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NOVEMBER 5, 2012 7:48AM

Lordy, Lordy, It's Almost Over

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 Romney riding horse
Mitt Romney has been running for president for eight years. It doesn't matter if he announced it at a particular time or not, he was running. You don't go from a liberal conservative Govenor of Massachusetts, to a Dick Cheney Hawk to a 'middle-of-the-road-who-in-the-world-knows-what-the-hell-you-stand-for-republican in just a few years. It takes time and plenty of money to hire the best political minds in this country to turn you into something your own mother wouldn't recognized. Just think, 8 years ago, Tagg Romney would not have been able to reach President Obama's jaw with a right hook.

I was going to write this serious piece about all the things he's said at one time or another and what positions he taken on issues and then changed his mind on in the last 8 years. But, I'm not getting paid for this shit. It would have taken me a couple of days to track down every little thing he's said, took back, re-said, re-took back and now agrees with Obama on. In the last debate Obama may as well have talked to a chair, like Clint Eastwood.

Obama: My policy on Iran is "Iran will never acquire nuclear weapons as long as I'm president and nothing, nothing is off the table.

Mitt: That's just crazy Bob. Listen, "when" I'm president, Israel will have a real  partner  in the Middle East who will never allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.

Obama: I just said that.

Mitt: But, I'm going to do it on my first day in office. That, along with getting rid of Obamacare, (which should be called RomneyCare, by the way) and rounding-up 12 million illegal immigrants and marching them back across the border where they can stand in line and come back and work for my friends legally and I'll do it cheaper by making them pay an extra tax to the the corporations who have to carry the burden of teaching them a new occupation. Then after breakfast, I'll go to work for America, and, unlike my opponent, who slept at times while in the White House,  I will never sleep while at the people's desk.. The White House has always beens the people's house, and I'll only sleep on Air Force One, while on my way to clean-out the bad guys in the Middle East after I pick Tagg up from his Karate lessons. Then I'll....,

Obama: Whoa, Mitt., do I get to say something.

Mitt: That's all you ever do, Mr. Teleprompter Man. Well, there's no teleprompter here, why are you so quite.  

Obama: Because you..,

Bob Schieffer: Gentlemen, Mitt, thank you for being her. Any last words on this last day of campaigning.

Mitt: My fellow Americans, I will also make 12 million American jobs on my first day in office. I almost forgot to tell you that and they will be good jobs. Not these McDonald's jobs, although I do love a good Big Mac, don't get me wrong. But jobs that will let you retire in luxury. On my first day in office, I'm going to sign the Romney Retirement Act, which will give any American who wants it a on a one-way ticket to Mexico. Living the high life, that's what retiree's should do. Of course, I will have to raise the retirement age to 78, but after that, you'll live like Kings. Plus, on my first day, I'll...,

Obama: I'll vote for you myself if you'll just shut the hell up!

Seriously folks, our election system s not only broken, it an antique that needs to be totally over-hauled. Congress can fix this easily with a bi-partison vote, but bi-particianship in Washington is dead, and not even on life-support. This obsession with money, money, money and more money is insane. Two Billion Dollars on a presidential race? But, as long as republicans are a majority, it's never going to happen. 

Former President Harry Truman refused to take money of any kind, except a few dollars from individuals who didn't want anything from him. He said he would never be in debt to anyone. The campaign train he used to travel the country with, while stopping at railroad stations and giving stump speeches, ran out of gas many times. They would pass the hat in the train  and in the next town, pass it again, just to get his message across to this nation.

There has to be a set limit on the amount of time and money used in a campaign. I'm sure Obama did the best he could do, but no one can tell me he didn't have better things to do with his time than give 5 speeches in 5 states in  one day. Mitt? Who cares. He loves this stuff. It's almost like he's talking to the father he admired so much. "Look Dad. I'm almost the president, aren't you proud of me?". I don't know much about his father, but if he didn't just shake his head and walk away, he was wrong. Mitt Romney sold his soul to be president. I pray it doesn't happen but no matter who wins, Thank God it's over. Nothing. Nothing, should last this long.

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"...a couple of days?" It would take months... and as far as election reform, SCOTUS has put the hammer down on that dream... any real change requires an amendment to the constitution and the chances of that are about the same as snowfall in hell!! R&R ;-)
My Gd, Kenny, you found a pic that makes him appear that he wants to be Chuck Berry!

PS We're channeling 1 another this morning...see my silly piece! :)

Oddly, you made the Mitt character actually sound like Mitt. Takes talent. Off to check out Jonathan.
Good writing. You had me right inside Romney's mind. AAaaargh.
I don't see a way out of the money drenched lengthy campaign. The Citizens United decision gives money a constitutionally entrenched seat at the table, the head of it actually. I do wonder about how effective all those TV ads are given remotes and pre-recording. But the backroom crowd is convinced they nudge polls.
Good stuff Scanner! I laughed out loud at your quote: "But, I'm not getting paid for this shit," and later at Obama's quote: "I just said that."
The campaign has been a dreadful bore and a terrible waste of $2 billion. Something is rotten in the USA, like in Denmark, don't you know.

"Politicians have mastered the art of projectile vomiting, with words."

Enjoyed this, and I agree that the past couple months have felt like years.
The questions, Seer, are how their constituents got that way and why their divisiveness influences policy more than it used to. A lot of this has to do with redistricting; now, most districts are designed to be overwhelmingly partisan, which means representatives no longer have to keep people with opposing viewpoints happy.

Some of this doesn't come from constituents at all. A lot of it was started in the House by Newt Gingrich, who taught Congressmen to stop being representatives and start being crusaders.
Thanks for the great comments. Kosh, congress no longer votes it conscious, it votes in blocks. I wonder how many bills had no non- patrician votes. Every bill seems to be all yea's on one side and or all nay's on the other. It is no way to run a garbage company, much less a country. (not that there's anything wrong with the refuse industry)
oh i am glad to get over here to read something of yours. now that os takes a solid hour to post the tiniest piece (but i dont have to tell you that), its very difficult to then wait 17 minutes for each new page to load (but i dont have to tell you that).

thanks, scanner. my fear though, is that its not over. we wont have a declared winner till january.

nice to see you. :-)
Excellent work, Ken. So right on about Mittens.
Since you bring up Give Em Hell Harry, I shall share with you some of his pithy wisdom.
“My choice early in life was either to be a piano-player in a whorehouse or a politician. And to tell the truth there's hardly any difference”
And what he said about Nixon ? Coulda been talking about someone we all know (at least for one more fucking day, and that’s it, hopefully!):
“He’s one of the few in the history of this country to run for high office talking out of both sides of his mouth at the same time and lying out of both sides.”
Thanks guys. Jim, He was one of my favorite presidents. When they gave him the VP job, they thought he would just be there long enough to hold the chair for someone else. Turns out, the man had brass balls as big as Godzilla's. Just firing McCarthy must have been a bitch. This guy was actually going to invade Russia without Truman's OK. He showed him and the world, he might be small in statue but had a heart the size of Texas.
Like the little girl said on TV in Denver... She was crying saying she was sick of Bronco Baba and Mitt. I agree.. Let's hope the right person wins but enough already. The money alone could have built new homes on Staten Island.
After reading your satire,now I definitely know who Romney is.
You got him. He'll be coming to live with you and Terri when he loses tomorrow.
Amen to your last two sentences!! Plus I want my scenery back, my serenity was put on hold as I was nearly forced to look at political signage EVERYWHERE! Gave up the political mumbo-jumbo way back after the Kennedy days. Love my country, but don't care about the BS. Good article Scanner!
Amen to your last two sentences!! Plus I want my scenery back, my serenity was put on hold as I was nearly forced to look at political signage EVERYWHERE! Gave up the political mumbo-jumbo way back after the Kennedy days. Love my country, but don't care about the BS. Good article Scanner!
Excellent summary of Mittens Romney. After the 3rd debate, mine was, "I'm for the sanctions on Iran and if I'm elected I'll be even more sanction-y."

I recently re-read "The Making of the President 1960." None of the candidates started running until the spring of 1960. The campaign was relatively short. There were no cable news or Internet sites covering the candidates 24/7. I rarely say, "I miss the good old days," but this is one case when I do.
Well there ya go! Two more days and you'll either have the same ol' guy to blame for everything or you'll have a new scapegoat!

Now if you could only elect the CEOs of the major banks, you'd be on to something.; you'd get to elect the people who REALLY run things......!

Can't wait for it to be over.

The sun'll come out
So ya gotta hang on
Til tomorrow

Come what may....

"Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I love ya Tomorrow!
You're always
A day
A way!
Yep, as you have shown here, we can write the script for either one of the candidates, we've heard their spiels so often. I can't wait for it to be over and I hope that means tomorrow. Somehow, thought, I fear it will linger and linger and linger until SCOTUS has to get involved -- again. sigh

Watch out, ScanMan, Karl Rove and other right wing think tanks may come after you for property rights. Right on the money! R
Tried 3 times to get this to load yesterday--but I think it's even better read today. Cause as for as I'm concerned, your right---nothing should last this long.