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MARCH 24, 2012 12:36PM

The Night was Full of Rainbows~

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Man oh Man, You just shoulda' been here. What a sight, never to be seen again on this ole' earth. The sky was lit up in so many colors shooting this way and that way one would of sweared someone slipped some of that there LSD in my hot Pepsi Cola. I don't have any idea if you will ever see this or not, this thing has got all those egghead scientific fella's stumped. They don't know their ass from their elbow is what Daddy says. Anyway, if this survives, and I dont, and you do, or you find it in 100o years or something, hell, this ain't no Bible, so don't go a'worshiping it or anything. It's just my account of what happened on the last night on the last day on earth. I ain't no scholar or nothing, so excuse my writing right off the bat.
Me and my family  are up in the Blue Ridge Mountains, one of the perttiest places on earth if you ask me, course' I'm from here and kind of prejudice. It's about midnight here, 12:15 p.m. exactly and you can see camp fires for as far as the eye can see. There must be millions of them since the power went out. That happened all of a sudden about 6 weeks ago and since then, it's been every man and family for themselves and one hell of a ride. I'm glad I had this old ribbon typewriter my granddaddy left me to type this. Ya' know, he said, before he died that is, that it might just come in handy one day. Coursin', he was a root doctor and  could see into your future for a few dollars. Free if you had a chicken or pig or something. hell, I seen him do it. But back to the future, if there's gonna be one.
Everybody predicted it would be nuclear war or global warming or a million other things, no one, at least that I heard, said a damn thing about the Sun exploding and taking out all communication, everywhere. I'm sure the president and some others still are in contact, but everyone I know used up what gas and shit they had weeks ago. Right now, it's a 110 degree's and it is in the middle of winter at night. You don't see many people in the daytime. They all under some kind of shade, suffering. But, the rumor is, this is the last night anyway, so I decided to write this down, for posterity I guess, not that it will do much good. People are stupid, always have been and always will be.
If you have to die, and believe me, I hate it as much as the next man, this is sure as hell a great way to go out. It is a kaledescope of colors, shooting across the sky and exploding somewhere, anywhere, but not here, not yet anyway. It seems like God or whoever is in charge or fate, and believe me, I ain't never been a big believer either way, decided to stop us from killing each other and butchering and raping and pillaging that we do to each other. It's like someone got tired of the waste and wealth of one place and the pain and starvation of people just thousands of miles away and decided it just weren't fair. And it ain't..
 People fighting, and I got to say this and no one is going to stop me. Not now anyway. It seems like the color of a person's skin has decided the have's and have nots'. I ain't got a lot of time to dwell on this, but this country I live in has been killing brown people for almost 11 years now in some war and ain't solved a goddamn thing. No, they made it worse is all, cause of profit and the rich wanting more and more while us poor-ass people get less and less. I've seen some of those rich people on the highway, out of gas in their big'ole Luxuary buses trying to get somewhere cooler. They got wads of cash and gold and diamonds but none of it means shit up here. WATER, that's right, water is the currency, it means everything, or did. I seen a man get his brain's blown out over a cup of warm water. Yep, that's right and his kids were right there and nobody helped them, nobody. It is everyman for hisself and you take care of you and yours.
My family's been in these mountains for 100's of years and we know where every drop of water that can be found is, and ya' know what? There ain't no more. We got enough for tonight and that's it. I want ya'll to know, I had to kill some people, some bad people who tryed to take my family's food and water. When it first started, we mountain people round here got together and closed off the roads. We had to, people were going crazy trying to get up higher. Well, I'm on top of a mountain now and in a few hours me and my loved one's will be dead. I'm going to kill all my family after they fall asleep, then kill myself. Better that than see them suffer. I won't have that. I just won't!
Man, look at those colors. I'm not a religious man, but I've always been spiritual and this my friends is something out of this world. Millions of colors streaking by, it's almost like one continuous rainbow, as far as the eye's can see. I got no advice for anyone who survives whatever the hell this is. How do you survive the SunGod's? Sounds funny don't it. "SunGods". But I've heard it from time to time these last few weeks. If I was pressed, and I ain't and no one would take my advice anyway, I would tell people to find out everything this world has ever done, and do the opposite. Man ole Man, did we fuck this old world up or what?
It's getting near time. I want to go and kiss my babies and my wife. Hug my mama and shake my daddy's hand. He don't know much of what going on, ain't in years. But there was a time, when he was a man's man. He probably would be doing something different, damn, I wish he would wake up for a few minutes and tell me what to do. But.. wishes and horses, huh? If I done anything wrong to anybody, I'm sorry. I used to pull a cork and got out of hand from time to time. Nothin' serious, but I'm sorry. I can hardly see for the sweat, but I got one more thing to say to whoever finds this, if if gets found, which I doubt. Please, be kind to everyone. That's all. All the problems in the world could have been solved with those two words. Be Kind. How hard is that? Peace and Love to you all.

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Love the story, but most of all the New World Motto you have coined: Be Kind. I will adopt it, and hope many more will hop onboard. I hope it works, because the Blue Ridge is only about 90 miles west of my house, and this could happen....I also live a mile from a nuclear power plant, so we'll just see what happens first. Rated.
Had me going there until about two lines into the second paragraph... well written... what is there about your post that seamlessly blends truth and fiction? Continue to abide in your Dudishness!! Loved the cover of "Eve of Destruction" brought back visceral memories.
Thanks for just making my weekend here, Scan.
The sun exploding! Not all the way, though, right?
Just kinda a big flare up?
I have been sweating out this "reversal of the magnetic poles" shit
that they say happens every so often, ever since i learned of it.
I cannot fathom how magnetic poles can reverse.
I DO know that the ultimate fate of Earth is to be swallowed
in our Sun's explosion.

This well written account of it, right down to killin yer family,
only makes it more real...i especially like the rich assholes
getting stuck w/o gas , helpless, no way to get any water...

hell of a show at the end of the world.

Very thought-provoking. And a little scary because there are parts that are a little too true for comfort. I heard something about the water-stress going on in the world, and a quote that stuck with me was "Water--not oil--is quickly becoming the natural resource that will define power in the world." It's frightening because there are alternatives to oil, but there aren't any for water, and now that it's getting scarcer...I wonder what's going to happen.
Cool and well written! I want to read it again ASAP.
Thought you were writing about the northern lights, but then you went for the bigger philosophy, written against the sky. Nice message. Maybe too late.
I sure as hell hope you're not morphing into a dadburned prophet!
Scientists tell us that we are overdue for some sort of cosmic disaster. This sort would do just fine. Unfortunately, of all the living creatures on this planet, we humans will probably figure out how to out-survive any of them. Not by much, perhaps, but when we go that will be it for life on earth. Perhaps the conditions that are extant after we go will lead to the beginning of new life here; perhaps not.

It is a testament to our poor use of our world and its incredible wealth that more and more people are beginning to think that the best thing that can happen is for us to die off and let nature take its course after that.

Is this the best that we can do?
Wonderful allegory Scanner. And an even more wonderful advice. "Be Kind".
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

Great job Scanner. Short short fiction....difficult. Appropriate for the time.I love the Blue Ridge Mts. Will be stopping there on the way north.
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

Great job Scanner. Short short fiction....difficult. Appropriate for the time.I love the Blue Ridge Mts. Will be stopping there on the way north.
Evidently being kind is next to impossible for many people. Sad, isn't it? It seems like it would be so easy.
Nice one, Scanner!

Why doesn't somebody design an Official OS Hoodie with the motto "Be Kind" on the front, right across the heart chakra region?

Great tune too!
More sci-fi that's not too far fetched considering. I got thirsty reading this ... time to grab some water!!
Scanner, thanks for the great story and also another reason for having held onto that old Smith Corona typewriter for so many years! --"Be Kind, Please Rewind."
An exploding sun may just bring a new world. So be kind to each other.

Wonderful story.
All the problems in the world could have been solved with those two words. Be Kind

Impossible for some sad to say Scanner.
Well done. Could have never done something like this.
All the problems in the world could have been solved with those two words. Be Kind

Impossible for some sad to say Scanner.
Well done. Could have never done something like this.
Love this story. Did you see the Northern Lights in North Carolina? Is that where you got the idea for this story?

I remember a night several years ago when the Northern Lights started at the peak of the sky and flowed down across the entire northern sky, from due east to due west. It was an amazing, spiritual experience. I can't be completely sure I would have minded if it had been the end--it was that beautiful and made one feel that insignificant.
Oh my I have always dreamed of exploring that region and now more so than ever. thanks for keeping the dream alive..
Thanks ya'll. Kim, I got this from the story from the Sun exploding and screwing with our communications and also, as you say, the beautiful lights in places that had never seen them before. I really do believe, the world will end in a way that we haven't even considered, and I also believe Water will play a major part!
Would love to see lights like that but not under those circumstances. An interesting way for the world as we know it to end.
Has been bugging me all day-- and I've been washing windows ALL DAY so I had lots of time to think: story puts me in mind of a little dystopian tale by C.L. Moore, "Vintage Season", which I read in an anthology called "Stories for Late at Night"--not the same at all but same kind of feel to it. Very well done indeed.
Like Lea I thought you were taking us in a different direction, but then a nice veer. So great.
This is actually really good.