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DECEMBER 23, 2012 2:28PM

Eating Not So High on the Hog

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It seems as if the Fiscal Cliff is in our future and I would like to give my humble opinion as to why congress has left town without signing a bill to stop the car crash that is the economy. HATE. Pure, simple, hate for a black president who has done nothing but try and meet people who would push him off a cliff more than halfway. People who have signed a contract with a man, Grover Norquist, to not raise taxes for any reason should be tried for treason. If President Obama would have signed a promissory note to raise taxes on the rich, to Rev. Jesse Jackson (just to name a name), all of congress would be on the capital steps calling for his impeachment.

How do the majority of republicans in congress get away with this? They have, in their childish theatrics, put this country at a financial risk where we could have our credit rating lowered to an all-time low. Even though we could never pay what we owe anyway, it is the illusion that counts and in our delusion the dollar is the greatest piece of currency ever put in circulation, except pure gold and pushing it around in a wheel barrel is a bit  of trouble to say the least. The republicans spent our national treasure like it was their personal bank account during the Bush administration, then jumped ship like the rats they are and now sit on their ill-gotten cheese and point and laugh at a president that time and time again has tried to clean up their mess.

President Obama has done many things I disagree with, even with this latest current offer to the right on the economy, but I am a realist if nothing else and something has to be done. So, as poor as I am, I and most of the poor will compromise and suffer more and more even if we have no vote anyway. Yet millionaires and billionaires fly around in their new Jet Stream planes serving cocktails and hoping to be seen at the next latest, greatest thing and refuse to give up a dime. It's not only unpatriotic, it's selfish and it is driving this country into bankruptcy. It started with the Silicon Valley very sudden billionaires and now is the norm among the rich. As long as they and their families are eating high (very high) on the hog, they could care less about the poor. A few hundred rich people have written that they want their taxes raised and while I admire the effort, it would be like pissing in the ocean while it's raining and the republicans know it.

So I go back to Hate. What has this president done to make so many people on the right hate him so much? He's done nothing that President Clinton didn't do (except keep his pants on) and has governed from the middle, too far in the middle if you ask the people who put him in office. But, he is also a realist and knows he has to fix this economy which means cutting the deficit and he's doing everything he can to meet the republicans in the middle. But the teaparty morons would rather see a good man fail, along with this country because of bigotry, pure and simple. President Obama is black and they hate him for it.

I spoke of eating high on the hog. Many years ago, during slavery, the plantation owners would strip a pig of all that was fit to eat and throw the rest to the slaves. While they ate the prime meat, the innards and gizzards and what have you was being cooked by the slaves. They took this foul meat and made food that is now a delicacy in the south and across the world. Yes, I'm talking Soul Food and I love it along with millions of others. So watch what you throw to the poor, we have a way of getting by. But, can the rich man live as us? No they can't and if they keep doing what they are doing, they will not only be eating the inside of the hog, they will be killing it. The right can make their choice, a little now or a lot later

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Right on, my friend! It is great to see you. Merry Christmas, Kenny. I hope they fix this site soon. R
Politicians practice grandstanding, not understanding. It very much seems they are not elected to serve the people. They only pretent to.
Merry Christmas, Scanner.

Excellent essay...filled with good perspective. For the most part, though, I suspect you are preaching to the choir here. And for the people who are not part of the choir...

...they will NEVER get it.

Let's hope for the best. I think some of the Republicans have realized that they are the ones who are going off the cliff...and maybe a deal will happen.