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FEBRUARY 26, 2012 9:08AM

The Martian Wind Storm on Sunday Morning

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Sunday Morning 

The first thing I heard when I woke up this morning was 


"How many times have I told you


not to run around in a Martian wind storm?"


My first thought when I heard that was


"I wonder if anyone sent Vincent Van Gogh a get-well card?"


and the first thing I did was write this down somewhere


"This is gold, Jerry, gold I tell ya" (Seinfeld reference)


all of this before I heard the microwave bell go off


well, it's not really a bell, it's an electronic something


nothing electric can be a bell, right?


that meant my coffee water was ready


and I did all of the above


before I had one sip of coffee


now I guess you know why


I need plenty of coffee to write 


Just as I sat down to taste that first


golden sip of the Nectar of the Gods


I see former President Jimmy Carter  on TV


talking about the 26th book he has written


and I can't remember the title of one of them


but I remember reading his first or his tenth


I couldn't tell you which if you tortured me


with Chinese Water Torture in capital letters


I got up late and I hate that because it's now 8:45 a.m.


and I never miss "Sunday Morning on CBS "with Charles Osgood


I like Charles Osgood but he'll never be Charles Kuralt 


I'm sure I'll get hate mail of this one 



 If you get the chance, they have published my short story on Haggard and Halloo Publications. They re-named it "Alzheimer's Betsy" for some unknown reason, but what can you do!


                                                   June, 1968 

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Oh I do miss Kuralt!

I love this one, Kenny!

A Martian Wind Storm! I love the easy reading on this one. So many spaces of quiet where you are just collecting your thoughts, waiting for coffee and our show. I am waiting here now too. Still foggy from dreaming and sorting out all the men. You are in my mind there somewhere too Scanner. You and Jimmy Carter. He is so nice. I really trusted that guy.
Me too, Kuralt made a trip here long ago to interview a couple of people I know/knew. They called them the the Wavers and they sat in old lawn chairs by U.S. 51 and waved at every car that drove by in the evenings and on weekends.
Thanks Jon. I loved his "On the Road" stuff!
Z, I turned on the tube and a red planet came on and kids were running around in space suits and a parent said," How many times have I told you not to run around in a Martian wind storm" True story!
Bob, did they roll up the streets at night? hah!
I guess whatever planet you're on, kids and parents will be the same!
Kuralt... what a great story teller. I hate it when I miss Sunday Morning.
I'm still on my first cup of coffee... forgot to add that "Sympathy..." is my most favorite Stones diddy.

It was so windy here yesterday I FELT like it was Martian in origin. I got turned onto Kuralt and CBS Sunday morning back in the mid-8o's by an older boyfriend (who also gave me my first Walkman!). Loved him ever since, miss him much. Remember the scandal when he died and it came out he had two wives/families? Whodathunkit?
Sky, Hi!
cc, ain't that the truth~
jmac, I thought it was fascinating how they recorded it.
FC, I remember that. You just never know, huh?
I enjoyed this flow of words. Thought at first the "Martian Wind Storm" was like the fire fall that we just saw, that I should run out and get a telescope and look for it. Glad I don't have to. Telescopes are a pain in the ass.
I really love the first six lines. I'm not sure I'm exactly certain what they mean but they grab you by your coffee cup handles and say "hey, what's this all about?" Fun.
How do you know you were even awake? Sounds like a Martian brainstorm.
Muse, I did too, that's why I went to write them down, and then Seinfeld got into my brain somehow. Coffee, a miracle drug.
Smittee, the best title ever on OS, hah!! Unlikely, huh?
Jeff, my thinking exactly!
OB, I hadn't thought of that. Sometimes when I'm waiting on my coffee, I fall asleep standing up!
visited your story and made comment WAY TO GO!! you should send more stories in too
You watch sunday am news with no Mountain Dew?
I cannot stand to watch those things anymore..
Kathy, thank you my friend. I send in stuff, but H & H are very selective, and they may take about one out of five stories. Then, it takes them a month to make a decision.
t, I can't even move until I have my coffee. Best drug I've ever had.
Linda baby, Sunday Morning doesn't do news. They are like 60 minutes or something, and do small feel good stories that brighten up the day. I have watched it all my life.
This almost makes me wish I hadn't given up TV!
Nice stream of consciousness. If you get HATE mail, it means they ARE reading you. In the final analysis, it is all about the numbers. R
Btw, congrats on being published at H&H again. It gives me hope. I submitted a second story to them three weeks ago.
This was inspired. One time a boyfriend told me I reminded him of Charles Kuralt. Should I be flattered?
I watch very little television so I had to Google Charles Kuralt to hear and see some of his work. I think I would have enjoyed watching him.
I love the way your mind works! : )
Miguela Holt y Roybal, he was a great guy and you're a great girl, so yes!
"I wonder if anyone sent Vincent Van Gogh a get-well card?"

And now I will wonder about it forever....

And I like Jimmy Carter's books, so now I will have to check that out...

And I miss Kuralt, too.

As always, a splendid read, and congrats on the publication!
Cool Stones video. The poem is a perfect Sunday morning cuppa. Congrats on the publication.
I doubt you'll get hate mail on this, unless it's from Martians. A title like that could hurt tourism.
osgood i watched today. oh how comforting.
then he predicted the Doom of movies. nobody sane
wanna spend sixty bucks for the f-ing cinematic experience
when a rental for the familyis like 2 bucks. hm.

Carter is a damn saint or something. he was born again, he says.
i believe him.
i dont believe the other 2/3 of america who say me too, born again.

best line i ever heard:
old mother hears one of her kids born again.
"oh come on. he was tough enough gettin borned the first time"

i am born again when i shut my eyes and self hypnotize
the metaphysical truth of the universe to myself..

"he not busy bein born/is busy dying" dylan.

i make a conscious effort to regain mindfullness.
or whatever.

mars is where we going some day.
moon too.
better! rubbers gonna be outlawed?
Your funny! I was looking too seriously at this, I guess it is too late for this old lady. I love listening to you anyway, dear.
Fantastic story. Puts me in a marvelous mood for a Martian storm.

Everyone misses Charles Kuralt.