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MAY 26, 2012 12:51PM

The War Whistler

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               In Memory of my Father, a Whistling Man
My Dad 1 
My daddy was a whistler
he whistled all the time
he whistled as the bombs fell

and the bullets flew overhead
a warrior thru two wars
who whistled through both
beaten and tortured as a POW
you get nuthin' from a whistling man
like most Vet's from WW11
he never carried hate in his heart
I never heard him complain, never
even while dying he thought of us
and he whistled all the time
to deal with the physical
to deal with the mental 
pain of World Wars 
and cancer of body and soul
he whistled and smiled
in front of strangers 
and even in front of family
he whistled like the man he was 
he came from a different age
"The Greatest Generation"
Tom Brokaw wrote

and these brave men
fought the last "good war" 
my Dad's favorite tune
was by Woody Guthrie
as he worked or walked
he would always whistle
"Crawdad Hole"
and now I'm a whistler, too
who also whistles
"You get a line and..,


To my father on Memorial Day, Rest in Peace, I love you 



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real nice and genuine.....Rated
Listening to Woody and imagining your old man whistling that tune... damn he must have been good!
Rated for your Dad, ScanMan, and for you.
Thank you Steel Breeze (I love that name)
Mac, my dad and I would go fishing and I swear it was like Mayberry with him whistling and me carrying the fish. I miss him terribly.
Boaner, thank you my friend.
My dad was a whistler too. I wonder if they learned it as a way to get through the bad times. Nice tribute.
Simply the best! Scanner, this one made my tear up. I don't often do that. It is wonderful for men to express love for their fathers. It is something I did not hear in my own family.
Rated!! Tink Picked too which means, as you know, you may get 12 cents today!!!

j, I caught it from my dad who caught it from his. I used to whistle and embarrass the kids and not even realize it.
Ande, my brothers and sisters don't show a lot of affection. But, they had him longer than I did. Thanks~
TickPicked~I am stunned. I would like to thank the motion picture academy and.., oh, never mind~~
You were truly blessed to have such a wonderful father! It is crazy, I kind of like the man too now, though I have never met him because you talk about him so much.
They say you see relatives when you cross over. A friend of ours just almost died but came back. She said she saw her father and he told her to go back, it was not her time.
Played the Woody Guthrie song twice and will be happily humming it for the rest of the day. Keep whistling and keep writing and we'll keep reading . . .
You're an honor to his memory, Whistlin' Scanman.
Great memories your dad, Scanner. My dad always whistled. He would be out in the garage and when you asked him what he was doing, he'd always say, "Oh, just monkeyin' around." Here's to those vets of the greatest generation!
you are just some writer, Kenny man this is good

Kathy, I also died one time. I was floating above my own funeral. True story and it is the reason I think about the afterlife as I do. Thanks~
Elizabeth, I whistled that song for many years and didn't even know it was Woody. I just copied Dad.
CM, I can whistle a pretty good tune, but my Dad could make bird calls and sound just like them. Of course, he was raised an old country boy.
cc, I think that was another time, when men worried about putting bread on the table. Now, it's war, war, war, terrorism. Terrible!
Jon, that is an honor my friend coming from you.
"you get nuthin' from a whistling man"

Aw Scanner, you have got to get some of your poems set to music...

I luv Woody!

Nicely done. Would love to have met your dad.
You are a wonderful man and a loving son. Your dad is probably fishing with my Uncle Frank. May their service to our country be memorialized every day, every way.
What a tender portrayal. I miss all of my WWII vet friends who've passed. (can you tell I like to hang out with the elders?) And they had spirit, while we are droopy and listless and just learning how to rally again.

Harry Belafonte actually did a pretty good rendition of ol' Woody's tune too, 'way back in the '60's. I like that tune. Nice, Scanner.

*(humming) you get a line....*
Scanner, simply thank you.
So sweet! I wish I could whistle my worries away. (: R
Great memories.
He'd appreciate this.
It's a small world indeed, my father use to whistle that same tune over and over when I was a kid. He rode the B-17''s as a gunner during that war.
Solid scan man, just damn solid.......

What a great memory and song to have picked to whistle! I remember this song so well but do not remember why...
Your dad sounds like a pretty incredible man, just like his son.
This hits home. Thanks for that. And here's to Woody turning 100 this July!
Scanner,the missing of your father is a feeling I can totally understand.An inside life inside life this absence.Great work..Your father would be very ρroud for you and I think that each day is a Memory Day for those we love but are gone.Rated with wishes!!!!
Would that all children had such a father. What a difference that would make. Well spoken. I enjoyed Woody. I never knew the name of that song that often played in my head. Thank you.
Father George the German Principal, all around great guy
who would advise young wimmin to 'SMILE DARN IT!" as he
gave em a toothy grin and a winky wink.

He said it to me too. I was like, .04 percent compliant.

the man whistled. a "WHUH we whuh" i stole & now bring out
to put all at ease that i am a good egg.

he loved his birds. would whistle at em.

he tried teaching me to whistle.
"HO,no, blow, jimmy"
"Ach, not a whistler. too bad" then he'd show off.

fucking birds never stopped answering him.


til the hospital infection ripped out his throat. ay ach.

hey happy m day.

whistler's father son duo..ha
How can you hold hate in your heart when you're whistling this tune?

Rated for your Dad, your poem and Woody.
Your dad was a brave man, Scanner; and you are definitely his son.
A great tribute to him; may he rest in peace.
Just looking at that picture up there tells me he was a special guy. Grandpa whistled all the time, too, especially when he was three sheets to the wind. Thanks for the nice memories.

Woody's song is also quintessentially American. Kinda like your Dad. /R
Beautiful poem and tribute, scanner. I've always been a Woody Guthrie fan, like Arlo too.
My Dad whistled with his eyes closed. Good thing as he was a terrible whistler that we all laughed at hahah
Lovely, Scanner. Just like your pop.
I love your wonderful writing talent, shifting from prose to poetry so effortlessly.
rated with love
What a sweet piece and wonderful tribute, scanner. Great post. R
You are tearing me up, lovely tribute to your dad. Rated with a teary Jali smile.
What a great memory. I wish I could whistle.
Warming heatfelt tribute to your dad.. R
Beautiful, scanner...
Bring the song of how we came from those who brought us here, to this point, say Yeah! Because we now must carry what's been given, and if we can make it better, yes again; and if we can honor the men like your dad and mine, whistling through it all, then we honor them, the moment of our being true to them, their rightful memory for time well worn. And true. With Honor. For all time.