot on

In the final analysis, I'm sure it doesn't matter. You know you can hang with the best of them.
The top story featured on the OS cover today (June 14, 2012) is a post published on January 11.

It's a good post. January 11. Not sure what to make of that....