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DECEMBER 20, 2012 7:51AM

The Last Hurrah~

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THE sun slid slowly behind the desert sky

as the old man, tired after walking on the beach

found a seat to rest his weary bones

today, this day, he had been on this earth for 80 years

he had children, who had children, who had children

and for what it was worth, he was a content man

losing the only woman he had ever loved

the only woman he had ever made love to

months back had shaken his world

he now had only his grandchildren for company

he had always been patient man, but it was now time

before each night's sleep, he prayed to be with his love

all of his sons and daughters and grandchildren

could not fill the hole that she had left in his heart

as the sun was replaced by the light of a dreary moon

he did as he did everyday since she had left him

he begged for God to take him to his love

to fill up the empty space that was tearing

his insides apart and losing his grasp on reality

as he turned to leave, he saw her, there,

in the darkened mist, smiling, and waving for him to join her

he grinned at her, now, the happiest man on Earth 


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Scanner ~ many thanks for this story in light of all that's happened in the past few have a lot of compassion and class!
It must be great to live in a world where everybody goes to heaven when they die. Do adults never grow tired of this childish fantasy?
I may not adopt all the myths but it was still a great poem or story. R
It is helpful to hope, dream and be consoled.
Let the Mystery Be.

ScanMan, I don't know what lies beyond the end of the road. I do know that the recent events have made me treasure what I have even more, and maybe that's as it should be. My best to you, old friend.
Thanks for stopping by. Believe in a God? Not Believe? This a a personal decision that everyone has the opportunity to have. Why argue about someone's belief. Live, let live and drink an Egg Nog for me~
Scans, flows smooth, true. Just what I need on a day that's not quite caught me -- not that I'm running that hard in the opposite direction.
Enjoyed your sense of life's meaning, our path to where we must be,
move toward.
Thanks for sharing.