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NOVEMBER 13, 2012 9:56AM

Mandate, Smandate, Git-R-Done

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You are the first African American in our nation's history to be president. Congrats! Now, after 4 years of taking a beating by the republican congress (and the Blue Dog Democrats, assholes) you have survived what most men could never survive. You had billionaires throwing millions of dollars in secret PAC money at you while one whole Network (Fox, ugh) told lie after lie and had pundits after pundit tell lie after lie to the viewers of the most popular news show on cable.
Even when caught making up lies, these people refused to apologize, they just told another lie to reflect from the first lie. They call themselves patriots, yet are the true traitors to this country, trying to convince millions of viewers with very little education that you were everything from Hitler to the Devil. Now, it's time to kick some conservative ass.

George Bush squeaked by his election for his second term and the next day, held a news conference saying he had a mandate that gave him capital and he was going to spend that capital. If the republicans think he had a mandate, what do they call what you won? Imagine the capital you've got to spend compared to Bush. You should be able to get anything you send to Capital Hill passed. It won't happen, of course, you still have the Cantor's and Ryan's and a few other teaparty idiots who would sink the government rather than raise taxes on the rich and stop the tax relief to the richer.
Imagine, in a country were municipalities are laying off teachers and fireman and police officers, our government giving tax breaks to oil companies. Yes, these same oil companies that make billions, not every year, but every quarter. You also have hundreds of millionaires banding together in newspapers, begging to be taxed a little more to help this country.
In a gesture of complete comtempt,  Mitch McConnell said, "Good. Let them write a check to the IRS. Nothing is stopping them." What gall to say that to the American people and do the other horrible things he's done in an bad economy such as ours. His prime objective the last 4 years was to take the White House back from you. He shames America with his antics.

Now it's time to take the tax breaks from the rich, raise their taxes to a fair rate and do not compromise on taking benefits from the poor and elderly and disabled who depend on Medicare and Medicaid to survive. But, entitlement fraud  is wasting billions of taxpayer dollars and also needs to be stopped. If Congress refuses to act and lets the time limit end on this so-called Fiscal Cliff, let it roll. (of course, there will be an extension, they're dumb, but not stupid)
When Bill Clinton played chicken with the republicans and held their feet to the fire and closed the government, who got blamed? The republicans, and it cost them big-time. They took a licking and made Bill Clinton one of the most popular presidents in our nation's history. Now, it's your time my man.

Quit trying to kiss up to these people who insulted you and tried everything in their power to put you on that great heap-pile of failed ex-presidents. (poor Jimmy,) and put all your chips on the table. Either win big or take a Humpty-Dumpty fall, but do something about the deficit and the job market.
I do hope that one day, you will look back and realize that people are going say you managed to wrangle through congress one of the biggest and best programs in our nation's history. Obamacare, which is what it will forever be called, is an amazing accomplishment. Once it is fully implemented and tinkered with, no one will be without healthcare. Amazing. No other president in the last 50 years has pulled that off.
Now, you have to double-down and bet the house that the republicans will not let this Fiscal Cliff pass. They will crumble and you can save this country's future if you do not lead with your head.  It will take all your heart and guts to put your legacy on the line to do this. The Veto is your most valuable weapon. The people are behind you. You just made fools of people like Karl Rove, Grover  Norquist, the billionaire Koch Brothers and especially those teaparty idiots, who I doubt did much partying after this election. 

Now, put your brass balls on and go to work. The poor, the young, the immigrants and people of color have got your back. Do not let us down, please~

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Interesting premise for the second inauguration speech... brass balls and brinksmanship... hmmm R&R ;-)
a serious republican came on the news , scan,
betwixt and between the sordid details of our favorite general's

he said, paraphrasing , "uh oh. the economy is gonna no doubt get better in the next 4 yrs. the credit will go to obama and democrats.
i see a dismal future for us ."

i hope the kiddo can double down with some brass balls and make it so.

mr o.
Well said. I totally agree. R
Well said. I totally agree. R
Well said. I totally agree. R
Well said. I'd like to see him getting out in front of the people more too.
Great post. I hope you are right. The President can not rule by dictatorial executive orders alone. The republicans must see what is clearly right for the people and Git-R-Done, like you say.

I am a Canadian and we have had universal health care for 50 years.
Good luck with that!
Great post.

But I've got to talk to you about that title.

You're using a Yiddishism, which is great, but that would be

Mandate, shmandate.

Always with an H. Shm.

As in

Oedipus shmedipus, as long as you love your mother

An expression I learned from my own mother
who did see the humor in it
Balls to the wall and as they say on Big Brother.. He has the veto.
Well said Kenny,
YES!!! What will make this term different from the first is that our president understands the majority of Americans are firmly with him. He knows thousands of volunteers worked their asses off to get him reelected. Now he has the momentum to get the dems in line and the GOP on its heels. Forward, indeed.
The odds are good that the richest will wind up being taxed more. If they don't reach a deal then all the Bush tax cuts expire. Taxes go up for everyone. Then Obama can propose a middle class tax cut only. Let's see the Repubs oppose that.
Assuming the two parties are not playing "good cop-bad cop" (a big assumption) one hopes the Obama administration has learned two basic lessons: (1) appeasement of your sworn enemies will not work; (2)don't listen to advice from people who want you to fail.
He has as much of a mandate as he's ever going to have, so it's now or never. [r]
Assuming the two parties are not playing "good cop-bad cop" (a big assumption) one hopes the Obama administration has learned two basic lessons: (1) appeasement of your sworn enemies will not work; (2)don't listen to advice from people who want you to fail.
He has as much of a mandate as he's ever going to have, so it's now or never. [r]
Great post and comments. I am optimistic that the brain and brawn used to win the election can be applied to making some solid progressive accomplishments in the next term.

And to follow up kosh's linguistic example -- cancer, schmancer, as long as you got ya health.
Yeah, I hope the president gets tough with the crazies on the right (and left), but I think the reality is that under the current economic system, any move to bring down the deficient (and at some point reduce the debt) will impact more on the middle class than the richest among us. Leona Helmsley may have gotten the wording wrong, but the essence of what she was saying is TRUTH: “The rich do not pay taxes, the poor do!”

The system has to be significantly tweaked (VERY SIGNIFICANTLY) in order for that reality to become otherwise.

My guesses about some of those changes: Ultimately, the government will have to become the “employer” of last resort; ultimately those who are too lazy or stupid to impact positively on productivity will have to be removed from the workforce and somehow carried as a cost of doing the government’s business; our love of allowing anyone to create and amass great wealth will probably never change, but our willingness to allow that amassed wealth to perpetuate absolutely must.

The “significant tweaking” must be of size and impact to dwarf the kinds of changes brought on by the Industrial Revolution.

Will it happen? My guess is “yes.” But there will probably be calamity before it happens…with wars fought over how and when, because we humans just do not do what must be done until we are mired in the mud of what causes it to be necessary.

The carnage of what will come first undoubtedly will be great.
I'm afraid I'm mostly with Frank here. I hope we see real fixes without things getting awful but I don't have a whole lot of faith in that happening.
Mandate, Smandate the most effective way he can Git-R-Done would be if he admitted that the whole election was a sham and that he would call for new elections and allow the real candidates to participate and that as soon as this was done he would step down.

They say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one!