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NOVEMBER 15, 2012 6:24PM

It's Time to Hit the Road, Jake

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Open Salon is a community that uses the OS website to stay in touch with a  core group of people who enjoy writing and discussing all kinds of topics.
We, the writers, are the community; Open Salon is only a platform. We
 believe the OS platform has become incapable of supporting the community  that has developed here. We want to preserve our community as much as possible. The destination of choice for the greatest number of OS members  has become OurSalon, a site that was created as a sort of lifeboat for Open
Salon members in the event that Open Salon closed down. We have established  memberships over there and many of us habitually double-post. That has proven effective, but the result is a community split between two  locations, complete with duplicate conversations, many between the same  people at both locations.
Until Open Salon becomes technically viable again,  we would rather collect it at a single location, as that would result in  less duplication of effort and, more importantly, far less frustration for  the members of this community. That frustration has resulted in some  community members leaving us altogether.

 Let’s try this again. We will not engage in any activity on Open Salon for a
 minimum of a month. This will allow us to centralize our community in a
 location that is fully functioning. After that period, if Open Salon has
 addressed its problems, those of us who want to will revert to

 If you are ready to join in this trial move, please post this letter on your
 blog right away and make sure you open an account on Our Salon. We will plan to begin the trial on Monday morning, November 19, 2012. 

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Jake ?
The Editor ?
He still here ?
See you on the Ourside, scanner.
I see that Kosh's blog has been copied and posted by you, just as he asked.

I've been a member of Our Salon for quite some time. I will not, however, be posting this blog. Nor will I join in any month long boycott of OS. I think that you, me and everyone else, is free to do as you like regarding where you post your blogs and make comments. But I see no good purpose to acting like spoiled brats and "holding your breath" (holding back your blogs) until OS solves its problems - or doesn't - as the case may be.

I'm sure you think that doing this will somehow force OS owners/mangers to fix things. Under the circumstances that is just plain silly. We all know that OS has been trying to get this fixed since it began happening. If they could do so with the equipment they've got, they'd have already done so.

OS is owned by Salon. Salon is in deep financial doo-doo. They don't have the money to fix this right now. And they'll have even less money if their advertisers see any kind of a mass move out of OS talent. So if it's your intention to flex your muscles and try to bring OS down or make it give 100% of its attention to your whining, then go to it.

You'll do it without me.
No Do Stinky on News-Print.
No Waste TP on Behind-Butt.
Maybe Jake BE in Kerry's PU..
Jake Hops upon the Kangaroo.
Kerry L. nurture Young Jake?
as in ... Everything is jake`gin.

we all meed to rate one another's to keep these visible.

and i don't think sky gets our motive at all we don't think we can chhange open salon nor really want to we are moving to a functioning community and want others to enjoy that site too
I just wanna write!!! I wanna write till my paws bleed!!! I WANNA WRITE!!!!
We want to write and we want to be read and commented on. Part of the creative process is sharing it and so here we are at Our Salon and we need to read and comment over there. OS doesn't deserve our posts. I will miss it tho. Big time.
OK, Sky,
First of all, I am one of a few authors of this post. This was not all done by one person. As I said earlier, there were about 100 comments on the blog assembling this before it went out, and those comments resulted in several changes.

Secondly, we don't care what OS does. This isn't about altering their behavior. It's about getting our community to one place that functions. OS will do what it does. If it starts to work again, we'll double post here. If it doesn't, we won't.

Yes, we're annoyed at the way we've been treated, but at this point that's neither here nor there. Sure, we could leave here to punish OS, but we have absolutely no evidence that they'd care. We're doing this because we'd rather not have to have conversations with our friends in this non-functioning place. We'd rather they came with us.

Read the post. See anything in it that says "F*ck You, OS!"? What it says is that the site isn't currently viable enough to continue here and we'll eventually check back to see if it has become viable.
Monday, November 19th... all right you're on. Thirty days with no activity on Open Salon. No posts, no comments, no ratings, no sign-in, nothing, nada, zip, zero... maybe Jacob and his folks will get the message. Please feel free to copy and crosspost, read and rate all posts linked to or bearing this related Headline: Keep the Community, Ditch the Site. Maybe if this is all Jacob can see in the activity feed, he'll get something done over the next month.

See you all over at Our Salon.
Their response is going to be the same!


I've been moving between here, Our Salon, Zoomers and well, mostly I've been busy working so that has kept me mostly in Facebook.
you're a born leader man-- could have had a life in politics, for the good side. rock on
OS got some lube juice today tho dint it!
@Sky, I just don't understand why you are always so freakin' negative about everything. Nobody's acting like a spoiled brat but you. If you want to stay here and struggle with the ailing site, more power to you, but please get off Kosh's back. We are trying to do something positive, whether you can open your eyes wide enough to see it or not.

Sky, it's a wash my man. I love this place. The post I wrote two days ago? I only got to see the comments today. For two days I haven't been able to get own. My inbox? I have no idea what's in it, since I can't get in to see them. I do manage to post, but with no videos and it takes all day. Quit bitchin' all the time sky, damn!
Just in from a later night out but I can see a bunch of posts with the same message. I'm seldom the early adapter type which is why I've stuck it out here, although I have taken out an Our Salon userid. But increasingly I'm faced with the "If not now, when?" question and I don't have a good answer.

So I'll join the migration unless Jake and.or the powers that be can pull off a 9th inning mega-rally before the 19th. My chief concern about Our is the lack of a feeder system much like Open has with Salon. The site looks great and is easy to use but I'm wondering if the lack of a feeder will doom it to be the betamax of blogging sites. Still, worth giving it a try.
Aren't we a lucky bunch of OSers?
It's the PEOPLE that make the diference.
Rated for you,Scanner.
I've come to rate 16,please tell me if you got it.

First to Kosh:
As usual you try to slip in one of your "straw man" arguments. I WILL NOT answer to your claim that I accused you of saying "Fuck you, OS" because I did not say that and you know perfectly well that I did not say that. I didn't even imply it.

To you others:
Grow up a bit you whining juvenile "I want what I want and I want it NOW" bunch of brats. How dare you accuse ME of being 'negative' ?!! I am positive enough to give OS some credit for doing all that it can, under the circumstances, to fix OS. I am also positive enough about Our Salon to have joined it, posted on it, and commented on blogs posted there. I am grateful to lorianne for all the hard work she has put in to build that site so that we'd have a place to go where we can keep our community together.

BUT...... I'm also grateful to OS for its YEARS of providing us with a place to read, write, comment, meet others of our kind, and generally have a ball.

If all you wanted was a place to go to where you can still find most of the people form OS, lorianne has provided that place. But no, you want to make Jake see nothing but your "call to arms" and no posts other than that. What the F**k is that for? Go if you wish. Do so for your own reasons - which no one is saying aren't valid - but your "group effort" smacks of trying to punish OS and I will not be part of it.

And why jump on me for making my own personal decision? You make your decisions and I make mine. Why get pissed at me for not joining in your persnickety group? Why give me 'attitude'? I have not ranted against your right to do as you please and go where you wish. I walk my own damn road and I'll not follow any, or all, of you unless I do so by MY choice. Do you think I'll allow you to dictate to me where I can post and comment? If you do think that, I have only three words for you - GO FUCK YOURSELF!

Now..... good luck to you all. I may see you on Our Salon or I may not. I wish most of you all the very best and hope that you find what you're looking for. May all of you write the best book the world has ever seen!

I got it Heidi!:-) Thanks for the great comments. No one loves OS as much as I do, but I also love to write, and read, others posts and for over 6 months this has been almost impossible here. Hell, I even had to start a new blog, to post. It took a month to get my blog back, but I can't get in my inbox and the draft box is "iffy". So it's off on an adventure. I love an adventures almost as much as a Hobbit does.
I do not wish OS ill.
I absolutely hope OS will overcome the technical problems it is having-
but I'm also concerned about the "Great Spam Wars"
I would suggest that in order to keep its membership
and serve the membership that has drawn the "Spammers"
That OS CLOSE the membership for a while.
Thia would discourage the spammers,
and allow a SERIOUS weeding out of those who view OS as a "marketplace" for junk
I understand that OS makes its money by "Selling Eyeballs"
I'm fine with that
But it makes no sense to allow freeloaders to sell in the feed
and dominate others writings and community
with commercial nonsense.

I'll be hanging around, but not posting.
I probably will comment ( if i can do it in under 15 minutes)
OS needs to sort out the community from the scavenger pack
I suggest closing membership while people go "inactive"
and cleansing the roll of itinerant marketeers.
Sky, you're a trip my man. You bitch and moan and don't even know you're doing it. This is no big thing. I'm keeping my blog and will be back when they fix the joint. I wrote hundreds of pieces for this place, and will probably write hundreds more. Plus, OurSalon is really more easily operated. Don't get your drawers in a knot my man, they'll loosen up in the wash~
I agree with you very much. A childish view, such as take my toys home is futile, and stupid. I have enjoyed Open Salon since I found it this July.

Let's look for a solution!