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DECEMBER 22, 2012 12:19PM

Daddy, What is Murder?

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Daddy, what is murder?"

"Son, why do you ask? Did you see something on TV about the kid's in school?"

"No. Gary Tedder said we was going to be murdered at school. I don't even know what murder is".

"Well,son, it's hard to explain to a 5-year old."


"Well, you know how your grandfather died?'

"He was murdered"??"

"No, no son, he wasn't murdered. But remember when we went to his funeral after he died?"

"Yeah. I miss  Pops. He won't never be back again, will he? I heard Mom say he had a Hearttack. Did he hurt when he died?"

"No son, he went in his sleep..,"

"Went where?"

"Well, son, he went to Heaven, with your Grandma. You never met her, but you would have liked her"

"Was Grandma murdered?"

"No, son, she died of cancer."

"What's cancer?"

"Well. son, wait a minute. Let's get what murder is out of the way first, and then I'll explain cancer, OK?"


"Well..,son, you know when you watch your cartoons and one of the characters get's hit on the head and falls on the ground.?"

"That's murder? They always get back up, so murder is a knock on the head and you get knocked out. Ha! That's funny."

"No, son, no. When someone murders someone, they don't get back up. They do like Grandpa. They go to Heaven.

"Wow. Heaven must be nice. Do you want to be murdered? I do. I would live to play with Pop's again. Who's going to murder us?

"No one son, no one. Murder is a bad thing, done by bad people. We don't want to die by murder."

"Why not, if Pop's is where the murdered people are? I can't wait to be murdered.

"Wait son, I explained it wrong. Yes, murdered people, some of them, will go to Heaven. But, murder is a bad thing, done by bad people who are sick, son. They kill people and even if they go to Heaven, we want to stay on earth, like me & you and mom, until we die, like Pop's."

"The murderer's go to Heaven?"

""Well, yes son, but that is a question for another time, OK? Let's stick to what murder is. I don't want you to think you are going to be murdered in school, OK?"

"I'm going to be murdered in school? When Dad?"

"No son, no. No one is going to murder you, not ever. But, sometimes, a person that is sick in their head...."

"Like Aunt Judy? I like her. She plays games with me and gives me money. She murders people?"

"No son, Aunt Judy doesn't murder people, she's just slower that most people her age. Sometimes, there are people who are sick in the head in a different  kind of way. They hate other people and want to kill them. That is what murder is son, when a sick person kills other people."

"Grandpa was sick. Did he murder somebody before he died and went to Heaven?"

"No son, Grandpa was a good man who didn't have that kind of sickness. He was sick inside his body, not his head. "

"Will Aunt Judy murder someone one day?"

No son, there are different kinds of sickness in people's heads. People who murder hear voices inside their heads, that tells them to kill people. They should never be allowed to be around a gun, but sometimes they get one and go  places and kill people."

"I hear voices all the time in my head, about all kinds of things. Am I a murderer?"

"No son, you hear good voices, that God puts there so you can learn by asking questions, like this"

"God put the voices in the heads of a murderer? Why for, dad?"

"No son, these people have bad voices, from the Devil. You can ask you Mom about that, OK pardner?"

OK. Dad. Is your gun a murder gun? A gun like you got in your closet"?

"How do you know about my pistol? Have you been plundering in my room?"

"Ah..a..ah, I just peeked inside the metal box and seen a gun like they have in cowboy movies. I didn't touch it dad, it scared me."

"Son, do not ever go back into my closet. Do you hear me? I have a gun for protection, to protect you and your mother from bad people. Do you understand me?"

"I won't daddy, I promise, I won't ever go back in the box. That gun kills bad people? How many bad people have you killed?"

"I've never killed anyone and I hope by God I never have to. It is a sin to kill people, son, and God will send sinners to hell, you've leaned that in Bible School, right?

"But you said the murderer would go to Heaven, Pop's."

"Well, son, he will, if he asked God for forgiveness before he died....wait a minute, son. Let's let the Preacher explain that to you. I'm a little rusty with my Bible verses. You know I've been busy. Let's stick with murder for a moment. Not all murderer's are sick in the head, some are just mean and have no conscious."

"What's a conscious"?

"Well, a conscious is...,Wait a minute, we're getting all the tracks here. Murder, let's stay on murder just a minute. Some people are just mean, and want what you've got. Like your Play Station. They would murder you for it. Then there are..,"

"Who's gonna get my Play Station? Let's go get your gun, Pop's. I don't want to lose my Play Station."

"Whoa son. I just used your Play Station as an example of a bad person wanting to steal, and murder to get things. Some of these people have big guns, like you see in the movies and they can kill a lot of people really fast. Now, if ..."

"Gary Tedder's daddy has one of those. I've seen it. It's behind a glass box with windows in his living room. I saw where he killed a deer as big as this car, well.. almost, I saw the picture. He has a real deer head hanging on his wall. Why don't you get a gun like that, then we could really be safe and you can give me the little one to keep in a box in my closet?"

"No, son, Gary's daddy is a hunter. He only kills animals. I don't kill animals and I hope you never do. My pistol is big enough for our house and you better promise me to never touch that gun again. Do you promise?"

"Yes Daddy, I promise. Daddy, what is mass murder?"

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If you ever figure out a way to explain this sick society to a five year old, you could explain it to me next. At 71 I still haven't an understanding of it......

Me too Sky. I haven't the slightest idea what the hell I was writing.
That's not surprising! When you think about it, your mixed up "explanations" are just what most of us have. We take care not to question such things because we really don't want to try to sort it all out....... and then some kid comes along - usually one of ours - and with a few simple, honest questions, makes us see that we're a few bricks short of a load in this department.

We'd better hope that sick people can find a way to cure a sick society pretty damn quick! The whole doggone boat is starting to take on a lot of water.
That sounds like a five-year olds logic!
That sounds like a five-year old's logic!
This is so right for the times- well said. When they were asking on the news what you should say to your child about the Newtown massacre I wanted to scream 'nothing'. Now kids are going to school with guns.
Well done Scanner.
Scanner - Excellent post my friend. Thanks for writing it. The whole thing took place about 40-50 miles from me and I am still befuddled about the whole thing. I guess the five year old in me is the one who is hurting the most. Rated with a Jali smile of course. :-)