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JULY 12, 2012 9:34AM

You Fuckin' Talkin' To Me?

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Middle Finger II
Seer recently gave us an English lesson on the word "Shit". I think it was an old George Carlin bit, but it really doesn't matter because it was, well, really fucking funny. In the comment section Emily Conyngham put in this link to an English lesson on the word "Fuck". I found it fascinating. I don't know if there is another word in the world with as many different uses as the word Fuck. I know I will hear from English Lit majors or teachers telling me I'm wrong, but, fuck it, I don't really care. 
I use this word a lot. Not as much as I used to, but I still use it far too much and people who say it's because my vocabulary is weak are fucked-up. Everyone uses this word, or most anyway. This word is used so much, it should no longer be profanity. Depending on the use, it is not profane at all. Fuck-off does not mean 'go somewhere and fuck'. It means 'get the hell away or shut up'. As the video below shows, it can be used as any kind of descriptive word you can think of.
I think telling someone to "go have sex with your mother" is a lot worse than calling them a "motherfucker". Would you rather be called a motherfucker or a cocksucker? A fuckhead or an asshole? It also depends on how you say it. If someone gets in my face and says "Fuck-You" it's on. But if we're just playing around and someone one says "fuck you", I have no problem with it. I really think its time we adjust our thinking as far as words are concerned. Hell, look at George Carlin. He got rich and famous saying seven of the motherfuckers!  Happy Fucking~
Al Pacino said the word "Fuck" over a 100 times in Scarface. (I read this, I did not count them) If  Tony say's "Fuck You" ~~Run~~~~~~~~~~~ 

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Precisely! So fuck everyone who gets offended!
Kenny, don't make me fliechen you!:-)
hahaha! F yeah! I also loved Bill Bryson's take on this important subject in his book Mother Tongue. I do so love the f ing richness of the English language. My mother is admonishing me from the grave, so I cannot write out this marvelous word here. R for HAHAH and the flexibility of this important word. :-D
from the Old English FUKKEN or FIKKEN, soil-tilling.

Don't ask me how I was taught that but it was when I was 16 and with 200 guys participated in a 'prank' using Dorm Lights overlooking a western Massachusetts valley at 9pm.

Pick up a copy of American Buffalo by David Mamet, or better yet go see it sometime. (I saw in with Al Pacino in it many years ago.) It opens with "Fuckin' Ruthie . . . fuckin' Ruthie" (etc., many times over).

Every time I realize I'm using the word too much I remember something said by a very beautiful blonde Scandinavian woman many years ago. "You know--that is the word for making love. I don't know why you would want to abuse it." Almost cured me.
Emily, thank you for the link. I Loved it.
Jon, that means soil tilling? So when my wife tells me " fuck you", she wants me to work in the yard?
Con, wasn't Dustin Hoffman in the movie. I saw it twice. He hit's a kid in the head with a phone and kills him, I think!
Shit I am speechless...
That's Beethoven's Ninth? Say Duck?
I read nuns say Fuck when old Hens.
Pope said Fuck when Duck Upchucks
I'll Share this post with my VA therapist.
She always says` How the Fuck You Be?
I respond` I don't Give a Duck Quack-o.
scanner etc.,
no expose gentle.
gentiles no show.
no show genitals.
'didache' means:
teach vis tone.
say` f-A calm.
Homer say`F!
Jesus say Woe.
Moses say Oy!
Pete say`F-go!
I no know`F-o!
I love a bowl of?
Pho rice soup.
Just ignore me.
I go to f' ing VA.
VA shrink is fun.
Abso-fucking-lutely is one of my favorite words.
I forgot to include this in my comments: I posted this on my Facebook page yesterday-
WTF's wrong with saying F? I mean, I never say it, have never said it and never intend to say it. I don't say "antidisestablishmentarianismistically" either.
This is my favorite fucking thing today. Reminds me of an awesome local rock band...called the Starfuckers. It's a problem getting some papers to promote their shows. But, well, fuck it.
Scanner, had George Carlin not been permitted to use the word his on stage performances would have been over in half the time!
I think I would rather be called a motherfucker than a cocksucker, even though that is factually false.
Didn't anyone ever tell you you're not supposed to use that kind of fucking language on a Blog!!
Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo.....India Tango!.....
i remember when Floyd's album 'The Final Cut' came out....the chorus in the song 'Not Now John' was....fuck all that...never got a minute of airtime in it's original
You seriously made me laugh!!
And I only use "cock sucker" as an adjective when
I'm really pissed! ;)
Smooch, I was really bad saying it awhile back, but I've slowed down. I get hot talking about politics, so I quit~Love the Gorilla~
Algis, take a fucking photo!
Art, I hate the VA's. Hurry up and wait, the military's motto.
Matt, you never say it, but how about that damn Chicken~
Maureen, thanks. And thank Seer for her "shit" post~
D, you're right. But his early stuff was PG. He did Sullivan and Carson and was still hilarious.
Jaime, I get you're drift!:-)
Zackery, yeah, I got the memo but said, Fuck it~
SB, Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo Alfa Roger
I used to swear a lot in my youth, but toned it down when the kiddies arrived. When my son was two , we were restoring an old house. I did all the work myself and used to swear a lot when things weren't going well. My little guy used to follow me around with his Fisher Price hammer and drill. One day my wife said: "You may want to start watching your language when he is around." My son was pounding on his little work bench with his hammer going "fuck, fuck, fuck." R
It's pretty amazing how the reaction and use of the word has changed over the years. Sometimes I'll read it in an old book and be taken back, as if it was a word that first came out in the 60's or something.
I have a degree in English and I say Fuck - A lot - I wouldn't consider my vocab weak - sometimes it is the only word that will do
As Lamm said, sometimes it's just the most appropriate word to use. You made me LMAO./r
it's like farting in the confessional
Great fucking read. I fucking enjoyed this a lot. I'm not fucking kidding. Fucking rated.
Great f-ing post. One of my most favorite words. When I first learned it, I couldn't stop using it! It was the word I was missing!!!
You missed the all-time classic - the scene in The Wire with dialog consisting only of the word fuck expressing many different things. Sheer genius in the hands of a couple of amazingly skilled actors.

And, to Matt Paust: my dad made us all learn how to spell antidisestablishmentarianism when we were very young kids. (Well, perhaps made is too strong a word but we got to show off a lot.) I just wish he was alive so I could trump him with your ... what is that? Adverbial form?
BTW, I was told that the band Blink-182 named themselves after the number of times Al Pacino said "fuck" in "Scarface."
Cuss, now that you mention it, I heard that too and forgot. Thanks~
You've got a fuckin' filthy mouth, you communist fuck and when Romney gets elected, we're coming for you on day fuckin' one!!
My husband and I gave up the battle with fuck when our son was about 6 years old. That's when our sweet little boy discovered "Bullet in a Bible" by Green Day, and we haven't looked back since. We've gone to two Green Day concerts with our son, and if you can't handle the F-bomb, forget about it. There are no fucking parental advisories in our home. Fuck that! And, Emily, it took me 30 years to be able to say and hear the word in public with out flinching. People used to make fun of me because I'd refer to it as the "F-word" instead of fuck. :) Good one, Scanner!!
I was told when I was a kid that it was an acronym for For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. Probably apocryphal.

Steel Breeze,
That brought back memories of an odd kind. I used the military/airline alphabet with my late son who had cerebral palsy. His enunciation wasn't good and we needed to come up with a way for him to be understood when regular words failed. It occurred to me one day that guys using two-way radios and getting static had a similar problem, so we went on line, found the alphabet, learned it, and used their solution. Tango hotel alpha november kilo, yankee oscar uniform.
It still makes me flinch. I would have gotten my mouth washed out with soap if I even looked like I was about to say that word. The training took.

I thought this blog was perfect...until I saw the video and laughed my f****ing *ss off. That's what former teachers do, we spell things instead of say them...especially words that our students use. Scanner, this is classic. Absolutely classic!!
I fucking love this post! And the way "muthafucka" rolls off the tongue. I don't swear that much but when I do "fuck" leads the rant.
DishPan...I think you really luuv the word slut as well, and not to mention are you with that word..? Im not talking felines here ya know? And you had better not be pming in here.. I ca see stuff!!!

Your wife~ Terri Candy Cane cock sucking cowboys ~~~
Yeah I know what I said today...but I take it have to try harder Dish try, a bit of a challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No Pming Kapish? : )
One could try or at least practice saying "fuck orf".
Sometimes a plum or apricot in each cheek helps.

Go forth and multiply is more acceptable when in a church,allegedly??

"Press the fLuck_in /r button please FRed(tm)".
my favorite word as of late is " dafuq " meaning what the fuck but shortened .. for us lazy obscenity fans used in a sentence:
"what dafuq is this? "
Your right it's a word like nigger, blacks use to to describe other blacks in conversations between themselves, but a white person who uses the word when talking to a black person it's offensive and racist. Fuck that, it's all really fucking confusing to me. You shitfuck where do you come up this stuff, you got a hidden stash of some really good fuckin' shit don't you? Well I'm off to fuck off before the old lady gets out of bed. Have a fucking nice day my good friend. See ya............o/e r*******fuckin' big time
I have tried so fucking hard to not swear, but it isn't that fucking easy with all the fucking numbskulls fucking up our fucking world.

With my post you have the word fuck said 76 fucking times.

Fucking rated.
(ok, 77 times)